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The Decline Of The Industry Continued
After Nationalisation 1947


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Collieries in No8 Area: Leicestershire: Area General Manager John J Torrance (2803)
Chief Surveyor Horace S Shackleton. (10pits).

  • Bagworth Deep and Bagworth Main; Agent Arthur D Butterley, Manager Fred C Neath (1599), Undermanagers: A Street (3792 / 2nd) and A Whitmore (3754 / 2nd), 602 Higher Main, Upper Main, Middle Lount, Yard, Lower Main, 181 on s/f.
  • Calcutta: Agent: J Emmerson (1212), Manager: W Hall (1023). Pumping station Nil and 11 on s/f.
  • Desford 1 and 2: Agent Arthur D Butterley, Manager H Johnson (2289), Assistant Manager Tom Ollerton (3828 / 2nd), Undermanagers: A McDougall (3953), E Nester (3309), 1,114 Middle Lount, Yard, High Main, Lower and Upper Main seams, 227 on s/f.
  • Ellistown No1: Agent Arthur D Butterley, Manager John E Williams (2559), Undermanager M Gittins (2528 / 2nd), 795 Middle Lount, Nether Lount seams, 220 on s/f.
  • Merrylees: Agent Arthur D Butterley, Manager: H Johnson (2289), Undermanager JH Mee (644 / 2nd), 236 Middle Lount and Yard seams, 66 on s/f.
  • Nailstone: Agent Arthur D Butterley, Manager FM Burdett (638), Undermanagers W Flint (5118 / 2nd) and F Tomlin (229 / 2nd), 587 Bottom, Four Feet, Five Feet and Seven Feet seams, 168 s/f.
  • New Lount: Agent: J Emmerson (1212), Manager Peter L Richardson (3242), Undermanagers F Gregory (5757 / 2nd) and H Burnett (3971 / 2nd). 850 Middle Lount, Nether Lount, Yard and Roaster seams, 250 on s/f.
  • Snibston: Agent J Emmerson (1212), Manager A Atkinson (2225), Undermanager N Clifford (2648 / 2nd), 569 Thin and Thick Roaster, Middle Lount, Nether Lount and Yard seams, 200 on s/f.
  • South Leicestershire Nos 1 and 2: Agent J Emmerson (1212), Manager Sam A McKee (3637), Undermanagers AB Wortley and GW Glover, 622 Roaster, Middle Lount and Nether Lount seams, 194 s/f.
  • Whitwick: Agent J Emmerson (1212), Manager William Hall (1023), Undermanagers S Barnes (2541 / 2nd) and Jim Agar (3049 / 1st), 804 Middle Lount, Nether Lount, Five Feet, and Yard seams, 267 on s/f.

The No7 Area and No 8 Area (3.2m tons) were amalgamated later in 1948 with HQ at Cole Orton.

Licensed Mines in the East Midlands:  (23 Pits)

