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Mines RescueAuchengeich Colliery Fire - 18th September, 1959 - Page 13 - Emails, Page 4
47 Died Log Hand written log by Jimmy Simpson, Coatbridge Mines Rescue

Patricia Pearson (nee Savage) - Willie McAlpine and unknown Mines Rescue Personnel
Ray Conn - My Aunt Sarah talked about her brother Robert Conn who was killed at Auchengiech
Shona Tulleth nee McAulay - My Mother's Brother, Alexander Morrison Beattie, Died in The Disaster
Jenny Thom - Donald Weir Was My Cousin, I Would like to hear from any relatives.
Jean Appleby (nee Anderson) - I Am A Grand Daughter Of The Late Hugh McInnes Snr
John McPhee - My father, Bill Somerville, was a miner in Auchengeich in the early 1920’s

Patricia Pearson (nee Savage)
14 September 2010
Willie McAlpine and unknown Mines Rescue Personnel
Dear Fionn,
Having viewed your website, with my father, I would like to inform you that the other, cleaner gentleman, in the photo is my Dad, Eric Savage. He was a young brigadesman aged 23 at the time of the disaster and was attending his first major incident.

He went on to rise through the ranks, of the Mines Rescue Service, ending his career in 1991 as Superintendent at Selby Mines Rescue Station, North Yorkshire.

Many Thanks,
Patricia Pearson (nee Savage).

Could you pass on the following message to Patricia Pearson (nee Savage)

I met your dad for the first time at Auchengeich Disaster as I sat beside him in the x-cut near the pit bottom when they broke through into the return airway. It was too hot and smokey to do any exploring and the x-cut was sealed up again.

In 1963 I started to do Mines Rescue training at Coatbridge Rescue station but it was halted due to a fire at Wester Auchengeich colliery. In 1966 I completed it at Cowdenbeath Rescue station and came in contact with Eric at other heatings and fires. When he came to Cowdenbeath R stn we attended other incidents and mines rescue competitions.

I would be pleased to hear from him and Fionn Taylor will give you my e-mail address if you wish it.

John (Iain) Urquhart

Dad was so pleased to hear about John Urqhart. Can you pass on his very best wishes to John, remembers him well and hopes he is well.
John can have my email address if he wishes.

Pat Pearson

In MemoryRay Conn
19 Nov 2009
My Aunt Sarah talked about her brother Robert Conn killed at Auchengiech

Hi Fionn,
I seem to remember my Aunt Sarah talking about her brother Robert who was killed at Auchengiech. She also had a sister named Mary and I think Nellie, brothers William, Thomas (Dad) John and George.
Their Parents were William Conn and Jean Love.
Are these the right one's?

I live in Callander, Scotland and have two sons who live in Stirling and 3 Daughters (Scattered)

I do remember one of my family talking about the Waddels?

I have just gone back to singing after 40 years and just released a CD

I also have a website to prevent waste food ending up onto landfil sites.

If any of the family want to talk with me, please let me know.

Ray Conn

In MemoryShona Tulleth nee McAulay
18 Sep 2009
My Mother's Brother, Alexander Morrison Beattie, Died in The Disaster

My late mother's brother Alexander Morrison Beattie was one of the forty seven who did not come out alive from the pit.

My mother Jenny McAulay, nee Beattie, waited at the pit head for 3 days for news of her brother hoping and praying that miracles do happen.

My mother attended the memorial service held every year to pay homage to these brave men.

Unfortunately my mother and father died 5 years ago, so this year myself and my 2 sisters will be attending the memorial service on Sunday 20th September 2009 and we know that my mum and her brother Alec - our uncle - will be standing there by our side.

Shona Tulleth nee McAulay

In MemoryJenny Thom
18 Sep 2009
Donald Weir Was My Cousin, I Would like to hear from any relatives

Donald Weir was my cousin, but I never knew him. My father Andy Weir and Willie Weir were brothers. We were staying on the Isle of Arran at the time of the pit disaster. I remember his photo on the front page of the newspaper as he had played for Celtic and lived in Chryston.

Would like to hear from any relatives.
I live in Forfar, Scotland.

Jenny Thom.

In MemoryJean Appleby (nee Anderson)
10 Sep 2009
I Am A Grand Daughter Of The Late Hugh McInnes Snr

I am writing to say I am a Grand daughter of the late Hugh McInnes Snr. who was a survivor of this tragic disaster. My mum Rachel McInnes has told my brothers and me of this disaster and of the sad loss and devastation for a whole community on numerous occasions.

My lovely Granddad was in one of the bogeys and was left scarred with what he saw and heard on that fateful day. His son, my late uncle Hugh McInnes Jnr. volunteered for the rescue party and was emotionally scarred by what he found.

My mum also lost a cousin, Thomas Bone in the disaster.

I just wanted to acknowledge the bravery and suffering of all of the people who perished and lost loved ones in this disaster and say that my mum still carries the memories with her. She will never forget.

Jean Appleby (nee Anderson)

In MemoryJohn McPhee
4 August 2009
Auchengeich Mining Disaster - Memorial

Dear Organiser – We would be very grateful to have any information on the above disaster on 18th September 1959. 

My father, James McPhee (shotfirer) was killed in the awful disaster. Any information regarding the Memorial Service or a copy of the Report of this terrible event would be much appreciated. At the time we were overcome with grief and did not think to keep copies of newspapers with details etc. We moved away to the south of England in 1960, but of course we often think of my father and the sadness of that time and the grief of my mother and our whole family.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

John McPhee