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Trimdon Grange, Durham. 16th February 1882 - Page 2

Information From Ian Winstanley

All the bodies had been recovered; by Friday the number brought to the surface was 27 and on Saturday eight more were taken from the pit and by 5 p.m. on Sunday evening the whole of the remainder were been found with the last body being brought to the pit bank on Monday morning. All the recovered Davy lamps were tested and some were found to be defective.

Those who died were-

Hermon Carl Schier aged 23 years.
James Boyd aged 13 years.
Joseph W. Burnett aged 23 years.
George C. Burnett aged 19 years.
James W. Burnett aged 17 years.
William Burns aged 35 years.
Michael Docherty aged 14 years.
Edward Spencer aged 19 years.
Joseph Dorman aged 14 years.
Thomas Dorman aged 13 years.
Patrick Durkin aged 13 years.
Joseph Hyde aged 23 years.
William Jefferson aged 14 years.
George Jefferson aged 14 years.
John Williams aged 31 years.
William Jennings aged 17 years.
Michael McHale aged 21 years.
John McHale aged 16 years.
Thomas McHale aged 13 years.
Samuel Richardson aged 17 years.
George Simon aged 16 years.
Frederick Bowen aged 23 years.
William Bowen aged 16 years.
Henry Burke aged 39 years.
Richard Dawe aged 20 years.
John Edmunds aged 13 years.
David Griffiths aged 19 years.
Michael Hart aged 45 years.
Cornelius Jones aged 18 years.
John F. Jones aged 38 years.
Ralph Mercer aged 18 years.
Henry Miller aged 24 years.
Thomas Priestley aged 29 years.
Andrew Smith aged 23 years.
William T. Stubbs aged 31 years.
George Wigham aged 28 years.
William Williams aged 31 years.
John Wilson aged 33 years.
John Allison aged 19 years.
Thomas Clark aged 24 years.
William Day aged 13 years.
George Dobson aged 26 years.
Thomas Peat aged 21 years.
Thomas Pryor aged 26 years.
John Smith aged 26 years.
Robert Edwards aged 17 years.
John Errington aged 33 years.
Thomas Horden aged 50 years.
William Maddrell aged 40 years.
Christopher Prest aged 35 years.
John Ramsay aged 26 years.
Frank Ramshaw aged 17 years.
William Robinson aged 34 years.
Ralph H. Robinson aged 17 years.
George Slack aged 21 years.
Robert Soulsby aged 60 years.
Jacob Soulsby jnr. aged 27 years.
Richard Thwaites aged 27 years.
John Wilson aged 15 years.
Jacob Berriman aged 37 years.
William J. Hyde aged 26 years.
Henry Joyce aged 16 years.
Enoch Sayer aged 18 years.
William Parker aged 16 years.
Thomas Sharp aged 42 years.
Thomas Hunter aged 37 years.
William J. Hyde aged 26 years.
Henry Joyce aged 16 years.
Enoch Sayer aged 18 years.
George Richardson aged 29 years.
Peter Brown aged 60 years.
Thomas Blenkinsopp aged 27 years.
Robert Maitland aged 46 years.
Matthew French aged 13 years.

The shaft bears low-relief carvings on each of its four faces. These represent: a miner walking to work, an injured miner being rescued from the pit, a grieving widow at her husband's grave and a scroll with clasped hands inscribed with the word 'FRIENDSHIP'. Four new stones lie at the base of the memorial and bear the same inscriptions of those now eroded on the pedestal. An exact replica of the memorial is located at Tudhoe Cemetery.

Public Monument and Sculpture Association
National Recording Project

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The 74 men and
boys who lost
their lives by the
Explosion at
Trimdon Grange
Thursday February

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