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Phil Wyles - Shipley Hall and Collieries
Local Pits - Jack Hallam
My HALLAM ancestors worked the local pits around Ilkeston / Cotmanhay area. - Dave Hallam
Durham Mining Museum
- Phil
Alfred Arthur Hickman - Sue Randall
Phil Wyles - Shipley Hall and Collieries

Shipley Hall and Collieries
Phil Wyles
Sat 26/04/2003
Hello there,

I think the original reference is somewhere on this site. It concerns the drift at Woodside Colliery from the surface to the Top Hard seam. The article said that the seam had been drifted into and it was found to be unworkable. This was due to extraction of the coal by much earlier bord and pillar working.
I have a reprint of the original Ordnance Survey maps for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. The mapping was carried out around the decade 1820 with the first publishing been made available in the early 1830s. The mapping shows the start of the Nutbrook Canal with a road joining onto the road from Shipley Hall to Mapperley. The junction is about halfway between the reservoir and Shipley Hall. There is a colliery marked off this road adjacent to Shipley Hall. This is about 5 to 600 yards Southeast of the site of the Hall, closer to the cobbled road, if it still exists.
This colliery is not marked on the late 18th century Ordnance Survey map of the area. The road is not marked either on the later map. To view this map visit, the instructions to find a location are easy to follow.
The drift is something I remember well from my early days of roaming that area. There was always a wagon under the chute from the picking table on the screens. There were either 3 or 4 other chutes but I never saw any wagons under those chutes. The time would have been late 50s and early 60s. The dirt hill for Woodside was always smoking and smelt of sulphur but the Coppice dirt hill did not seem to smoke. The Coppice dirt hill was one my playgrounds but always on the far side from the colliery.

Regards Phil

Local Pits.
Jack Hallam
Mon 14 April 2003
Saw this page on the Web, have a good many dates and names of the various Collieries.
I myself started work as a 15 year old in the Electrical Shop at Woodside Colliery. Later when the old pit closed I had to get employment elsewhere, returning to the Mining industry many years later.
Now retired and everything in my body rattles, new knees, waterworks gone mad and need a new swinging brick. I will compile what alterations I think might help you, and send them on, possibly in two stages. Afraid my brain isnt as good as it used to be, but it still works. Also being a one fingered typist, I am afraid my finger will catch fire. I promise that the info will be coming shortly.
My name is Jack Hallam of Sherwood, Nottingham.
Cheers for now, my Teddy Bear say's its Bed Time.

Durham Mining Museum
Mon 03 March 2003
Hello there,
Have a look at the site for the Durham Mining Museum. I would like to propose it as a candidate for your links page. My access addres for the site is, This takes you to the picture and article section. There are a series of articles from the Colliery Engineer magazine circa 20s and 30s. These are found in the Archieves section in Coll Eng.



My GGGgrandad lived at Mapperley
Dave Hallam
Sun 09 Feb 2003
Just to let you know that I visited the old Mapperley pit area today (Sunday 9/2/03), through researching my family history, as my GGGgrandad lived at Mapperley and worked at the Mapperley pit. He then went onto Coppice & Shipley pits, then taking over the Rose & Crown, Cotmanhay as the publican. His name was John Hallam. Many of my HALLAM ancestors worked the local pits around Ilkeston / Cotmanhay area.

By the way, I happened to speak to a chap called Alf, who was very upset about the Agricultural ministers and the coal board. Did you also know, just past Alf's cottage towards Mapperley (last house) was a public house called the "Royal Oak" - I bet they saw some good sites in its heyday! Alf said there used to be loads of fights outside, especially when 300+ Irish "navvies" came to Mapperley to cut the railway!

When searching tonight, I ran into your web site after searching, and low and behold there on your web site is Alf. I even took similar pictures to you!!

All the best on a great site. I will be a regular visitor to see more about the local pits,


Alfred Arthur Hickman
Sue Randall
Wed 04/06/2003
Hi there,
I have this picture of Alfred Arthur Hickman in his rescue equipment which I have attached as I thought that it may be of interest to you to include on your individuals page with his story. Keep up the good work with you site, I am sure many people have enjoyed visiting it and I really appreciate you making my Great Grandfather'slife a little bit of history.
Best Regards
Sue Randall