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The Men Who Lost Their Lives Were:-

Abel Maiyer aged 39 years, underground mechanic.
Albert Edward Cornes aged 26 years, haulage hand.
Albert Leslie Cooper aged 30 years, collier.
Albert Warwick Seaton aged 26 years, collier.
Arthur R. Stanton aged 31 years, packer.
Charles Price aged 33 years, collier.
Ernest Jones aged 51 years, fireman.
Frank Turner aged 22 years, underground electrician.
Frederick John Howle aged 36 years, collier.
George Thomas Pickerill aged 30 years, ripper.
George Thomas Rushton aged 41 years, ripper.
H.L. Adkins aged 35 years, undermanager.
Harold John Finney aged 41 years. H.M. Senior Inspector of Mines.
Harry Johnstone aged 34 years, overman.
Henry Mitchell aged 44 years underground mechanic.
James Alfred Bloor aged 51 years, H.M. Sub-Inspector of Mines.
John Cocks aged 57 years, managing director.
John Harvey aged 39 years. fireman.
John Hassell aged 35 years, ripper.
Josiah Cooke aged 37 years, collier.
Percey Condliffe aged 35 years, collier.
Reginald Jackson aged 35 years, collier.
Thomas Henry Jones aged 28 years, collier.
William Haystead aged 45 years, packer.
William Pepper aged 39 years, fireman.
William Stanley Hodkinson aged 38 years, underground mechanic.

Those Who Were Injured Were:-

Frederick Charles Salt aged 39 years, collier,
George Edwards aged 29 years, collier,
George Stanier aged 37 years, collier
Harry Bentley aged 47 years, fireman,
Harry Birchall aged 34 years, collier,
John Owen Davies aged 45 years, mananger,
Percey Bloor aged 49 years, fireman,

Salt was in the devastating explosion and was the only one of twenty eight who were
there to escape uninjured.

The Members Of The Hanley Rescue Brigade Who Lost Their Lives Were:-

J.W. Forrester aged 40 years,
Samuel Latham aged 28 years
T. Harris, aged 46 years,
W. Hough aged 37 years,
Job Lightfoot aged 33 years, was injured.

In the Official Report. Mr. Wynne made special reference to the Holditch Rescue Brigade led by Azariah Clarke, an overman at the mine.

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