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The Continued Rise Of The Industry
To 1913


1900 - Page 2

Nottinghamshire Pits in 1900

  • Annesley (Annesley Colliery Co) 471 yards (430m) Top Hard 1,058/254, Manager SB Gilroy (76), Undermanager HA Copeland (306)
  • Babbington (Babbington Coal Co) 313 yards (286m) Deep Soft 427/70, Manager William Hunt (1686), Undermanager Samuel Starr (377)
  • Bentinck No1 (New Hucknall Colliery Co) 363 yards (332m) Deep Soft 562/201, Deep Hard 114/10, Manager Henry Holt (1463), Undermanager Thomas Riley (1639)
    No2 Silkstone 179/20
    No3 Tupton stood
  • Bestwood (Bestwood Coal and Iron Co) 413 yards (377m) Top Hard 836/321, Manager Jos Cunliffe (2170), Undermanager Isaac Marper (970)
  • Brinsley (Barber, Walker and Co) 259 yards (237m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 338/61, Manager W Chambers (437), Undermanager John Henshaw (1933 s)
  • Broxtowe (Babbington Coal Co) 264 yards (241m) Top Hard 148/48, Manager William Hunt (1686), Undermanager W Clements (304)
  • Bulwell (Babbington Coal Co) Basford, 307 yards (280m) Top Hard 173/70, Manager George C Fowler (817), Undermanager Griffin Walters (448)
  • Cinderhill No1-4 (Babbington Coal Co) 222 yards (203m) Top Hard 668/271, Undermanager Samuel Kirk (338)
  • Clifton No1,2, (Clifton Colliery Co) Nottingham, 252 yards (230m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 726/224, Manager Henry Fisher (9 service cert), Undermanager Thomas Severn (1836 / 1st)
  • Clinton drift, Brinsley (Peter Newton) Coombe 9/4, Manager O Roberts (no cert)
  • Cossall (Cossall Colliery Co) Ilkeston, 254 yards (232m) Kilburn 457/121, Manager ATC Savage (1137), Undermanager James Holding (297 s)
  • Digby (Digby Colliery Co) Eastwood, 108 yards (99m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 286/74, Manager William Walker (2043), Undermanager Tom Walker (3562)
  • Gedling (Digby Coal Co) sinking 67/121, Manager SA Everett (813)
  • High Park (Barber, Walker and Co) Eastwood, 195 yards (178m) Top Hard 529/73, Manager George Harrison (427), Undermanager H Knighton (341)
  • Hucknall No1, (Hucknall Colliery Co) Hucknall Torkard, 386 yards (353m) Top Hard, Waterloo 507/132, Manager AS Douglas (1556), Undermanagers W Halliwell (1150)and John Wright (1377)
    No2 416 yards (380m) Top Hard, Waterloo 600/124
  • Kirkby Summit (The Butterley Co) 343 yards (313m) Top Hard 632/156, Manager Ben McLaren (1789), Undermanager John W Elliott (985 s)
  • Langton No7, (Pinxton Coal Co) Pinxton, 113 yards (103m) Deep Soft 278/78, Manager Bernard Madew (2404), Undermanager Job Smith (288 s)
    No9 342 yards (313m) Deep Hard 264/56
  • Linby (Linby Colliery Co) 434 yards (397m) Top Hard 1126/258, Manager Henry Stevenson (1575), Undermanager MW Jennings (596 s)
  • Manton (Wigan Coal and Iron Co) Worksop, sinking 50/108, Manager AE Webster (1399), Undermanager Mark Ramsdale (939 / 1st)
  • Moor Green (Barber, Walker and Co) Eastwood, 267 yards (244m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 878/85, Manager R Harrison (994), Undermanager John Varley (1926 s)
  • Newcastle (Babbington Coal Co) Basford, 113 yards (103m) Top Hard 235/81, Manager W Hunt (1686), Undermanager John Cooke (2285)
