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Book 8 – Retired Surveyor


List of Collieries - Page 7

Collieries & Owners: The list is incomplete and I am continually researching and updating as information is found

Date Colliery Open or Closed Owners
1902 Gedling sunk Digby Colliery Co
  Manton sunk Wigan Coal & Iron Co
  Nutbrook closed  
  Sherwood sunk Sherwood Colliery Co
1903 Abbey closed Geo Longdn & Sons
  St John’s closed Evans, Wingfield & Co
  Stanley sunk  
1904 Allpits opened Wm Hilton
  Alma closed T Holdsworth
  Old Beighton             re-opened  
  Upper Hartshay sunk Butterley Co
1905 Mansfield sunk Bolsover Colliery Co
  Speedwell  (Notts) sunk  
  Williamthorpe sunk Hardwick Colliery Co
1906 Brands closed Butterley Co
  Old Ormond closed J Beardsley
  Wingfield Manor sunk Wingfield Manor Colliery Co
1907 Kilburn re-opened  Drury Lowe
1908 Ormonde sunk Butterley Co
  Railway closed Butterley Co
1909 Butterley 5 (High Holborn)  sunk Butterley Co
1910 Brookhill sunk Pinxton Collieries
  Clay Cross 3,4 closed Clay Cross Co
1911 Allpits closed Wm Hilton
  Eckington closed J & G Wells
1912 Ilkeston closed Ilkeston Colliery Co
  Plumptre closed Butterley Co
1913 Hartshay changed to Lower Hartshay, Butterley Co
  Rufford sunk Bolsover Colliery Co
1914 Clipstone sinking suspended due to War Bolsover Co
  Harworth sinking suspended Northern Union Co
  Ramcroft sunk Ramcroft Colliery Co
  Renishaw Park closed Sitwell, pit flooded and abandoned
1915 Low Moor (Kirkby) sunk Butterley Co
  Welbeck sunk New Hucknall Colliery Co
1916 Portland 2 & 7  closed Butterley Co
  Ramcroft sunk Ramcroft Colliery Co
1918 Seymour closed Staveley Coal & Iron Co
1920 Old Birchwood closed Butterley Co
  Pollington closed J Oakes
  Renishaw Park re-opened  J & G Wells
1921 Portland 6 closed Butterley Co
  Portland 2 (Jerry’s) kept open kept open for Kirkby Summit ventilation
  Marehay Main (Ford’s) closed Coursham, closed by Butterley Co
  Waingroves closed Butterley Co
  Bond’s Main closed Staveley Coal & Iron Co
1922 Clipstone re-started sinking Bolsover Co 
  Pleasley deepening S shaft Stanton Ironworks Co 
1923 Bond’s Main re-opened Clay Cross Co 
  Lower Hartshay closed Butterley Co
  Ollerton sinking sinking dev Butterley Co
1924 Birchwood closed Butterley Co
  Do Well   sunk Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  Harworth re-commenced sinking Harworth Colliery Co then Barber Walker
  Lount closed Leicestershire Colliery & Pipe Co
  Whitwell   deepening Shireoaks Colliery Co
1925 Bondland Lane sunk, closed after a short time Butterley Co
  Cutthorpe closed Joseph Springthorpe
  Cutthorpe closed Henry Booker
  Firbeck Main sunk Firbeck Main Colliery Co
  Newstead No2 (Blidworth) start sinking  Newstead Colliery Co
  Ollerton sunk, developing  Butterley Co
1926 Bilsthorpe   start sinking Stanton Ironworks Co
Clipstone developing, working in strike Bolsover Co
  Do Well closed Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  Harry Crofts develoing Shireoaks Colliery Co
  Newstead No2 (Blidworth) developing, working in strike Newstead Colliery Co
  Ollerton developing, working in strike after one month Butterley Co
  Smalley Footrill closed Henry Woolley
1927 Bilsthorpe sunk Stanton Ironworks Co
  Blidworth sunk Newstead Colliery Co
  Bolsover 3 sunk Bolsover Colliery Co
  New London merge Digby Digby Colliery Co
  Shipley closed Mundy
  Shipley Field closed Mundy
  Westthorpe developing Joseph & George Wells
1928 Barlborough 1, 2 closed Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  Blidworth closed, temp Newstead Colliery Co
  Pebley closed Staveley Coal & Iron Co?
  Ramcroft closed, flooded Ramcroft Colliery Co
  Thoresby sunk Bolsover Colliery Co
  Trowell Moor closed Cossall Coal Co
1929 Blidworth  temp closed Newstead Colliery Co
  Ibstock closed EM Green
  Newcastle closed Babbington Coal Co
  Ramcroft temp pumping Ramcroft Colliery Co
  Southgate closed, inrush, flooded Shireoaks Colliery Co
1930 Blidworth re-opened Newstead Colliery Co
  Clay Cross 2 closed Clay Cross Colliery Co
  Digby sunk Digby Colliery Co
  Doe Lea drift sunk Dominic Lavin
  Hartington closed Butterley Co
1931 West Hallam closed West Hallam Colliery Co
1932 Alma 1,2,3 closed Thomas Holdsworth
  Avenue sunk Clay Cross Co
  Newthorpe closed after 1 year Newthorpe Colliery Co
  Ramcroft re-opened dev Hardwick Colliery Co
  Tibshelf 1,2 closed Chas Seeley, Babbington Co
1933 Loscoe sunk Butterley Co
  Marehay 2 closed Butterley Co
  Oakwood Grange re-opened Grange Colliery Co
  Westthorpe opened J & G Wells
1934 Upper Hartshay closed Butterley Co
1935 Whiteley closed Butterley Co
1936 Avenue closed Clay Cross Co
  Little Hartshay closed Butterley Co
  Old Swanwick Lily Street closed Morewood
  Peacock Drift closed Edwin Glossop
1937 Calverton 1 developing Satellite shaft sinking for Bestwood
  New London merge Digby Digby Colliery Co
1938 Arkwright drift developing Staveley Coal & Iron Co
  Bailey Brook closed Butterley Co
1939 Birchwood closed Butterley Co
  Creswell developing, deepening Bolsover Colliery Co
  Digby & New London merge Digby Colliery Co
  Kirkby and Low Moor merge Butterley Co
  Tibshelf 3,4 closed Babbington Coal Co
1941 Shady Birchwood closed Butterley Co
  Oxcroft 5 closed Oxcroft Colliery Co
1942 Harper Hill drift sunk Horace Taylor
  Old Beighton closed  
  Pinxton 6 closed Pinxton Collieries
1943 Giltbrook closed Giltbrook Colliery Co
1944 Bulwell closed Babbington Coal Co
  Pentrich closed Haslam
1945 Britain closed Butterley Co
  Oxcroft 1 closed Oxcroft Colliery Co
1946 Brockwell Road  closed  
  High Holborn closed Butterley Co
1947 Handley closed  
  Mapperley 1, 2 closed Mapperley Colliery Co or Checkland & Co
  Netherseal closed Binns, Jackson & Co
  Reservoir closed  
  Thorntree (Nadins) closed Nadins
  Trowell Moor closed Dunn Bros
1948 Calverton 2 sinking sinking NCB
  Ripley and Denby Hall merge Butterley Co
  Woodside No1 drift opened NCB
1949 Avenue closed Clay Cross Co
  Bond’s Main closed Clay Cross Co
  Manners closed Ilkeston
  Oxcroft drift opened NCB



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