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Donald Swatten Wrote This Poem

It is about a man called Malcom Brown or otherwise known as 'Fangio', after the racing driver.

He was 60 when he left here and was one of the first to go, being a contractor. He knew his stuff and I learnt a lot from him, an extremely hard worker and it is sad to think he needed only 5 more years before he retired.

This is a short poem that's been written in fun, It tells you the tale of how the real west was won and so as you read it please take it in jest and don't mock the brave men who won out 9 west.
Donald Swatten

It first started out as 2 dinter drive
But it soon went all wrong as the coal took a dive
The manager came and shook his head with a frown
He said 'this looks a job for Old Buffalo Brown'
Old Buffalo was summonsed to bring his gang
To stuff a few holes on and make a big bang
The manager told Buff to find him some coal
We're depending on you Buff or we're all on the dole
Buff soon got to grips with the job he was given
His reputation was built on the headings he'd driven
With his faithful old sidekick 'Old Chain Smoker Mac'
They'd soon have this heading back on the right track
At the deputy's badge he looked in disgust
'if we follow the rules the pit will go bust'
Just give us the gear and keep out of the way
Then come and measure up at the end of the day
It was like back in the Yukon in the days of gold
But Buffalo Brown was looking for coal
With a glint in his eye he tore off the badge
And said 'I'm known as Buff, don't call me Fange'
With young Mark and Alan they went to work with the Jigger
But Buff soon realised they'd need someing bigger
An Eimco was bought and brought into the pit
It looked just the job for shovelling shit
With Buff at the handles he was like a kid with a new toy
there'd be no more shovelling shit for this old cowboy
from that day on they never looked back
the company owes a lot to Old Buff and Mac
The management thanked them for the job that they did
And promised to pay them a few extra quid
Old Buffalo quipped as he made for the door
'We'd have done a lot better for a few dollars more'
So please bear in mind as you're passing 9 West
Those wily old cowboys who were put to the test
Then you'll know who to call when there's blasting to be done
call Buffalo Brown on Stanhope 401