  • New Hucknall No1, (New Hucknall Colliery Co) Huthwaite, 144 yards (132m) Top Hard 234/68, Manager John Ensor (1631), Undermanager W Smith (2013)
    No3, 360 yards (329m) Deep Hard 454/99, Undermanager W Keeling (2007)
    No3, 413 yards (378m) Tupton 414/91, Undermanager W Fidler (316)
  • New London (Digby Colliery Co) Eastwood, 108 yards (99m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 571/68, Manager W Walker (2311), Undermanager W Guyler (1634)
  • New Selston (Jas Oakes and Co) 170 yards (155m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 314/46, Manager James HW Laverick (2354), Undermanager G Searston (371 s)
  • Newstead (Newstead Colliery Co) 456 yards (417m)Top Hard 1297/288, Manager TG Lees (2008), Undermanager J Greensmith (28 s / 1st)
    Plumptre (The Butterley Co) Eastwood, 220 yards (201m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 321/62, Manager HR Watson (2333), Undermanager Jas Walker
  • Pollington (Jas Oakes and Co) Brinsley, 202 yards (185m) Deep Soft, 219 yards (200m) Deep Hard 353/65, Manager James HW Laverick (2354), Undermanager William Wright (319 s)
  • Portland No1,2,4 (The Butterley Co) Kirkby, 179 and 186 yards (163m and 170m) Top Hard 352/188, Manager Ben McLaren (1789), Undermanager WW Jepson (984 s)
  • Pye Hill 1,2, (Jas Oakes and Co) 186 yards (170m) Tupton, Silkstone 267/99, Manager James HW Laverick (2354), Undermanager Elijah Cresswell (309)
  • Radford (Wollaton Colliery Co) 275 yards (252m) Deep Hard 65/36, Manager WB Hague (420), Undermanager WT Hewitt (3556)
  • Selston (Barber, Walker and Co) 170 yards (155m) Deep Soft 371/63, Manager W Chambers (437), Undermanager John Lowe (1930 s)
  • Shireoaks No1,2, (Shire Oaks Colliery Co) Worksop, 515 yards (471m) Top Hard 726/189, Manager RE Jones (1927), Undermanagers W Cottingham (2229 s) and W Horsey (1466 s)
  • Silver Hill No1, (Stanton Iron Co) Teversal, 357 yards (326m) Tupton 320/112, Manager Jonathan Piggford (1084), Undermanager Thomas Machin (348)
    No2, 431 yards (394m) Silkstone 111/43
  • Steetley (Shire Oaks Colliery Co) 590 yards (540m) Top Hard 306/60, Manager RE Jones (1927), Undermanager Samuel Edwards (313)
  • Sutton No1, (Blackwell Colliery Co) 197 yards (180m) Top Hard 99, Manager R Laverick (613), Undermanager R Bexton (1570 / 1st)
    No2 Top Hard, Dunsil 79, Deep Hard 51, No3 Tupton 252/102, Undermanager John Blood (739)
  • Teversall No1,2, (Stanton Iron Co) 217 and 246 yards (198m and 225m) Top Hard 530/146, Manager Jonathan Piggford (1084), Undermanager William Bentley (2632 s)
  • Trowell Moor (Cossall Colliery Co) 195 yards (178m) Kilburn 306/80, Manager Enock Prime (2332), Undermanager James Kirk (787)
  • Tunnel drift (Jas Oakes and Co) Riddings 900 yards (823m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 126/31, Manager James HW Laverick (2354), Undermanager George Searston (371 s)
  • Warsop Main (Staveley Coal and Iron Co) Top Hard 837/221, Manager John Poxon (996), Undermanager J Ottewell (2009)
  • Watnall (Barber, Walker and Co) 320 yards (292m) Top Hard 667/111, Manager Isaac Chambers (82), Undermanager Zac Clay (1932 s)
  • Wollaton No1, 2, (Wollaton Colliery Co) 253 yards (231m) Deep Soft, Deep Hard 940/186, Manager Lot Hodgkinson (77), Undermanager James Garner (1835 s).

