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Peckfield Colliery Disaster - 30 April 1896 - Emails

Thanks to Ian Benson for Bringing this Disaster to my Attention

Jo Catley - Job Millership - Micklefield Pit Disaster 1896
Ian Benson - Peckfield Colliery Disaster

In MemoryJo Catley nee Priest
28 Apr 2018
Job Millership - Micklefield Pit Disaster 1896

Hello my name is Josephine Catley  

I have been compiling my family tree for a few years and have been on your wonderful site many times; as my family were mostly miners but have only just found details of the Peckfield Pit Disaster at Micklefield in Leeds on the 30th April 1896.

I knew that one of my cousin’s died in a pit disaster but did not know which one.

Now thanks to your wonderful website I have found him.

His name was Job Millership b 1846 in Greasley Nottinghamshire.

Would you mind if I use a little a bit about the disaster on my tree.

Thank you again


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In MemoryIan Benson
21 Jan 2017
Peckfield Colliery Disaster

Hi as an x miner I have been going through your comprehensive site and there is not listed the Peckfield Colliery Disaster that happened on 30 April 1896 with the loss of 63 persons due to an explosion. I only learned of this disaster when me and my brother were doing a family history and we found that we were related to 3 of the dead.

You will probably know more than me on this disaster if for any reason you need more information you will find this in Micklefield Pit Disaster the mine was in West Yorkshire.

hope this helps

kindest regards

Ian Benson

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--<23 Jan 2017>--

Hi Fionn
MonumentThere is a monument in the graveyard at Micklefield to all the miners that died.

This is just an observation, when I left school and went down the mine (I worked at Lofthouse colliery) the NCB were one of the biggest employers in the country and now with Kellingley closed that is the end so the point I am making is the coal industry went from being one of the biggest operations to being a museum in my life time.

When I have taken my children and now my grandchildren down Capos (Caphouse) colliery they have all said to me how did you work down the mine with it being so dangerous. And my answer to them is
1, I was young 
2, there was very little else where we lived.
3 I don’t know if you did but I had some of the happiest memories of working down the mine. If I had my life again I would still go down the mine just the same it is the comradery everybody looks out for everybody else.  Anyway if I find anymore out about the Peck Field disaster I will let you know and if I can find any photos I will send them to you.

Kindest regards