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  From:    Rob Sidwell
Sent:     16 December 2010
Subject: Harry Sidwell Markham Mining Accident 1937
Came across your web site while researching my family tree. Was wondering if there is anything that you could tell me about a mining accident at Staveley Coal and Iron Company’s Markham No.2. in which my grandfather Harry Sidwell was injured and then died a year later. Any information would be gratefully received.

Kinds regards

Robert Sidwell

Entry, Births, Marriages and Deaths:-

Name: Harry Sidwell
Death Registration Month/Year: 1938
Age at death (estimated): 40
Registration district: Chesterfield
Inferred County: Derbyshire
Volume: 7b - Page: 760

From:      Alan Beales
Sent:       21 December 2010
Subject:   Re- Sidwell Query

Hi Fionn
Henry Sidwell 40 died 16/11/1938 fromToxaemia following fall of roof 16/10/1937 Markham. Inquest details will be in Derbyshire Times, Chesterfield Library

Cheers Alan Beales

12 January 2011
Poolsbrook Miner s Death at Chesterfield

Hi Fionn

Hope you find this useful. If you remember I asked you if you had any information about this last year?


Twelve Months In Hospital
Poolsbrook Miner’s Death at Chesterfield

A verdict of death from toxaemia and septic absorption following a fracture of the spine was returned at a Chesterfield inquest on Wednesday on Harry Sidwell (40), of 13 Stavley Road, Poolsbrook, whose death occurred in the Chesterfield Royal hospital the previous Wednesday. The man was injured at Markham No2. Pit on October 6 1937, since when he had been a patent at the hospital. The inquest was opened on Friday when the only witness on that occasion was the widow, Maud Annie Sidwell, who gave evidence of identification. She saw her husband before he went to work on the night shift on October 6th 1937, and he was in good health. There were two children; a boy aged 11 (Rob's father, he cannot remember much about it, I suppose it was a long time ago) and a girl 16.

On Wednesday, the first witness called by the coroner (Mr F. D. Worthington) was Dr. Hawkins, who stated that Sidwell was admitted to the Chesterfield royal hospital on October 7th 1937, following a fall of stone in the pit. The man was suffering from a fracture of the spine also shock and he was paralysed from the waist downwards. With that paralysis there was a complete loss of sensation. As time went on Sidwell appeared to become worse, and he died on November 16th toxaemia and septic absorption, no doubt due to the fractured spine.

Joseph Goodwin, 9 Spreadeagle yard Chesterfield, stated that he was working alongside with Sidwell in the pit on the occasion in question. They were engaged in building a wall of pack, and as some of the props had to be removed, temporary props were inserted. Everything appeared safe. Subsequently, a fall occurred without any warning, and Sidwell was discovered with a portion of the fall on his back.

In answer to Mr. C. M. White of the Staveley Coal and Iron Company, the witness said there was a good supply of timber and he could not suggest anything more being done to prevent the accident.

The jury having given their verdict, expressed sympathy with the relatives, in which expression the Coroner joined.

Mr White said Sidwell had worked for the company for a good many years. He was a very industrious and competent workman.

Mr H Kirk colliery agent also attended the inquest.

Mr Sidwell a native of Shuttlewood had lived at Poolsbrook for three years. For a few months he was at Duckmanton, before which, for 13 years he worked at Rossington.

The interment was in Staveley cemetery on Saturday was preceded by a service at the Trinity Methodist Church conducted by Rev. W. A. Goddard.

The bearers were messers a Ashley, J **** Bennett and J Goodwin.

Mourners included The widow Alma and Harry Mrs. Sidwell, Mrs. H Sidwell, Mr. and Mrs. G Wigmore,
Mr. and Mrs. Slater, Mr. and Mrs. Cuff, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. C. Wigmore, Mrs. H Wigmore,
Mr. and Mrs. A Sidwell, Mr. R Nethersole, London, Mr. and Mrs. W Sidwell, Mrs. F Sidwell, Miss B Wigmore, Mr. J Wood, Mr. Vickers, Mr. A. Otter.

In addition to those from the mourners mentioned flowers were sent by Mr. Geoff Vardy
Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Gibson Mrs. Taylor: Mr. E Ingram,
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Otter, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Brocklehurst, Mr. and Mrs. Price and family, Mr. and Mrs. Drabble, Jim & Lily, Mr. and Mrs. Nethersole (London), Mr. and Mrs. Hill and family,
Mr. and Mrs. Greaves and family, workmates and friends, Mr and Mrs W A Bennett, Mrs Ellis,
Mr and Mrs Flint.

The funeral arrangements were under taken by Mr. J Turton, N.A.F.D. of Market Street, Staveley
(phone 1735)

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