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A Comprehensive History Of Mining In The Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire And Leicestershire Coalfields - Page 22


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Gerald Booker - Hi do you have any detail about Spitehill Colliery?
Margaret Annable - Information On Derek Norman Frearson, Killed At Snibston 1949 Aged 19
Shaun Chapman - Cube Pit (Ventilation Shaft ), Felling, Gateshead
John Fretwell - Creswell Colliery Chimney
Ian Quincey - Shirebrook Colliery
Alan Andrews - Retired Miner / Studying Degree In ART And Mining Book Related Project
Bob Wadsworth - Mining Engineers
Maureen Crofts - Harry Crofts Mine - Who was Harry Crofts?
Victoria Cotterill - Stanley Hayes - Shelton pit

Gerald Booker
11 Nov 2015
Hi do you have any detail about Spitehill Colliery?

Hi do you have any detail of the above colliery, i.e. opening and closing dates, location and depth of shafts tonnage of coal mined and whether shafts were filled or capped


All I can find so far is:-

Spitehill Colliery, owned by Wingerworth Iron Co, was opened in 1849, the Furnace seam.
There was also a Spitehill Wood Colliery, owned by Yates and Co, Wingerworth, Tupton seam, finished October 1849.
And Spitehill or Spikehill, owned by Yates and Co was closed in 1859.

In MemoryMargaret Annable
10 Nov 2015
Information On Derek Norman Frearson, Killed At Snibston 1949 Aged 19
Hi there

Just stumbled across your very interesting site.

Derek Norman Frearson was my uncle, although I never met him. I see you have him as son of George, but actually he was son of Joseph Frearson from Ravenstone, who worked at Snibston Colliery. Derek died at Snibston too, I have the Death Certificate.

Died of fracture of skull and other injuries caused by being caught under a fall of coal at Snibston Colliery. Accidentally killed. No Post Mortem.

Parents received sum of £30 from The Midland District Miners' Fatal Accident Relief Society

Registered 12th April 1949

Living at 31 Swannington Road, Ravenstone at time.

Hope that's useful

Kind regards

Margaret Annable MNAEA  (was Margaret Randon)

See also Alan Beales Entry

Shaun Chapman
2 Nov 2015
Cube Pit (Ventilation Shaft ), Felling, Gateshead

Dear Fionn

I am working on a community video about people's memories of Felling, Gateshead and one of the contributors (from the local history society) has mentioned a Cube pit next to William Pit in Felling. I have some old images, of the pit, under Creative Commons licence, but do not have an image or illustration of such a structure. As I understand things the Cube (ventilation shaft) was uncommon to other parts of the country except here in Tyneside & Scotland. Would you be able to point me in the right direction?

Best Regards

From: Shaun Chapman
Sent: 25 May 2016

Dear Fionn
Just an update on the project I was working on; a video of local Felling people, growing up in the 50' and 60's and their memories - including Felling pit.
It is complete now and we are going to have a show night at a local club.
Thanks for your help and signposting.

Best regards


John Fretwell
29 Oct 2015
Creswell Colliery Chimney
I have finally seen proof that the chimney at Creswell was demolished in 1974 and not 1965.
I have seen a plate with events listed about the colliery. No 1 fact being the chimney was demolished in 1974
If needed I could send photographic proof of the same.

Thank you
John Fretwell

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Ian Quincey
19 Oct 2015
Shirebrook Colliery
Really informative website with some great info.

I worked at Shirebrook colliery from 1980 to 1993 when the pit closed.

I worked on some of the coal faces identified in your 1993 page 8 section.

S14s panel was an advancing face worked on the Littleton system and not a retreat face as stated.

S16s was the next face along. Both these faces worked the piper seam and were on the right hand side of the main Pleasley intake roadway.

On the left hand side of Pleasley intake s12s was the first face to be worked then s15s s153s then the retreat s155s.

s159s was developed last and was the nearest to the pit bottom as it used old s12s main gate for its tail gate and a new main gate was headed out at the bottom of Pleasley intake.

All of the faces on the left side of Pleasley intake were higher because the piper and deep hard seams were closer together resulting in the coal from both seams being extracted.

Have you any idea where I might find plans of the workings from Shirebrook and were we mined under? I remember seeing the plans that the colliery surveyors produced while I worked at Shirebrook. The reason I ask is one face I worked on, s25s in the deep soft seam was said to be under Peafield Lane at Mansfield Woodhouse, just interested to know.

Thanks for sharing your information.

cheers Ian

Alan Andrews
13 Oct 2015
Retired Miner / Studying Degree In ART And Mining Book Related Project
Hi Fionn
I am trying to make contact with Bob Bradley in relation to my book project title “The ART of Mining”

If possible and he is able to speak with me I would be very grateful!

As part of the book, and also a term assignment for my college, I am doing an illustrated essay on UK Mining History. This is a 4200 word essay so I’m trying to condense the high level point of UK Mining since its inception (circa 1100 – 1300 thro to present day). This will in turn serve as part of the introduction on my book.

Any help appreciated!

Kind regards
Alan Andrews

Art of Mining

Bob Wadsworth
11 Oct 2015
Mining Engineers - James Ashton Twigg, Jacob Ashton, William Deakin Wadsworth, Godfrey and John Pogmore, John Gorell Barnes and William Stratford Dugdale
Hi saw your web page. What can you tell me re:-

James Ashton Twigg of Quorndon, Derbyshire, Mineral Surveyor to his Grace Duke of Devonshire other than what you have in your page?

Jacob Ashton 1788-1856 of Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Mineral Surveyor to his Grace Duke of Devonshire- I have his letters from Chesterfield Lib to John Gorell Barnes of Ashgate, Derbyshire.

William Deakin Wadsworth Sr 1827-1908 & Jr 1870-1926 Mineral Surveyors to his Grace Duke of Devonshire, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
See:- 1857 - 1859 - 1860 - 1862 -  1873 - 1874 also Page 2 - 1875 - 1876 also Page 2 - 1877 - 1878 - 1885 - 1886 - 1888, Again - 1891, Again - 1892 - 1893, Again - 1894, Again - 1896 - 1897 - 1898 - 1899 - 1900, Again, Again - 1902, Again- 1903, Again - 1904 - 1906 - 1909 - 1910 - 1913 - 1916 - 1917 - 1919 - 1922

Godfrey Pogmore, 1788-1848 Colliery Agent for Merevale Colliery, Warwickshire.

John Pogmore 1824-1882 Colliery Agent for Merevale Colliery, Warwickshire – I have all the info on Baddesley Mine Disaster.

John Gorell Barnes of Ashgate, Derbyshire.

William Stratford Dugdale, Esq – I have all the info on Baddesley Mine Disaster.

Maureen Crofts
7 Oct 2015
Harry Crofts Mine
Do you have any information why the Harry Crofts mine was so-called please / Who was Harry Crofts?

Many thanks

1952 - 1990 - List of Mines

Victoria Cotterill
7 Oct 2015
Stanley Hayes - Shelton pit
I was interested to read your history of Selston colliery. But also dismayed to find in your managers bit no mention of my father Stanley Hayes. He was manager of Selston and Brinsley pits. If you are going to do a history and mention pit managers he should be there.  He is also not mentioned in the history of Lodge Colliery where he was the under manager. I realise it was some time ago and he died in 1972. But he is still remembered by the old miners and therefore I feel he should be mentioned.

Victoria Cotterill (daughter)

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Stanley Hayes (or Stan Hayes) can be found in the following pages:-

1958 - 1959 - 1960 - 1967 - 1968 and again 1968