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ABERFAN. Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire - 1966

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One hundred and forty four men, women and children lost their lives     -    Thoes Who Died


Aberfan - Those Who Died
21st October, 1966

EVANS Gareth 3 months
EVANS Catherine Elizabeth 3 years
EVANS Howell Lloyd 7 years
MINNETT Carl 7 years
FITZPATRICK Michael 7 years
HOPKINS Angela Vaughan 7 years
PROBERT Thomas 7 years
ROBERTS David Paul 7 years
SUMMERS Roger Colin 7 years
ANDREW Malcolm 8 years
ATSCOTT Dennis 8 years
DAVIES Brian 8 years
DAVIES Edwin 8 years
JONES Robert Orville 8 years
LEE Anne Catherine 8 years
MEREDEITH Susan 8 years
MORTIMER Cheryl 8 years
EVANS Maureen Mary 8 years
FUDGE Daphne May 8 years
GOUGH Gillian 8 years
HAINES Jennifer 8 years
HILL Anthony David 8 years
HODKINSON Linda 8 years
OWEN Valmai Mary 8 years
POWELL Jaqueline 8 years
PRYCE Julie 8 years
WILKSHIRE Joseph 8 years
WILLIAM Angela 8 years
WILIAMS David William 8 years
WILLIAMS Graham 8 years
ANDERSON Carol 9 years
BARTLETT Edwina 9 years
CARPENTER Carol Ann 9 years
DAVIES David Morgan 9 years
DOUGALL Ian 9 years
GOUGHBrian Michael 9 years
GRAY Trevor Timothy 9 years
GRIFFITHS Dwynwen 9 years
HARDING Lynn 9 years
HAYES Roger Dyfrig 9 years
HODKINSON Royston 9 years
JONES Paul 9 years
JONES Robert Garfield 9 years
JONES Susan 9 years
KING John Anthony 9 years
LEWIS Sharon 9 years
LEYSON Sandra 9 years
MINNERY Barbara Eileen 9 years
MUMFORD Phillip 9 years
PARFITT Jill Elizabeth 9 years
PROSSER Christine 9 years
PROSSER Howard David 9 years
REAKES Layton Kerrie 9 years
HOWELLS Maralyn Carol 9 years
HUGHES Annette 9 years
JAMES Necia 9 years
JONES Janet 9 years
JONES Kenin Thomas 9 years
REGAN Julie Jeannine 9 years
RICHARDS Sylvia Frances 9 years
SHORT Martine Anne 9 years
SMITH Annette 9 years
SULLIVAN Avis Elizabeth 9 years
WILLIAMS Keith 9 years
ANDERSON Linda 10 years
ANDREW Kelvin David 10 years
BARRETT Royston 10 years
BROWNS Kay 10 years
COLLINS Peter 10 years
CROTTY Susan Mary 10 years
DAVIES Gareth 10 years
DAVIES David Trefor 10 years
DAVIES Terence Malcolm 10 years
DONOVAN Sandra Pauline 10 years
GEORGE Christine 10 years
GOLDSWORTHY Richard Phillip 10 years
HEAMAN Pamela 10 years
BREEZE Robert 10 years
BROWN Jeanette Lynne 10 years
CARPENTER Desmond 10 years
COLLINS Michael 10 years
MINNETT Maralyn 10 years
MINNEY Robert George 10 years
MUNFORD Norma 10 years
NEEDS Geoffrey Derek 10 years
REAKES Corwyn Thomas 10 years
RICHARDS Lorraine Rosa Isobel 10 years
ROBBINS Megan Olwen 10 years
SULLIVAN Anthony John 10 years
SYMONDS Victoria Marie 10 years
HOPKINS Stephen Vaughan 10 years
JONES Eryl Mai 10 years
JONES John Islwyn 10 years
LAUNCHBURY Jean 10 years
TUDOR Randolph 10 years
WATKINS Anthony Joseph 10 years
WILLIAMS Carol 10 years
WILLIAMS June Margaret 10 years
WILLIAMS Peter 10 years
BARNARD Merrill 11 years
DRAGE Yvonne 11 years
EVANS Jean Winifred 11 years
JONES Gillian Irene 11 years
MINFORD Edward Clive 11 years
PROBERT Patricia 12 years
FITZPATRICK Sheila 13 years
JONES Michael 13 years
PARFITT Vincent Clark 13 years
COFFEY Robert 14 years
COLLIONS Raymond John 14 years
REES Andrew 14 years

Always in the forefront of the rescue - the miners.
They work until they drop.


They are too young for the full impact of the disaster to have sunk in. But they are not too young to do the men's work, helping to bring some order again to the devastated streets, so that Aberfan can live again.


Lying pitifully small on a stretcher, the blanket covered body of a child victim is carried by weary policemen to a chapel for identification by grieving relatives.


She is old enough and wise enough fully to understand the horror of the tragedy that has struck her village. She weeps for the children who will play no more in Aberfan, comforted by a Salvation Army worker.