  • Barlborough Common: (Barlborough Common Coal Co Ltd) High Beamshaw, 1 and 1.
  • Beighton Fields No2: Barlborough, (PT Bullions) Top Hard, 3 and 2.
  • Church Gresley Fireclay (The Church Gresley Firebrick and Fireclay Co Ltd), Agent E Searson, 20 and 4.
  • Clay Pit (Albert) (Mansfield Bros Ltd) Agent E Searson, 9 and 2.
  • Cobnar Wood: (Cobnar Wood Colliery Co Ltd) Manager  D Ross, Deep Hard and Piper 10 and 4.
  • Denby Clay (WH and J Slater) 5 and nil.
  • Dent Main: Birley Wood, (Dent Main Colliery (1924) Ltd), Managers, JH Heslop -1946 A Pemberton 1947-, Parkgate 26 and 13 on the surface.
  • Doe Lea: Heath pit, (Doe Lea Colly Co Ltd), Manager Dominic Lavin (385), Top Hard 22 and 8.
  • Ellin Bank (GC Siddons Ltd) 2 and 1.
  • Firth Wood: Dronfield, (Firth Wood Colliery Co) Piper 12 and 3.
  • Furnace Hill No3: Oakerthorpe, (H and C Hartshorne) Low Main.
  • Handley No1: Apperknowle, (Handley Collieries Ltd), Manager, J Hall (3039), Flockton 39 and 6.
  • Handley No2: Flockton (Deep Soft), 34 and 5, abandoned December 1946.
  • Handley No3: Flockton, 15 and 1.
  • Harewood (Chesterfield Fireclays Co Ltd) 4 and 1.
  • Harper Hill: Huthwaite, (Nottinghamshire), (Harold Taylor), Manager Dan Rogerson, previously LJ Fenn, Dunsil 13 and 3 on surface. Undermanager Arnold Heappey.
  • Hollis No1: Heage, (JW Fidler), Agent and Manager JW Fidler (2nd), Blackshale 7 and 1.
  • Hunloke Arms: Wingerworth, (Blair Bros) Deep Soft 10 and 2.
  • Lindway Lane (Derbyshire Silica Firebrick Co Ltd) Ganister and Alton coal Agent B O’Dowda 11 and nil.
  • Littleworth (Albion Clay Co Ltd) Agent M Martin, Undermanager AJ Brearley (250 / 2nd), 6 and 3.
  • Lodge Hill (Derbyshire Silica Firebrick Co Ltd) Ganister, closed temp.
  • Moor Side: Mosborough, (Dent Main Colliery (1924) Ltd), Agent A Pemberton, Manager C Briggs (5841), Parkgate 10 and 2 on surface.
  • Nettleton (J Lysaght Ltd) Manager T Stephenson (3789), Undermanager J Sweeting (3555 / 2nd), Ironstone, 79 and 38.
  • Newbold: Newbold, (Pearson and Co), Tupton and Tupton Threequarter 17 and 3.
  • Quarry: Mossborough, (H Kay), Parkgate 4 and 1.
  • Scarsdale: Sutton Scarsdale, (Charles Fletcher) Top Hard 3 and nil.
  • Wheeldon Mill No1: Brimington, (JS Gaunt), Manager Arthur D Marriott, Deep Hard 16 and 4 on surface.
  • Whitecotes No1: Chesterfield, (Boythorpe Co Ltd) Agent J Fidler, Manager JW Fidler (2nd), Piper 36 and 7 on surface.
  • Whitecotes No2: Piper, stood.
  • Whitecotes No3 (formerly Walton): Piper stood.
  • Wingfield Park: South Wingfield, (H and C Hartshorne) Kilburn 15 and 4 on surface.
  • Wingfield Park No2: Halifax Hard seam, stood.

Some collieries on the border were absorbed by neighbouring Areas,

e.g. North East Area No1 Worksop:

  • Firbeck Main (Nottinghamshire) Agent H Coates, Manager John TE James (1509), Undermanager Sam Kirkham (2520) 1,428 Barnsley Bed, 365 surface.
  • Kiveton Park (Yorks) Agent FA Davies, Manager J Goulding (3112), Undermanager SS Taylor (2912) and F Ibbotson (3841), 988 Barnsley Bed and High Hazel, 318 s/f.

  • Manton No1 (Nottinghamshire) Pumping shaft 12 and nil, Manton No2 and No3 Agent Harry Coates, Manager Fred Sharpe (2814), Undermanager Geo H Taylor (1116 / 2nd), 1562 Top Hard, 400 s/f.
  • Shireoaks (Nottinghamshire) was always administered by Yorkshire. Agent E Thompson, Manager Jack E Waring (568), Undermanager EH Nixon (1436 / 2nd), 642 in Top Hard, 158 surface and 1 surface at Shireoaks No3.
  • Steetley (Derbyshire) Agent E Thompson, Manager LL Harrison (2784), Undermanager Geo Raynes (1039 / 2nd), 404 Top Hard, 87 s/f.
  • Waleswood (Yorks) Manager EJH Brooksbank (2280), Undermanager F Storer (697), 584 Parkgate and Thorncliffe, 212 s/f.

The East Midlands Division of the NCB were also owners of 5 coking plants and by-products, 12 brickworks, 2 pipe works, 6 waterworks, 18,350 houses, 112 farms and 14,300 acres of land.

Training Face Supervisors

Rates of pay for Supervisors at Training faces from first full week in January 1947 were North Derbyshire 33s 0d (£1.65), South Derbyshire 40s 0d (£2), Leicestershire 39s 6d (£1.97½) and Nottinghamshire 35s 0d (£1.75) per shift. As can be seen there was quite a variation to say that the mines were now nationalised.

Mines Rescue

The Mines Rescue Station on Yorke Street at Mansfield Woodhouse covered 74 pits stretching from Yorkshire to Leicestershire. (In 1947, there were 618 fatal and 2,446 major accidents throughout Britain).


Week ending 13th January 1947 Babbington, Bestwood, Linby and Radford all exceeded their target.


On 22nd January 1947 fresh meat rationing was reduced from 1s 2d to 1s (6p to 5p) worth a week.  Miners were exempt in parts, due to being classed as heavy industrial workers.  However corned beef and other tinned meats such as spam were raised from 2d (¾p) to 4d (1⅔p).  There were also low wheat/barley stocks in the country so there was an immediate cut in beer production.

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