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Diglake Colliery Flooding 1895 - Page 3
One Of The Many Hazards Faced By Miners Is Water

Thanks To John Lumsdon

Wendy Fisher-Holt - Diglake, Benjamin Knight
Michael - UK Coal Submit Application To Staffs County Council To Extract Coal From The Diglake Mine Disaster Area
Michael - Diglake Disaster
- My bro-in-law's ancestor saved the life of one of mine!
Susan Bradley - Looking for 2nd inquest, Diglake Flooding 1895 - Who owns the Diglake Colliery and Boyles Hall Colliery? - How do they make sure old shafts are safe?

In Memory J-Wm-GreenWendy Fisher-Holt
21 May 2018
Diglake, Benjamin Knight
Hi, I have been doing a bit of research into my family history. I am an ancestor of Benjamin Knight.  His parents Moses and Emma were my great, great grandparents, his brother Daniel was my great grandad who went on to marry Esther.  Moses and Emma took their family to Hollinwood shortly after Benjamin's death.  I don't think he was spoken of much as nobody knew of him until I got started.  I just thought you may be interested to know that they moved and I have seen a photo of Emma with one of her grandchildren and there is sadness in the eyes. Moses worked in the mills and was also a highly regarded Lay Minister at Roman Road Methodist Chapel in Hollinwood.  If you could add any information or point me in the right direction I would be most grateful. 

Kind regards

Benjamin was working as a taker-off on the east 10-foot seam when he died.

His father Moses Knight was 40 years old and a coal miner, his mother, Emma was 36. Three years earlier Benjamin, 13 years old, was a pit boy at Silverdale.

12 Mar 2014
UK Coal Submit Application To Staffs County Council To Extract Coal From The Diglake Mine Disaster Area

Hi Fionn,

It's with sadness that I contact you. UK Coal have submitted an application to Staffs County Council to extract coal from the area which includes the old Diglake shafts and tunnels (App No. N. 14/03/2013M)

This means that the victims remains will be churned up (if not blown up) and discarded with the out fill or shipped out to burn at the power stations.



18 February 2013
Diglake Disaster
In Memory


I was very interested but very saddened to read your piece on the 1985 disaster and the all those poor unfortunate miners who gave their lives in the process of making an honest but mediocre living.

One can't begin to imagine the horrors they faced in their final moments and also their poor families. I never realised the extent.

It is sad too that UK Coal's opencast plans to excavate around Diglake could well just hack through their final resting places and their remains being violated.

Thank you - Michael

My bro-in-law's ancestor saved the life of one of mine!
In Memory

Thank you for your wonderful site! It's absolutely brilliant!

I was the Ventilation Officer and then Fire/Dust Suppression Officer at Victoria Colliery for a number of years in the 60s and although I have read some of the reports before, I have found all of your site totally absorbing. However, if you go to the link below you will see that there were another 11 awards (bronze) given for actions during this tragedy. I have pasted the information below. I have also emailed them to tell them that I think they have made a transcription error i.e. the bottom name is given as Hoole, R. and I think that it should be Howle, R., who is mentioned on your site.The reason I think that you are right and they are wrong is amazing really. I am researching Sproston's ( my maternal ancestor's) and my brother -in-law is researching Howle (his paternal ancestors). The name William occurs for the last 7 generations in Sproston's and Richard occurs for the last 5 generations in Howle's ancestry.

What an amazing world we live in to think that in a disaster from 108 years ago my bro-in-law's ancestor saved the life of one of mine!

Regards and Best Wishes (keep up the good work)

Compiled by Peter Helmore

  • Sproston, John. Miner. Case 27572
  • Johnson, John. Miner.
  • Langshaw, Thos. Miner.
  • Boulton, John. Miner.
  • Carter, John. Miner.
  • Hinckley, Amos. Miner.
  • Bateman, Joseph. Miner.
  • Barlow, Moses. Miner.
  • Rowley, George. Miner.
  • Maddock, Jas. Miner.
  • Hoole, Richd. Miner.

On the 14th January 1895, at the Diglake Colliery at Audley, Staffordshire.

See Silver medals to William. Dodd and John Watts, Acts of Gallantry Vol 11 Page 88


Susan Bradley
13 Feb 2005
Looking for 2nd inquest, Diglake Flooding 1895, took place in the 1930s
Who owns the Diglake Colliery and Boyles Hall Colliery?
How do they make sure old shafts are safe?

I have less time than ever for research - but I still have many unanswered questions! The more you know the more you want to know, I guess. For instance:-

I have no copy of the second inquest which took place in the 1930s, I presume a similar report would have been issued but I have never been able to find any trace of it.

I am also curious to know who owns the Diglake Colliery and Boyles Hall Colliery land now.

How do they make sure old shafts are safe (or don't they)?

All the best