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2,200 Men Trapped In Death Pit

Ian Jackson - The Bryan Family - Bradford Pit - I'd like to make contact with Michael Green
Michael Green - BRYAN family/BRADFORD Pit. Seeking information
James Fildes - Looking For A Pit Near Bradford Colliery, 1970s
Tom Farrel - Bradford Mine to New Zealand
John Abery - I visited Bradford Colliery when a chemistry student at UMIST in 1966-1969
Brian Arrandale - Looking For Information about Thomas Arrandale Manager Bradford Colliery 1870's
Mickey121 - What was the name of the street where the Bradford Pit mine shaft used to be?
Terry Cullen - Bradford Colliery Bill Ramsdale, Busby Babes

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James Fildes
14 June 2011
Looking For A Pit Near Bradford Colliery, 1970s.

Hi, I enjoyed your pages devoted to the above very much. However, I am fairly certain that my Grandad, who worked there, took me as a child, in about 1970: he certainly took me to a pit head lamp room.
Any ideas?
James Fildes

Manchester Collieries Ltd
In 1940 Manchester Collieries Ltd owned 14 mines in the Lancashire Coalfield:-

Astley Green (Astley)
Bedford (Leigh)
Brackley (Little Hulton)
Bradford (Manchester)
Chanters 1 & 2 (Hindsford, Atherton)
Gibfield (Atherton)
Gin (Astley)
Howe Bridge (Atherton)
Mosley Common (Boothstown)
Newtown (Clifton)
Nook (Astley)
Sandhole (Walkden)
St Georges (Walkden)
Wheatsheaf (Pendlebury).

In the reign of James I (1603 - 1625) Bradford Colliery had an annual output of 10,000 tons and was probably supplying the entire needs of Manchester. Coal was wound in shafts from 1845 onwards but the first modern shaft at Bradford Colliery was sunk in 1854. Bradford Colliery closed in September 1968.

Michael Green
23 March 2011
BRYAN family / BRADFORD Pit. Seeking information.


I am a descendant of Edward Bryan, who in 1870, with his six sons:
"arrived from Pendleton to work at the [Bradford] pit and it is at this time we have the first evidence of a strike, since the local miners ‘---- were so suspicious of these strangers that they did not go down the pit until they had had a good look at them'.  The Bryans remained and became ‘gradely Bradford folk' themselves in good time."

Edward was my great-great-grandfather and his son, Thomas, (one of the six) was my great-grandfather. 

Another member of the Bryan family, John, is mentioned in a history of the pit:-

"Typical of many families, who served Bradford Colliery during its relatively slow growth until the end of the war, was John Bryan, a Checkweighman and Secretary of the Bradford Branch of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM).  A grandson of the Edward Bryan of the 1870 intruders,  John Bryan was a loyal supporter of the NUM who was liked and respected by both management and men."

If anybody has any information of any kind on the Bryans of Bradford Pit, I would be very grateful to learn it.

Thank you.

Michael Green

Ian Jackson
16 Oct 2015
The Bryan Family - Bradford Pit - I'd like to make contact with Michael Green

I'd like to make contact with Michael Green.

I am also a Great-Great Grandson of Edward Bryan who died in 1874 and my Great Grandfather was John Bryan. His son, also John Bryan (weighcheckman) was my great Uncle who's sister Catherine was my Grandmother. The last time I saw my Great Uncle John was at his home on Ashton New Road, probably early 1956 and I think he died shortly after that.

I lived in Albert Street Bradford until the age of 10 years (1961) and went to Grange Street primary school.

Just like Michael, I'd also like more information about the Bryan Family at the Pit.

I have photo's, birth, death and marriage certificates which may be of interest to Michael and I'm sure he may have information of interest to me.

I'd be very happy if you could pass on my E-mail address to Michael.

NZTom Farrel
27 October 2010
Bradford Mine to New Zealand

Hi Fionn back in the fifties when I came out of the army, I spent six months working in the mine. I decided that there was no future in it for me and left.

I found your website really interesting.

Years later I spent a couple of years working next door working on the rod mill at Johnsons. Before emigrating to Australia, and eventually finished up in New Zealand. 

Cheers Tom

John Abery 
15 October 2010
I visited Bradford Colliery when a chemistry student at UMIST in 1966-1969.

Hello Bill, 
I was just browsing the Internet looking for references to the Manchester colliery I visited when a chemistry student at UMIST in 1966-1969.  I remember vividly going down the shaft, travelling by train through the tunnels and crawling along behind the long wall conveyors. In fact I will never forget the experience !  I dont remember the name but Bradford must have been it.  The year was 1966 or 67.  I didn't know at the time but the mine must have been just about to close.  Is that the right year?  I was very interested to read your website. 
Best wishes from Melbourne Australia. 

John Abery 

John E. Abery B.Sc.
Bayswater North Vic 3153, Australia

Bradford Colliery closed in 1968, but it was not until 1973 that the major demolition work started on the site.

Brian Arrandale
22 Nov 2009
Looking For Information about Thomas Arrandale Manager of Bradford Colliery from 1870's

Greetings from All Black Country!!  Just seen A.B."s win over England. Great Rugby Game all should be proud.

I am looking to find out about my Great Great Grandfather Thomas Arrandale who was Manager of Bradford Colliery from 1870's??? Also his son John Thomas Arrandale who was also employed at Bradford Colliery. Have Thomas Arrandale's obituary from Manchester Evening News dated 26.7.1886 or thereabouts.

Can you help me in this respect?

Seen the huge floods on TV in Lancashire and Cumbria. Trust the weather has improved.

Down here Spring has arrived AT LAST.


Brian Arrandale.

A try by New Zealand's Jimmy Cowan
in the second half sees the All Blacks pull away from England and seal victory at Twickenham.

26 October 2009
What was the name of the street where the Bradford Pit mine shaft used to be?

Wonder if you can tell me the name of the Street of Ashton New Road where the mine shaft to Bradford Pit was situated.

Thank you

From: Terry Cullen
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009

The main road passing on the east side of the pit was called Ashton New Road - As the name suggests this was the main road between Ashton -under-Lyne and Manchester.
The other main road at right angles to Ashton New Road ran from the Oldham - Manchester road to Belle Vue. I think it's name changed at various areas but I seem to recollect the name of Ancoats Lane or road.
As for the little streets I think one was called New Street The New Inn pub was on the corner.
I'm afraid that’s the best I can do but it is almost 50 years since I left Bradford Colliery.
Sorry I can't help further with this but I'm sure they will help at the Town Hall.
Hope you are keeping well.
If anyone wants to contact me about the pit please put something in the subject title akin to Bradford Pit otherwise I might not pick it up or it could be treated as junk mail.

Best Regards

Terry C