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Burradon - Email 2

Diana Watson Daniels ( nee Lynch) - I grow up in the mining village of Burradon

Elizabeth Bowden - I Am Part Of The Wilson Clan
Elizabeth Bowden - Film, 1960s
Diana Daniels - Ernie Lynch is in the center with the cap but who are the others?
Michael Heppell - Burradon Colliery  

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Elizabeth Bowden
18 August 2004
I Am Part Of The Wilson Clan That Worked And Lived In The Area

Hi Fionn

Just looked at your site again to see if there had been any recent up dates. I see someone called Val is asking about Wilson. I am also part of the Wilson clan that worked and lived in the area.
I believe there were a group of men working in Burradon pit called the three W's. One of the W's being Wilson.
Please pass this on to Val.

Also to anyone who grew up as a miner's child, do you remember the 10 bob note we used to get at the beginning of the school holidays?
My Dad told me it was my pay. I believed for years that all children got this 'payment'. Any one out there want to share their story?

Love Liz x  


Elizabeth Bowden
26 August 2004
Film, 1960s

Does anyone remember a film being made in the 1960's, possibly on North row, Burradon? It was a period drama I think.
I was too young to watch it and my family cannot remember what it was called.



Diana Daniels
20 September 2004
Ernie Lynch is in the center with the cap but who are the others?

I thought all you people from Burradon might like to see this picture I found in my treasures. It was taken in the 1960's maybe in Burradon or Weestlade.

My dad (Ernie Lynch )is in the center with the cap the other lads we are not to sure about...we ?

think one of them might be Bart Smith? So this is where all you folks with good memories comes in....any one know who the others are, they have to belong to someone out there . . . please e-mail me, I would love to hear from any one from Burradon especially Office Row 1950's - 60's


Ta-ta for now
Diana Daniels ( Nee Lynch )

Michael Heppell
18 April 2005
Burradon Colliery  

I would like to get a message to all from the Burradon Colliery area. I served my apprenticeship at Burradon from 1966 and worked untill it closed.

I grew up in Burradon and my family worked in the mine. The picture of the Loco brings back memories as I may have worked on that particular one.

My mam lived in Means Drive untill her death last year she is called Rena Allan, the memorial pully wheel in the picture belonged to Ken Allan her husband he was a Blacksmith at the colliery.

Anyway my story of the pit and the area goes on and on also of fond memories of the people who I think of more so as I get older.

If I can help in any way to any of the requests its not a problem.

Best Regards to all

Michael Heppell.



The pully wheel in the picture belonged to Ken Allan, he was a Blacksmith at the colliery.

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