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Linda Rowland - Looking For Sugar Lane Near Jacksdale, Home of Harry Riley born 1896
Marie Smith - Trying to find which pit my grandfather, Samuel Beale, died at
June Withers - Daniel Jones died - 1962 disaster at Tower Colliery in South Wales
June - Are they making a film about Tower Colliery, Glamorgan, staring Catherine Zeta Jones?
Lisa Broughton - Norman Broughton and Ollerton Pit Disaster 23-24 November 1961
Gail Milton - Did my great grandfather help to build a tunnel from Trowell Colliery after a fire?


From: Gail Milton
Sent: 14 October 2007
Did my great grandfather help to build a tunnel from Trowell Colliery after a fire?

I have discovered today that my great grandfather worked at Wollaton Colliery in the early part of the 20th century. His name was Frederick Stevenson and according to my father he helped to build a tunnel from Trowell Colliery after a fire. I believe the tunnel was given the name of Stevensons Head. I was wondering if there was any way I can confirm this to be true. His occupation on the 1901 census is given as miner (below).
Thank you,
Gail Milton
Trowell Colliery


From: Lisa Broughton
Sent: 19 November 2007
Norman Broughton and Ollerton Pit Disaster 23-24 November 1961

I am trying to trace my grandfather Norman Broughton who died Ollerton Pit in Nottinghamshire on 23/24 November 1961,could you give me any information on how I can find out more I have 1 piece of newspaper from the evening mail.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.
Lisa Broughton

Ollerton Pit


From: June Withers
Sent: 01 January 2008
Daniel Jones died - 1962 disaster at Tower Colliery in South Wales

Thank you for a wonderful site........I am looking for information on the 1962 disaster at Tower Colliery in South Wales. My uncle Daniel Jones died as a result although he is not listed as one of those killed on the day, I believe he died on the 25th April, thirteen days after the accident.

If you have any ideas on how I can find more information I would be very grateful.

Many thanks, and congratulations on a wonder site, I have been browsing it for the past 3 hours and was so engrossed I didn't realise it has gone dark outside!

So far as I know Tower Colliery is the last deep mine in South Wales.

The Cynon Valley pit was bought and reopened by its own miners in 1995, a year after it had shut down.

But depleted coal reserves means it will have to close some time in January 08.

June Withers.

On the 12th April 1962 there was a firedamp explosion at Tower Colliery, Glamorgan, caused by sparks from a major short circuit to earth in an electric cable.
See list of names

It is such a shame the coal is running out at Tower - they deserved to have many decades of success after the buy out. I hear there is to be a film made soon starring Catherine Zeta Jones, or is this another of those myths that go around and come around?

I got some information from the Online Independent but it was dated 17 January 2004:-

Filmmakers mine rich seam of stories from the colliery
that took on the Government
By Ian Herbert
Published: 17 January 2004

June Withers.


From: Marie Smith
Sent: 19 January 2008
Trying to find which pit my grandfather, Samuel Beale, died at.

Hi there
Came across your site and wondered if you could help. I’m trying to find which pit my grandfather died at, it would be in Derbyshire as he lived Basford, Ilkeston area it was an accident where he fell down the pit shaft and his death is recorded at Basford. He was Samuel Beale aged 29 when he died any information would be appreciated.
Marie Smith


From: John Beale
Sent: 21 November 2008
Re: Marie Smith- Requested info on Samuel Beale

Hi Fionn,

I came upon your website by accident.

I do have some information regarding the above.

Firstly, my name is John Beale, full name is John Samuel Beale, and Samuel Beale was my grandfather whom I never met as he died tragically in a mining accident well before I was born. I do not know Marie Smith.

I do not know the year of the accident, but by coincidence it happened on this day, 21st November, sometime between 1924 - 1929.

There were two men at the top of the pit, (maybe Coppice or Shipley) Samuel was one of them, they were Banksmen attending to the transfer of the coal tubs from the cage as it ascended, the accident was a winding accident in as much as the cage came up too far leaving the mineshaft completely open, the two men with their heads down were pushing the empty coal tubs on to the cage but the cage was too high and they both fell to their deaths.

I dont know where Marie lives but if she is anyway near Ilkeston she could read all about the accident at the Carnegie Library in the marketplace. They have (microfilmed) copies of the local newspapers that carried the story, one paper was the Pioneer, I forget the other local paper but the library would help.

Samuel is buried at Mapperley in Derbyshire in the village churchyard, his inscription gives the relevant date and his wife Clara insisted that it stated that he was killed, as his death was premature being only 29.

I hope that information helps.



Linda Rowland
27 January 2008
Looking For Sugar Lane Near Jacksdale, Home of Harry Riley born 1896

Your site is really interesting although I want to ask you something a bit off topic!

My husbands late great aunt was married to a lovely chap called Harry Riley born 1896 and when she died we found a photo titled ' Harry's dad, Willie Riley, Sugar Lane'.

Now I think they came from the Jacksdale area and on Harry's marriage certificate his father is described by him as a Colliery Winder, so certainly involved with coal and there's a family on the 1901 census at Pye Hill who could be the right ones.
I have been trying to find out where Sugar Lane might be and wondered if it was around that area somewhere?

The dog is carrying his 'croust', and Willie has the tea can, probably taken about 1890 according to the comments in biro, which were written by Willie's son, and were what prompted my original enquiry.

My fathers family were mostly tin/copper miners from Cornwall and I always thought they and coal miners were totally separate trades, but since starting family history it's been really instructional to me how miners moved around the country and really the world, governed by boom or slump in their local mines. Some of our mine have turned up in Durham and Cornish names stand out in the Notts. mining areas too. Live and learn thanks to kind people like yourself putting information together on the web and I have to say I'm still exploring your sites!


Angela Smith
27 January 2008

Re Sugar Lane, Mansfield Road Brinsley used to be called Sugar Lane (I live on Sugar Lane). I know this for a fact as several older people have told me and I have always lived on Mansfield Road. I prefer the name ' Sugar Lane'. I don't know if there's one in Jacksdale but I'll certainly ask some of my 'sources'.

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From: Sylvia, in Australia
Sent: 06 February 2008
Subject: Jacksdale - Info for Linda Rowland

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