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The Decline Of The Industry Continued
After Nationalisation 1947

Book 6

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1987 - Page 11

Number of Collieries and Manpower

The number of collieries and manpower in the country had reduced to 102 in 1987 with 108,000 men from

  • 231 pits in 1978 with 241,000 men
  • 376 pits in 1967 with 392,000 men
  • 822 pits in 1957 with 704,000 men
  • 958 pits in 1947 with a similar number of men
  • 3,338 pits in 1903 with 988,000 men
  • 3,262 pits in 1868 worked by 347,000 men.

Output 1987: 85.1 million tons

  • 1978: 106.3 mt
  • 1967: 165.3 mt
  • 1957: 270.7 mt
  • 1947: 187.6 mt
  • 1903: 261.5 mt
  • 1868: 106.2 mt.

1913 was the highest output ever at 287m tons from 3,300 pits employing over 1m men, the highest manpower ever being 1¼ million in 1921.

Trials With Sensors When Cutting Coal Seams

Trials at Cotgrave (Nottinghamshire) indicated for the first time that some coal seams have sufficient natural reliability in their texture to provide a coherent cutting force.

A system of micro-electronics for vertical steering guides the cutting drums so that an accurate amount of coal roof is left and that the height of extraction of the seam is controlled along with the panzer grade.

Using natural gamma sensors for control measures the roof coal and gamma radiation of the radio-active source of the strata above the seam. The radio-activity comes from isotopes of 3 elements, potassium, thorium and uranium with sandstones containing about ten times more activity than coal.

Eventually some form of this idea would be used at other collieries in future to keep the face machines to the correct cutting horizon. Unfortunately it would not be able to control the amount of soft floor dirt that was cut by machines.

UDM Coal Queen

Julie Johnson was crowned 1987 Coal Queen at the UDM Nottinghamshire Section Christmas Dinner and Dance.

Len Wright and Alan Hardy were Mining Engineers and Gerry Crew the Mechanical and Electrical Engineer for the UDM.

Opencast Sites

Opencast working:

  • Campbell Brick Works Extension 1st and 2nd Ell 30/8/1986 17/2/1987
  • Pot Kiln Farm (Leicestershire), Main, Little, Woodfield, 28/3/1987
  • Shaw Street (Davy Construction) Deep Soft incidental coal, app 255 tonnes Oct 1987.