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Shireoaks Colliery - Page 8

George Bell

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A Few More Pictures of Shireoaks

Record Breakers - Click Photo For Names

Glen Billam (face team, chock snaker)
Norman Foulds (chock fitter)
Ian Mellish AKA Hopper (face team, Loader Gate)
Tommy....? (Tailgate AB16 Driver)
Chris Cash (face electrician)
Jerry Rollinson, AKA Rollo
G = ?? can’t remember worked with Tommy on AB16 buttock prep
Nigel Rollinson (Loader Gate AFC operator)
Bob Scoular, unfortunately died a few months ago (Main face machine driver, Conveyor Mounted Trepanner)
David Leversidge (face team, Chock snaker)
K = can’t recall - materials haulage lad

Jeremy Rollinson
9 May 2016
Shireoaks Record Breakers

I was browsing your excellent site and was really surprised to see a photograph (which featured in Coal News if I recall) in which I figure.

There are a lot of familiar names and faces in the photo including me – standing back right in front of wheel, my cousin Chris Cash next to me squatting, my cousin Nigel Rollinson – 2nd from left front and my good friend David Leversidge whom I was best man for – front 2nd from right.

This was a picture for celebrating C 15s record breaking week (or month?) – a retreat face that we helped by doing 10 to 12 strips on each night shift.

I wonder if you might have a copy of the original photograph that I might have, as sadly I have no records of my mining days (1979 -2004) as photographs.



Fire Fighting Team

Fire Fighting Team at Shireoaks MW

Fire Fighting Competition