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Mines Rescue Vehicles - Page 2

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A 3Ltr V6 Transit.

Probably used at Mansfield as a rescue vehicle.

Owned by
Mark Oakley

MSF 676T

C906 NRB

I worked in Newcastle City Centre in the 1960's, and remember seeing large six wheeled mine rescue tenders, cream in colour, racing through the city centre with a siren sounding. This is a 6 wheeled Leyland Terrier Appliance, two were built around 1936, although this is not the vehicle that I'm chasing, it is a start. If anyone can help please contact me.

Leyland Comet

Leyland Comet

From: Brian Smith
Sent: 17 February 2007

Hi again Fionn
I'm still looking for that rescue vehicle, and today I came up with this picture, see attachment, could this have been one of the later Leyland Tenders, it has a local registration number, I'm sure that before being painted in its present NCB colour it was the same as the earlier tender, a cream colour..

Brian Smith

Picture from
Sharpo’s World


From: Ron Henderson
Sent: 10 November 2008
Mine Rescue Vehicles - Newcastle City Centre in the 60's

There were four, designed by the chief fire officer, Frederick Mills.

The machines were known as Mills Tanks and they were indeed cream with red trim.

The four came in two different batches and were considerably different. They were used under an agency agreement to Northumberland County Fire brigade for fighting fires in the surrounding districts, right up until 1957.

Ron Henderson

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