    (Total 42 pits)

Leicestershire Pits in 1900

  • Bagworth (Bagworth Coal Co) Manager J Emmerson (157), 258 Lower Main, 75 s/f, Undermanager William Reed (2696 service cert)
  • Blackfordby (Executors of Lord Donington) 10 Nether and fireclay, 2 s/f, Undermanager Daniel Bacon (1465 service)
  • Boothorpe (Boothorpe Pipe Co) 3 Stockings, 2 s/f, Manager John Ward
  • Coleorton (Coleorton Colliery Co) Manager F Tatham (1172), 205 Middle Lount and Roaster, 59 s/f, Undermanager Richard Booth (3057)
  • Desford (Desford Coal Co) sinking 22, Manager S Wheatley (422)
  • Donisthorpe (Checkland, Son and Williams) Manager Jesse Armson (287), No1 194 Little, Four Feet, Moira Main and fireclay, 41 s/f, No2 128 Stockings and Eureka, 25 s/f, Undermanager AA Bettison (3015), Undermanager William Gascoyne (4327)
  • Ellistown (Ellistown Colliery Co) No1 Manager AB Emmerson (2278), 342 Lower Main, 97 s/f, Undermanager William Bettison (4344), No2 Manager George Hall (2443), 289 Upper Main, 72 s/f, Undermanager Matthew Catron (1832)
  • Ibstock (Ibstock Colliery Co) Manager John Hay (156) No1 39 Seven Feet, 279 Upper Main, Undermanager GR Belfitt (3250), No2 419 Lower Main, 135 s/f, Undermanager W Price (1740)
  • Lount (John Smith and Co) coal and fireclay
  • Marquis (Moira Colliery Co) part of Rawdon – see
  • Measham Main (Measham Collieries Ltd) 58 Main, 11 Woodfield, 27 s/f, Manager CJ Jackson (957), Undermanager T Petcher (3641)
  • Measham Newfield (Measham Terra-cotta Co) Undermanager John Tomlin (597), 7 coal and clay, 2 s/f
  • Nailstone (Nailstone Colliery Co) Manager AJA Orchard (2181) No1 178 Upper Main, 38 s/f, Undermanager Edward Smith (1478 service), No2 204 Lower Main, 52 s/f, Undermanager Henry Ball (2713)
  • Netherseal (Netherseal Colliery Co) Manager C Dickinson (194), Undermanager William Bradford (765), 447 Main, Stockings, Eureka, 117 s/f, Undermanager I Barraclough (3225)
  • Rawdon (Moira Colliery Co) Manager SA Warburton (2395), 300 Moira Main, Eureka, 104 s/f
  • Reservoir (Moira Colliery Co) Manager George J German (1573) 323 Moira Main, Little, 83 surface, Undermanager WF Clamp (770)
  • Snibston No2 (The South Leicestershire Colliery Co) Manager ST Boam (1033), 368 Roaster, 117 s/f, Undermanager William Glover (319)
  • South Leicestershire (The South Leicestershire Colliery Co) Manager W Eames (530), No1 287 Lower Main, Undermanager George Glover (2287), No2 239 Upper Main, 187 s/f, Undermanager John Underwood (1476)
  • Staunton Harold (Staunton Colliery Co) 29 Middle Lount, Smoile, 10 s/f, Undermanager James Richards (1864)
  • Swannington (Swannington Colliery Co) Manager John Green (2095), 144 Middle Lount, Roaster, 32 s/f, Undermanager George Burton (3921)
  • Whitwick (Whitwick Colliery Co) Manager Thos Y Hay (2020) No2, No6 574 Roaster, 170 s/f, Undermanager Samuel Smith (2862), No5 183 Main, 34 s/f, Undermanager James Clamp (3029).

    (Total 22 Pits)

Age Of Boys Raised

The age of boys allowed underground was raised from 12 to 13 in 1900
Under the Mines (Prohibition of Child Labour) Act.

Photo: Lewis Hine

Bertrand Russell, in The Impact of Science on Society, wrote, "Children had to be beaten to keep them from falling asleep while at work; in spite of this, many failed to keep awake and were mutilated or killed. Parents had to submit to the infliction of these atrocities upon their children, because they themselves were in a desperate plight."

More Information at A History Of Child Labour in Pictures

Average wage per week for a miner in the country was 30s 4d (£1.52p) but in the Midlands area 33s 3d (£1.66p). This amount may seem trivial and the difference between the amounts even more so. However the price of goods and food at that time has to be taken into consideration.

Collieries Sunk or Opened in 1900

  • Cutthorpe (Waller), Chesterfield, Ashgate seam start 12th Apr 1900
  • Desford (Edward Bramall) Leicestershire
  • Gedling (Digby Coal Co) sinking, Manager SA Everett (813)
  • Grasscroft (William Jackson) Unstone, Silkstone
  • Hady (William Bramley) Chesterfield, sinking 2/3
  • Littlemoor (Clarke and Mottishaw) driving adits, met old works
  • Manton (Wigan Coal and Iron Co) Worksop, sinking 50/108
  • Marriott Wood (John Gregory and Son) Millhouses, Coal and clay
  • Mickley (H Walker) Dronfield Woodhouse, Silkstone
  • Radford (Wollaton Colliery Co) Nottingham, Deep Hard opened
  • Rectory (Heage Colliery Co), Heage, Kilburn
  • Shaw Wood (Capt MH Tristram), Footrail and shafts
  • Springfield, Hill Top re-opened again
  • Stubley (JT Liddell and Co) Dronfield Woodhouse, sinking
  • Wheeldon Mill (Aaron Madin and Co Ltd).

