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Chris Kidger
  1. Len Allen
  2. Mr Maurice Bellamy
  3. Mr Bradshaw
  4. Fred Wetherill
  5. Derek Morley
Chris Kidger
  1. Brian Coleman
  2. Brian Parker
  3. Sheila Cohen
  4. Reg Heath
  5. Mrs Heath
Chris Kidger
  1. Mr Toy
  2. Edward Garbett
  3. Erie Proffit

Chris Kidger

  1. Doreen Pask
  2. Eddie (Pim) Holloway
  3. Mr + Mrs Marriot

  Ashley Hall(by Joseph Henshaw)


 James Findlay

  1. Blenkinsopp Castle is Haunted by Two Ghosts,
  2. I have been in water several times in one way or another, sometimes serious.
  3. A local man went down the pit
Former mine worker, John Talbot, tells about his life at Manners Colliery, Ilkeston, Around 1890.


Stan Durban

We had ponies in Moorgreen Pit Dr. Colin Pounder

I worked at Hucknall No 2 colliery up until it closed in 1986, Ian Morrison

Would father come home hurt?
I remember seeing the navy blue NCB ambulance on more than 1 occasion. Ron Summerson
  My name is Ernest James and I have been a miner all my working life.
I used to bike from Long Eaton to Cossall
Pete Searson
  Jack Anson 1921 - 2001.
A Story Almost Untold...Charlie Dodd lost his arm.
1973 Markham Disaster, My father lost a cousin in the cage, Ross Sharp  

Playing With Carbide
Elizabeth and Malcolm Cheverton

There are probably lots more stories in the site.
I just have to re-find them.


I need more information. This site started off as Philip's scrap book but it is now expanding. As is so often the case we did not get enough information from Philip while he was alive. I need more information, stories and pictures so that those interested can find out more about the mining industry in the UK, what it was like to be a miner what it was like to live in a mining family, or as in Philip's case a mines rescue family.

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