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Ilkeston, Derbyshire - April 1954
Leaders in the Mines Rescue Service

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Philip Healey, my father-in-law S Goadby A Crooks John Henry Hopkin - Aka Harry K Swinscoe E Thorpe J Parker F Grace Wilf Robinson Eric Minard Alex Jackson Les Calladine Tommy  Rainbird Albert Sheffield (Assistant Superintendent ) Arthur  Syson (Superintendent ) Harry  Newton Harry Meakin Edward Cocking Les Havill H Brogdale W Brock H Hartshorn W Davies R Taylor A Duffield H Harrison A. Clarke W Mann

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Terri Whent
5 January 2012
John Henry Hopkin Aka Harry Hopkin, Ilkeston Mines Rescue

Hi, my name is Terri Whent, and the proud granddaughter of John Henry Hopkin, aka Harry.

I noticed under your "teams" photo section, page 2, (see above), my grandfathers name has been misspelt.

He is on the back row, fourth from the left. It states 'H Hopkins', his surname is 'Hopkin', he once told me how people always put an "s" on the end, and would tut.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say how much my grandad meant to me, and how proud I am of his time within the Ilkeston Mine Rescue team. He used to tell me many stories about the life of a miner, and how much he enjoyed it, the friends he made, and lost.

My grandad sadly passed away when I was 15 years old, he was only 69 years old! I am now 33 years old. I would love to know any more information regarding my grandad.

Grandad was married to my grandma Dorothy Hopkin, who sadly passed away on Xmas day 2011, may they be together and look down on us all smiling.

Any information regarding either  would be great.
My uncle, Raymond Hopkin and mum Susan Hopkin informed me of this website.

Thank you. X

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