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Claire Johnson - Chesterfield Mine Rescue - Albert Johnson, My husband’s father is pictured on the left of this photo
Wayne Barker - Blackwell No 1 Rescue Team, Great Granddad Barker
Stephen Perry - Wath Joint Rescue Team

Creswell Colliery, Disaster
26th September, 1950

Fourth from right, Les Havill
and Arthur Syson at the end.

The others are probably rescue men from local pits.

Creswell 7

Ilkeston Mines Rescue men with their ambulance.

Top - Les Havill, Benny, Sheff, Tommy Rainbird
Middle - ? Arthur Clark
Bottom - Harry Newton

Ilkeston Mines Rescue brigadesmen take a few minutes off to
pose for this picture
with some of their equipment.

Emergency drinking water tanks were introduced underground.
Each colliery had a Rescue Team whose job was to be always available no matter what shift, and of course each man had to be very fit. Training sessions were held frequently.

Claire Johnson
17 Oct 2016
Chesterfield Mine Rescue - Albert Johnson, My husband’s father is pictured on the left of this photo

My husband’s father is pictured on the left of this photo, Albert Johnson. He has very few family photos and wondered if you could e-mail a scanned copy through of this photo or let us know how we could get a duplicate copy.

I look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards

Claire Johnson

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Mines Rescue team at Chesterfield

Wayne Barker
13 July 2011
Blackwell No 1 Rescue Team, Great Granddad Barker

Great Granddad Barker

Photo of the Blackwell No 1 Rescue Team
It contains a photo of my Great Granddad Barker, 1st on the left.

Wayne Barker

Stephen Perry
23 October 2012
Wath Joint Rescue Team

Dear Fionn,

I have attached a photo of the Wath Joint Rescue team, I imagine it was taken 1910-20 (ish). I bought it on a whim many years ago and I have just found it again. My great Grandfather, Alfred William Perry, was a miner in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent (probably Hanley Deep) before he became a Policeman in 1899! He is not in the picture, in fact I have no pictures of him as a young man. It seems a great tragedy that these gems of social history get scattered to the four winds, or worse. If I find anything else I will send it on, keep up the good work!

William Charles Winch, 3rd from the left wearing the uniform, he set up and trained the teams from 1908, he looks a little younger on this picture (see below).

Kind regards,

Stephen Perry

  • Third from the left William Charles Winch (Sgt. Instructor) He was involved in training men in 'new' rescue techniques since the inception of the Rescue Station in 1908.
  • Second from the left is his son, my grandfather, William George Newcombe Winch
    (known as George because he had the same first name as his father).
  • Fifth from the left and wearing a tie is a Mr Poole according to my Great Aunt Glady's photo album
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