Colliery Closures in 1900

  • All Pits (John Blair and Sons) at Calow, shafts 22 yards (20m) water pit, and winding pit 23 yards (21m) sunk 1867 to Silkstone, Undermanager Henry Blair (2nd class) old works and posts, 2 separate areas abandoned 12th June, 2 adits driven through old hollows, Surveyor William Deakin Wadsworth Junr, Nov. It had been advertised in March as a small colliery for sale with 15 acres of good coal to work at 5’ 6” (1.67m) thick
  • Alma No4 (Mrs E Turner) N Wingfield, Deep Soft 94 to 18, Manager: TW Austin (681), Undermanager: George Knowles (811 service cert)
  • Brimington (SM Lancaster) Silkstone 5’ 6” (1.68m) 3 u/g, 1 s/f, stood, then abandoned 31st Dec 1899,
    Manager: SM Lancaster (no cert), Surveyor William Deakin Wadsworth
  • Briton (Hosea, Tugby and Co) mainly clay, Manager S Wheatley (422), abandoned
  • Burnd Edge No3 (Ollersett Collieries Co), Birch Vale, Mountain seam 1896: 25 / 4 stood, Manager: Jas Ramsbottom (2211), Undermanager: Jas Burdekin (1935 service cert)
  • California (Thomas Pope), Killamarsh, High Hazles stood
  • Cutthorpe (H Waller) Ashgate 2’ 6” (0.76m), met old works, Surveyor: William Deakin Wadsworth
  • Field House (Jos Marriott) at Brampton, 6 u/g / 3 s/f Tupton and Three Quarter, abandoned 14th Apr
  • Glebe (William Redfern) Barlborough, Clowne stood
  • Grassmoor No1 (Grassmoor Colliery Co) Chesterfield, Piper stood
  • Littlemoor (Messrs Clarke and Mottishaw) Chesterfield, under the estate of JC Bromehead, 2 adits to Dunston seam, opened and closed, met old works, Mar 1900, Surveyors Mills, Coke and Turner, Aug
  • Lodge (William Hall) at Eastwood closed
  • Mapperley No1 (Mapperley Colliery Co) Ilkeston, Deep Soft stood
  • Pearsons closed
  • Renishaw Park No5 (J and G Wells) Eckington, Silkstone stood
  • Stanton (J and N Nadin and Co) Swadlincote, (South Derbyshire) Woodfield and Little stood
  • Railway pit and Wharf pit (Levi and Elijah Hall) sunk in 1855 at Whaley Bridge were abandoned, White Ash worked 17th Mar 1876 - 5th Oct 1887 and Yard 6th Feb 1885-17th Nov 1900, (Hurst colliery lay to the west) met ancient workings, Surveyors William Eagle and Sons
  • Riddings Tunnel pit (Oakes and Co) Low Main abandoned 23 Nov 1900 – finished Lady Day 1897, wet work and strong holing making it difficult to get by hand labour, also there being plenty of face elsewhere, James HW Laverick (cert Manager)
  • South Wingfield (South Wingfield Colliery Co) trial heading 1in3 to rise to prove 3’ 0” (0.91m) seam from shaft, 41’ 8” (12.5m) Kilburn 3’ 4” (1.25m), General Manager HE Maltby, abandoned 7th Aug, Surveyor J M?
  • Whaley Bridge (Levi and Elijah Hall) Yard mine 4’ 6” (1.37m) 6 Feb 1885-19 Nov 1900, Surveyor William Eagle and Sons MEs Wheeldon Mill (Shardlow Bros) Piper or Pancake coal, 2 adits and 6 feet (1.8m) dia shaft 3 yards (2.5m) deep, met old hollows, abandoned 25 Mar 1900, Joseph H Harrison, Manager and Surveyor
  • Woodville (GB Blakesley) (South Derbyshire), 8/2, coal 3’ 0” (0.91m), pot clay 2’ 3” (0.68m), 2 shafts 40 yards (36m) deep, Alfred Eley, Mining Engineer Feb 1900
  • Bentinck No3 (New Hucknall Colliery Co) Tupton seam stood. (18)

Accuracy of Plan

At Cartwright colliery (Cartwright Colliery Co Ltd), a note on the plan stated – the accuracy of this plan on the tenure North of the estate cannot be accepted as being correct – Arthur H Stokes, Mines Inspector 30th April 1901, Eureka at 284 yards (259.5m), Manager and Surveyor James Ford ME finished Nov 1900, abandoned 28 Mar 1901, Coal Miners’ Co-operative taken over from Wragg 10 Sep 1897.

