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Memorials - Page 5

Lest We Forget

Calverton Colliery

From: Mick Lloyd
Sent: 22 November 2006
Calverton Colliery - First Sod cut 1937 Final Demo 28th March 2000

Hi Fionn
We have recently had a plaque mounted commemorating the 17 miners who lost their lives in it's relatively short life. Calverton was formally opened as a colliery by Lord Leathers in 1952.

Three plaques in total depicted names of former miners who contributed towards the fund and their particular job at the colliery. The other two name the sponsors and the centre one the fatalities.

Mick Lloyd

Gresford Disaster 1934

Gresford Disaster 1934

About The Pit - The Disaster

Lundhill Monument

Lundhill Monument

Haig Pit

Haig Pit - Photograph, Stuart Tomlins

Haig Pit Memorial to the men who died in an underground explosion 12th Feb 1928

Hickleton Main Colliery Memorial

Hickleton Main Colliery Memorial - Photograph, Stuart Tomlins