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Tina Turner Looking For Info My Great Grandfather John Hassall Killed In Holditch Disaster
Carl Huxley My great uncle, Walter Stanley Eyres was killed down Holditch pit around 1934
Paul Jackson Any information about Arthur Stanton died in the Holditch pit disaster 1937?
Mrs Anne Thorne Mr Bloor was my Grandfather
David Hughes Any information about the Holditch disaster 1937?


From: Tina Turner
Sent: 26 November 2008
Subject: Looking For Info My Great Grandfather John Hassall Killed In Holditch Disaster

I found through your site the first piece of information on my great grandfather John Hassall who was the night shift ripper killed in the disaster.

Would be very grateful for any further information.


Carl Huxley
15 March 2008
My great uncle, Walter Stanley Eyres was killed down Holditch pit around 1934

Hi, just wondering if you could shed any light on my late great uncle, his name was Walter Stanley Eyres and was killed down Holditch pit, I think it was around 1934 just before the explosion of 1937.

Any information would be greatly appreciated as I would love to explain to my sons. just like to say that Walters wife Ada brought me up as child, they lived at 15 Booth St Chesterton. Thank you for your time

Carl Huxley.

I can confirm, thanks to John Lumsdon, that Walter died 29th Oct 1934 aged 35 at Holditch.
Stephen Huxley
25 December 2011

I would like to contact Carl Huxley (above) as regards his post 15 March 2008 as I have a John Huxley who died in Silverdale Pit in 1912 and think we might be connected.

How can I get in touch with him.
Thanks, Stephen Huxley

I have emailed Carl for you, hopefully he will be in touch soon.

John Huxley died aged 33 0n 15 Feb 1912. He was a collier at Silverdale No.14 which was owned by the Silverdale Co Ltd., Stafford.
The accident happened in the Great Row seam, John had attached a rope to his tub at the foot of a dip 9 yards long the inclination being 22 degrees. The other end of the rope was attached to a horse at the top of the dip. John called to the drifter to "go on" and as the tub moved up the dip John attempted to place a drag on the back axle. Unfortunately the horse slipped, and whilst recovering itself staggered backwards and the load ran down and crushed John's body so severely against the roof immediately over the landing plates. He died in the pit shortly afterwards. Unfortunately John should not have attempted to apply the drag while the tub was in motion.

(Information from Ian Winstanley's Coalmining History Resource Centre)


From: David Hughes
Sent: Sat 09 November 2002
Subject: Any information about the Holditch disaster 1937

I am interested in finding out more about the Holditch disaster 1937
My grandfather ( died 1972) was involved. By my understanding what was a relatively small incident was turned into a major disaster when the mine manager insisted in going back to try and save some seams. I don't expect that was in the local press at the time!
I have an engraved watch which says: " Presented by the Directors of Holditch Mines Ltd To Edward Trevor Hughes as a token of appreciation of conspicuous services in the Holditch disaster July 2 1937"
I remember my granfather talking about it and also my father but unfortunately he died a couple of years ago.

With thanks in anticipation

This email inspired John Lumsdon to writes about the disaster

Dear Fionn
That is very interesting. It confirms my impression that my grandfather by his quick actions saved men from the first explosions. It was due to the senior management trying to save seams that so many lives were lost.
My grandfather Trevor Hughes was among the people who later went down to get out the bodies of those killed.
My father who died a couple of years ago remembers the day as when he came home from school for lunch his father had not returned from his night shift. Also one of those killed was the father of a boy in his class.
Its interesting that the pit was called Brymbo No 2 must be a reference to Brymbo in North Wales. My grandfather had come from near there and my grandmother was born in Brymbo.
Many thanks


From: Mrs Anne Thorne
Mr Bloor was my Grandfather.
Sent: 02 February 2006


I just thought you may be interested in the fact that the Mr Bloor mentioned in your description of the Brymbo disaster in 1937, was my Grandfather. I have recently been researching his family as he died before I was born and found your website very informative. I have the newspaper cuttings of the disaster and his funeral, and also a copy of the official report into the disaster, but your description made it very much more real.

Thank you
Anne Thorne


From: Paul Jackson
31 October 2006
Arthur Stanton died in the Holditch pit disaster in 1937

I'm interested in finding any more information about Arthur Stanton, my grandfather. I've never seen a photograph of him and I'm currently searching the family tree. I know it's a long shot but do you know of anyone that my still have any links with the Holditch pit disaster in which he died in 1937?

Great web site,

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