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About two miles from Greenhead and Blenkinsopp

A Parade

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This photo shows Haltwhistle today. I didn't think I was going to manage to take it as there has been so much rain and wind lately!

If you notice there is bridge in the foreground of the old photo below and this was to take the tubs from the South Tyne colliery and other industries such as stone and clay to the townfoot screens and then on to the railway.

The tubs were transported using an endless rope system which my grandfather used to connect the tubs to.
If you notice the bridge no longer exists although you can still tell it has been there.

Castle Hill Bank

I am not sure how long ago this photo was taken but you can see the proud rescue men along with breathing apparatus leading the crowd up the Castle Hill Bank at the eastern end of Haltwhistle.

This road used to be the main road from Newcastle to Carlisle.

proud rescue men



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