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Harry and Doreen Kelly - Harry Kelly was the husband of Jenny and father of Harry
David Harrison - Frank and Alexander Harrison, sons of William Harrison
Mrs B Jones - Looking for the grave of Mr. George Manley, Sneyd pit explosion 1st Jan 1942
Terry Manley - George Manley. I am his grandson

Harry and Doreen Kelly
04 November 2008
Harry Kelly was the husband of Jenny and father of Harry

Hi Fionn,
Harry Kelly is on the memorial list of dead from the Sneyd pit disaster 1942.

Could you please add that Harry was 27 and the husband of Jenny and father of Harry.

Many thanks Harry and Doreen Kelly

David Harrison
21 August 2008
Frank and Alexander Harrison, sons of William Harrison

Dear Sir,
Frank Harrison, aged 18 and Alexander Harrison, aged 17 and listed in the victims, were two young brothers, sons of William Harrison and his wife Mary (nee Dry).

David Harrison

Mrs B Jones
15 September 2006
Looking for the grave of Mr. George Manley, Sneyd pit explosion 1st Jan 1942

I am trying to locate the grave of Mr. George Manley who sadly lost his life in this explosion. He is not my relative but I have 3 elder half brothers who are his sons. At the same time as George died his youngest son (a small baby) also lost his life and they were both buried together somewhere in the Kidsgrove/Butt Lane area.

I just don’t know where to start to find this information. My mother never spoke about this so didn’t leave any knowledge to her family to pass on. One son has tried to find out where his father is but came up against a blank wall.

Please if you have any information can you contact me on my email address.

Thank you
Mrs B Jones

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Terry Manley
8 April 2009
George Manley. I am his grandson


On the subject of George Manley. I am his grandson.

My dad, also George Manley, is still alive and a few years ago took me to my grandads/Peters grave and we cleared some weeds away.

Mary a relative until recently lived close.


Terry Manley

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John Lumsdon
27 September 2006
Mrs Jones Sneyd request
Hi Fionn,

Attached is a file for Mrs Jones, she requested information on George Manley victim of the Sneyd colliery disaster 1942.

I was at Talke Parish Church, St. Martins but could not find the grave, I had intended to take a photo for her. There are many graves overgrown and a lot of head-stones missing. I was informed their church records had been destroyed.


A service at the Parish church, Talke, preceded the internment in the churchyard of George Manley age 41 of 9 Banbury St. Butt Lane. Mr. and Mrs Manley’s four month-old son Peter, whose death occurred on Tuesday was buried in the same grave.

The Rev. E.J. Davies, (Rector) conducted the service. Mr J. Hickman of Tunstall, being at the organ.

Chief mourners were Mrs Beatrice Manley, (widow) Mr. George Manley, Mr. Reginald Manley and Mr. Roy Manley. (sons) Mr. Joseph Manley, (father) Mr. Reginald Manley, Mr. Samuel Manley, and Mr. Joseph Manual, (brothers) Mrs. Sherratt, Mrs Malkin, Mrs. Lowe, and Miss M. Manley (sisters) Mr. Robert Manley and Mr. J Garritty (uncles) Mrs. Breeze, (mother-in-law) Mr. S. Malkin, Mr. J. Sherratt, Mr. Wilfred Lowe, Mr. J.W. Breeze, and Mr, S. Breeze,(brothers in law) Mrs J.W. Breeze, Mr. and Mrs. G. Simms, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hammersley and Mr. A. Smallwood.

A guard of honour was formed by Talke Home Guard, under sergeant H. Ball of which Mr. Manley was a member. Talke and district homing society of which he was secretary, was represented by Messrs H. Bentley, J. Wright, A. Antrobus, Jack and Joe Talbon, W. Millington and A. Dulson. Sneyd colliery was represented by Mr. A.D. Jones. Talke Branch of the North Stafford Miners Federation by Mr. J. Beech and Butt Lane Workingman’s club of which he was a member of the committee Messrs F.S. Elsby, T. Parry, A. Minshall, T. Colclough, W. Harper and F. Elkin. Floral tributes included a wreath from the Talke and district Homing Society.

I could not find the grave, but many have been grassed over plus lots of headstones are missing. I found one Manley, Hilda Manley died 3 rd May 1994 age 72. I was informed the Church records were destroyed.

Hope this is of some help.

From: Wendy Hogan
Sent: 19 September 2007

Hi Folks
Read on your web site about B. Jones looking for the grave of George Manley.

Talke, St. Martin's monumental inscription:
6.13.15 Talke, St. Martins

In loving memory of my dear husband George Manley of 9 Banbury St. Butt Lane who was killed in the Sneyd Colliery Disaster 1.1.1942 age 41. Duty nobly done.

That would be section 6 - 13th row - 15th grave from path down centre.

As previously noted there may not be a headstone, however, at the time the Audley and District Family History Society did the transcriptions of MIs (1995 I believe) there must have been at the very least, a marker.

My ancestors were all coal miners in Staffordshire. My grandfather came to Canada where he continued to mine in Hillcrest, Alberta and finally in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, where I was born.

I am a very distant relative. My grandfather, Leonard Sherratt was raised by Mary Manley and Owen Sherratt. Mary was George's Aunt. I have the family history on my web site.

I was in England last year and visited St. Martin's church yard. Many of my own ancestor’s headstones are also, unfortunately, missing.

Wendy Sherratt Hogan
Ontario, Canada

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