Stapleford Colliery

There is a reference to a Stapleford Colliery and Brickworks situated on Pasture Lane, Stapleford sunk and owned by the Stapleford Lime Co in 1873. It was taken over by Stapleford Colliery Co 1874-1876. Working was suspended in 1875. The abandonment plan was deposited 1 Nov 1878. It was subsequently worked by DG Dunn and Co 1877-1878. It appears to have been closed then as the railway was removed by 1879. It was re-opened by John Piggin 1895-1900.


Fred Chambers (503) succeeded as Manager for Holmewood (1900-1934), replacing Charles Rennie Morgan, with the Hardwick Colliery Co becoming a Limited Company on 20th November 1900.

Butterley Pits

The Butterley Co’s 13 collieries produced more than 3m tons. The average number of days worked in the year in Derbyshire pits was 279½ whilst in Nottinghamshire it was 267½. The rate for coalface wages at Leen Valley pits was 7s 10d (39p) a day.

Weighing Exemption

There were now only 4 Derbyshire pits with a weighing exemption from the Inspector for selling coal by the load etc instead of by weight:

Beard and Bugsworth (Levi and Elijah Hall) Furness Vale, No X 17,529, 17th Feb 1888
Pingot (Ollersett Collieries Co) Birch Vale, No B 3,065, 28th July 1888
Streetfield (John Worrall) Eckington, No B 5,144, 2nd Oct 1888 and
Thatchmarsh (Buxton Lime Firms Co) Buxton, No X 17,635, 29th May 1888.

Strike at Newstead

There was a week-long strike at Newstead (Nottinghamshire) (Newstead Colliery Co) over boys’ grievances. At Linby (Linby Colliery Co) nearby, the manpower had reached 1,384 but began to decline after this and would not reach such a figure again until the 1950s.

Company Name Changed

Stanton Iron Co name changed to Stanton Iron Works Co Ltd. The Top Hard workings from Butcherwood (Teversal) had now extended as far as Skegby Hall and St Andrews Church.

New Inn Level

John Thomas Boot, Surveyor son of John Boot Surveyor and Agent of Huthwaite, entered the New Inn Level sough close to the Silver Hill mine in 1900 and found that the water was still running in it after some 200 odd years. The water flowed to Coopers shaft, showing that the old mines were interconnected, maybe via the old sough. In later years this water would be pumped out for use in the Coal Preparation plant at Silver Hill (Stanton Iron Works Co). Later surveys of old shafts in the upper Meden Valley in the 1920s and 1960s found that the water levels in those shafts which were open, corresponded within a few feet of the level of water in the old Coopers shaft whilst pumping, indicating that they were connected. However this sough was searched for on several occasions by me but I never found any sign of it although the signs of old shafts along the route were clearly seen on an aerial photograph of c1947. The whereabouts of this photograph is not known now.

New Company

The New Hucknall Colliery Co Ltd registered as a new company. They agreed that surface workers were entitled to free coal.

Chimney Base Transferred

The pit chimney base from Granby was transferred to Bailey Brook! The Butterley Co was very astute at saving money where possible.

Wage Rise

In October 1900 the Conciliation Board added 5% to miners’ wages.


President of Board of Trade, George Balfour (Con), 7th Nov 1900-1905.
Principal Secretary of State Home Department Charles Thomson Ritchie MP 1900-1904.

New Offices for MFGB Union

Ben Pickard, President of the MinersFederation of Great Britain (MFGB) opened the Nottinghamshire Miners Association Offices on Nottingham Road at New Basford on 17th November 1900. Three adjacent houses were built for the full-time officials.

Fatal Accidents 1900

Alma colliery, Thomas Burton in No7 stall went to work at 6am on 25 Aug 1900 and his body was found under a fall at 7.30am
Dale Abbey Drift mine, Alfred Crossie (31) was killed on 12th September 1900 by a 1 cwt lump of loose coal striking his head
Highfields No2, Joseph Platts (26) was killed in number 5s stall on the Friday night shift 14 Dec 1900. The heavy fall of roof (jingles) broke through the set bars with oak batons set above burying the deceased.

Surface Workforce

At the turn of the century there was a highly intensive surface workforce of lowly paid labourers sorting out coal and dirt on the coal prep plant.

Price Of Coal

The average cost of a ton of coal at the pithead in the Midlands area was 10s 9d (53¾p).

1900 Was A Good Year For Coal

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