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Information and photographs submitted by subscribers are posted in good faith. If any copyright of anyone else's material is unintentionally breached, please email me

John Jeffrey Street

Mansfield Mines Rescue - Incidents Attended By J.J. Street

05.12.47 Rufford Heating.
08.01.48 Warsop Exploration 80's old road.
02.06.49 Warsop Inspection and reopening 2's and 3's.
02.08.49 Rufford Spontaneous combustion and open fire 3's loader head.
07.07.50 Glapwell Open fife 6's loader point.
02.08.50 Mansfield 4 men missing, 4's loader face, 2 alive 2 dead.
26.09.50 Cresswell Cresswell disaster.
17.10.50 Swannick Upcast shaft (smoke).
06.02.51 Markham Gear head fire, Doe Lea district.
29.03.51 Ripley Man overcome at stopping.
31.05.51 Silverhull Fire on chain loader, Yard seam.
28.12.51 Bentmck Two Deputies overcome with gas, safe, deep soft seam.
18.04.52 Ollerton Erection of stoppings, top hard seam.
08.08.52 Bentinck Fire, 3 men missing - saved, 9 ponies dead.
14.08.52 Rufford Exploration and samples (pre-arranged).
19.10.52 Ireland One man dead, Pony Tom saved.
08.08.53 Teversal Explosion, pump house.
13.10.53 Bilsthorpe Underground fire, 69's district.
20.10.56 Pleasley Ignition of gas.
25.12.56 Rufford Underground fire.
18.01.57 Langwith Underground fire 24's.
23.01.57 Pye Hill Man overcome.
21.02.57 Sutton Incident.
09.03.57 Whitwell Underground fire.
24.04.57 Rufford Fire, Airlock door, pit top.
23.05.57 Thoresby Fire in undercut, Trn, Face.
02.06.57 Sherwood Spontaneous Combustion, deep soft, 2's loader gate.
31.05.60 Bagworth Spontaneous Combustion.
01.11.60 Bonds Main CH4 Explosion.
30.01.61 Denby Fire.
25.02.61 Thoresby Smoke, 17's district.
10.06.61 Markham Standby Thurling.
07.07.62 "B" Winning Underground fire.
25. 10.63 Williamthorpe Pony driver missing, dead. Pony O.K.
15.12.63 Clifton Underground fire, 10's.
03.10.64 Denby Underground fire, electric cable sheared.
07.10.64 Rufford Incident.
15. 10.64 Glapwell Shaft side fire.
11.02.65 Ollerton Spontaneous Combustion.
18.03.65 Omionde Incident.
25.07.65 Langton Fire in U/C fan drift.
01.11.66 Ollerton Spontaneous Combustion.
29.12.66 Kirkby Fire in surface drift.
10.05.67 Bentmck Suspected heating.
13.06.67 Thoresby Spontaneous Combustion.
16.06.67 Bestwood Surface fire.
18.06.67 Thoresby Heating.
18.09.68 Calverton Loco fire, underground.
22.10.68 Arkwright Incident.
24.03.69 Bentinck Heating, Blackshale seam.
06.10.69 Bilsthorpe Stopping leaking.
13.12.69 Thoresby Re-siting of stopping 51's.
26.12.69 Annesley Open fire, intake airway.
09.03.70 Thoresby Heating on 69's.
13.08.70 Doe Lea Recovery of victims. 2 men overcome, Blackdamp.
02.12.70 Glapwell Three men missing found.
20.03.71 Ollerton Heating.
15.06.71 Rufford Outburst of gas.
26.06.71 Warsop Two men feared missing.
02.07.71 Pye Hill Underground fire.
3 1. 12.71 Cadley Hill Heating sealed off
29.01.72 Bentmck Surface incident, Bloman used.
31.01.72 Ireland Smoke reported coming up shaft. (Frost).
24.02.72 Calverton Underground fire.
3 1.03.72 Bentinck Surface incident, Bloman used.
12.04.73 Kirkby Drift Blackdamp problems.
23.06.73 Bilsthorpe Heating.
3 1.08.73 Markham Markham shaft disaster.
03.05.74 Markham Heating.
27.06.74 Mansfield Re-opening.
11.02.75 Cadley Hill Fire on main return.
01.09.75 Thoresby Heating, 84's district.
06.09.75 Markham Man trapped in shaft, rescued.
22.05.76 Bolsover Man trapped in sump, guide wire, life extinct.
3 1.08.76 Mansfield Re-entry 128's stopping.
04.09.76 Thoresby Degassing 89's district.
17.09.77 Thoresby Degassing 89's district.

Richard Street