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Rob and Sue Freeman (nee Bentley) - Rufford Colliery. Was Albert Bentley Killed 7th Feb 1913
Andy Foster - Ashington. Mark Foster Was In The Mines Rescue During The 60's
Alison Platt - My father, John (Jack) Booth, worked in the Bentley Colliery in the 1930's
Ruth Singh - Drury Lowe Pit, Denby, Derbyshire
Val Mason - Looking for old photos of Gedling with blacksmiths and Arthur Dawson
Gary Stretton - Trying To Trace Family Killed In The Manners Colliery, Ilkeston

Gary Stretton
31 August 2007
Trying To Trace Family Killed In The Manners Colliery, Ilkeston

I wonder if you can help me in any way. I’m tracing my ancestry on I’ve just discovered family called Tathams who lived in the Ilkeston area along with closer members of my family:

I am related to the Sysons. My great grandfather Isaac Syson and his father Isaac Syson senior were miners. Also my great grandfather John William Shooter and his father William Shooter, my maternal great grandfather George William Steeples and his father George Steeples. My other great, great grandfather David Tatham was also a miner killed in an accident in 1893 at the Manners Colliery with his grandson James. On the census records dated then there
was a Tathams Row Ilkeston. Could this be connected in any way to them and the mines? Anyone with any knowledge I’d be very interested to hear from you.

Also the Revill or Reavill families are my ancestors they also were miners in Ilkeston as all the above relatives Tatham.

Can you help me in anyway to find any details as I’m a bit of a loose end.

Regards Gary Stretton

Val Mason
06 September 2007
Looking for old photos of Gedling with blacksmiths and Arthur Dawson

I am from a mining background, Father, Great Grandfather and so on.

At the moment I am looking at my husband’s family his grandfather used to be a blacksmith at Gedling (Arthur Dawson) Are there any old photos of Gedling with blacksmiths around that you know of?

Val Mason

Ruth Singh
13 September 2007
Drury Lowe Pit, Denby, Derbyshire

Hi Fionn,
I have just found your interesting web site on mining and wonder if you or anyone else conected with mining could help with my query.

I am researching the life of an ancestor who was a miner at Drury Lowe pit from the 1850's-1880's.
He lived at Smithy Houses, Denby.

I know this area and have seen a picture of it at the time that he was living there.
In his earlier life he was a miner at Killingworth Colliery in Newcastle and Tyne Main Colliery in Gateshead where working and living conditions were pretty bad.

I would like to find out what conditions were like at Drury Lowe Pit in the late 1800's. I have several ancestors who worked there.

Also does anyone know of a mining museum within the Derbyshire, Notts area that I could visit?

If you or anyone else can help me I would be very grateful.

Many thanks,

Sue Singh

The only museum in this area tha I can think of is north of Sheffield, The National Coalmine Museum, Caphouse Colliery, New Road, Overton, West Yorkshire, WF4 4RH

You could look at a couple of pages on the site:-
Being a Miner, personal experiences of what it is/was like to be a miner more recently

And being a miner in the 19th century.

Alison Platt
28 September 2007
My father, John (Jack) Booth, worked in the Bentley Colliery in the 1930's

Bentley Colliery
Bentley Colliery

I am hoping you can point me in the right direction. My father was John (Jack) Booth and I believe worked in the Bentley Colliery or one very close to in the 1930's. I was wondering if there are records of workers in the colliery at that time available etc. He died in 1968 and my mum told me he had a large diagonal scar on his back which he got while holding up a pit support after an explosive accident enabling other miners to escape. How true that is I wouldn't like to hazard a guess but it’s a nice thought. Any info on how I can find out or be in touch with some-one who could help would be gratefully received.

Yours hopefully

Alison Platt

There was a disaster at Bentley Colliery 20th November 1931, 45 were killed so the story about the scar could be correct.

From: David Marriott
Sent:  15 November 2011

I have seen the post by Alison Platt about her father.

She asks for information but I cannot see how I can contact her as there is no link to her email address.

Please let me know how I can reach her.

Yours sincerely,

Dr David Marriott

Thank you for your email David, I have passed it onto Alison

Andy Foster
05 October 2007
Ashington. Mark Foster Was In The Mines Rescue During The 60's

My father, Mark Foster, worked as a Miners Rescue man during the early 60's based at Ashington, Northumberland.

He worked along side 'Billy Dixon'.

We lived at 10 Viewlands and 'uncle Billy' as I knew him lived at number 9.

My father died in 1996 in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

I visited Ashington for the first time in say about 30yrs in August and went to see the Rescue station.

I found it had closed some years ago, (I suppose I was clutching at straws hoping something might still have been there).

Is there anywhere that I could obtain information of any kind regarding the station, the workers or the way of life?

Many thanks for your help

Andy Foster

Rob and Sue Freeman (nee Bentley)
16 September 2007
Rufford Colliery Disaster. Was Albert Bentley Killed 7th Feb 1913

We believe our great-grandfather, Albert Bentley, was killed in the above disaster 7th Feb 1913 and would like to ask if anyone has a list of names of those killed. Many Thanks

Rob and Sue Freeman (nee Bentley)

Right:- Rufford Coliery These temporary wooden headstocks were erected during the sinking of Rufford Colliery between 1911 and 1913.
Disaster struck In February 1913, when a seven ton steel water barrel plunged 115ft into the workings. Fourteen men lost their lives and four escaped by clinging onto debris in the icy water.
temporary wooden headstocks Rufford Colliery



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