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Markham Colliery - 1973 - Page 6

Names of those who died 1938 Names of those who died 1973
Mines Rescue

In Memory

Shaft accident, overwind, caused by failure of mechanical break of winding engine.

18 Lives Lost

  Birkin, Joseph , aged 60, Face Worker
  Briggs, Clarence , aged 52, Deputy
Brocklehurst, Joseph William , aged 58, Deputy
  Brooks, Clifford , aged 58, Deputy
  Chapman, Henry , aged 48, Deputy
Cooper, Gordon Richard , aged 30, Development Worker
Eyre, George , aged 60, Gearhead Attendant
  Kilroy, Michael , aged 53, Development Worker
  Kiminsky, Jan , aged 58, Development Worker
  Plewinsky, Lucjam , aged 59, General Worker
  Reddish, Frederick , aged 53, Development Worker
  Rodgers, Wilfred , aged 59, Face Worker
Sissons, Charles Leonard , aged 43, Road Repairer
  Stone, Frank , aged 53, Road Repairer
  Turner, Charles Richard , aged 60, Deputy
  Tyler, Albert , aged 64, Back Repairer
  White, Alfred , aged 57, Deputy
Yates, William , aged 62, Development Worker

Seriously Injured

  Dennis Brothwell, aged 44, Development Worker
Frank Cowley, aged 43, Development Worker
  Malcolm Joseph Cowley, aged 29, Development Worker
  James Reddish, aged 25, Development Worker
  Graham Richardson, aged 34, Heavy Supplies Worker
  George Denis Stone, aged 41, Overman
  Harry Taylor, aged 47, Development Worker
  Terence Thornley, aged 18, Face Trainee
  Terence Graham Vaughan, aged 38 Development Worker
  William Henry Watson, aged 47, Face Worker
  Richard Wrobels, aged 44, Face Worker
  Seriously Injured In The Rescue Operation
  John Maxwell, aged 35, Reserve Face Worker

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