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Miners and Their Families
What's It Like Being A Miner?
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Patricia - Deaths in Clay Mining around Stannington/Sheffield 1910 -1921
Ann Rusby - Bert Russell Killed at Gauntley Pit, Wigan, Lancashire, in 1915
Michael Ball - Family Tree Research and Lancashire Mining Accidents
Grenville Green - Babbington Pit Training Young People Hucknall
David Le Roy - Mine Accident Information - Eppleton I think, 1950s
Gill Eades - Mining Ancestors - My Grandfather William Henry Smith, born in Selston 1872
Martyn Webb - Webb Family Research - My Grandfather, William Webb, was a coal miner. He moved to Monkton Row, Near Brierley Yorkshire sometime between 1881 and 1891.

8 May 2018
Deaths in Clay Mining around Stannington/Sheffield 1910 -1921
I would like to commend you on the work that you have done re: mining deaths in the U.K.  I am sure you have helped many people find information on their family members.

On the site where you list the coal mining accidents and deaths you also mention that you had to exclude deaths from other types of mining. I am interested in deaths from clay mining accidents in the Stannington / Sheffield  area from 1910 to 1921.

Is there a reason you excluded information about deaths other than from coal mining and can you point me to a web site that has this information?

Ann Rusby
3 Apr 2018
Bert Russell Killed at Gauntley Pit, Wigan, Lancashire, in 1915
I am tracing my family tree and found the death of one Bert Russell at Gauntley Pit in 1915.  Although I have been led to your sight, I can’t find any information about Gauntley.

Best wishes

There was a Bert Russell, born about 1901 who worked at Gauntley Colliery, owned by Bispham Hall Colliery Co Ltd. Wigan, Lancashire, England. He was employed as a Drawer (A wagoner or person who pushes underground tubs). On the 20th Oct 1915 he was hit by a piece of falling wood. Unfortunately he died, aged 14, on the 24th Oct 1915.

Michael Ball
2 May 2017
Lancashire Mining Accidents

I am researching my Family History and one family line worked in mines mostly in Lancashire.

The only working website I have found to list individual miners accidents in Lancashire is Ancestry.

Do you know of any others please, or maybe newspaper reports?

Thank you,

Michael Ball

There might be usefull links in the Genealogy pages

AustDavid Le Roy
22 Nov 2016
Mine accident information
Good evening Fionn

My wife's father was a coal miner up north in Durham (Eppleton I think) and he was injured in an accident sometime in the 1950s.

She has been trying to find detail of the accident but has so far been unsuccessful.  We understand that the mines reported on deaths but not necessarily injuries?

Anyway, I saw your article in ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ magazine and was wondering if you may be able to assist.

Thanks in advance

David Le Roy

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You could check the Durham Minng Museum

Also there might be some useful links in the Genealogy section of the site

Gill Eades
22 Sep 2016
Mining Ancestors - My Grandfather William Henry Smith, born in Selston 1872
Hello, I have tried to trace my Grandfather William Henry Smith. I really would like to know who his father was (and his mother) if possible.

All we know about him is that he said he was born in Selston 28th May 1872 and when he enlisted in the Royal Navy in 1888 he said he was living at Jacksdale Common, Codnor Park. Although my cousin and his war widowed mother lived with Granny and Grandad we have only scraps of information.

He went down the mine at 12 years old. We think he went with his father, whose name we think was John. (That is the name on Grandad's marriage certificate. Is there any way of tracing which mine they worked in?

My Grandad was small and in the mine he had to couple and uncouple the coal wagons. He hated underground work and joined the Navy as soon as possible. He spent some time at sea and then joined the Coastguard part of the Navy, going all round the coast of Ireland until 1911 when the family came back to Nottingham and stayed for a while with his parents. Grandad then went back into the Navy for the First World War. Whilst in the Coastguard he won 2 lifesaving medals. From what my Dad told me, Grandad had a number of siblings. My cousin now regrets that he did not get more information when Grandad and he were out together. But judging by the glazed look that comes over our grandchildren when I talk about family history maybe that's why!
I hope you don't mind me writing all this to you and thank you for your time.

Gill Eades

The only way to find information you seek is to look at the census records for 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911. These should give you much of the information you require....such as names, ages, addresses, occupants, occupations etc. They are invaluable records. You can back track also from 1881 to 1841.

Possibly your relative worked at the New Selston or Pye Hill colliery at Jacksdale.

Trusting this information will help.
Bob Bradley

In Memory EMMartyn Webb
4 Sep 2016
Webb Family Research - My Grandfather, William Webb, was a coal miner. He moved to Monkton Row, Near Brierley Yorkshire sometime between 1881 and 1891.
Good afternoon Fionn.

My Name is Martyn Chilton Webb.

I was born in Devon and still live there with my family. My Father was Thomas Webb (deceased), who worked for some time in the mines before joining the RAF, around 1939ish. We are direct descendants of William and Mary Webb, William from Sedgley, Mary from Dudley. William was a coal miner there, and moved to Yorkshire sometime between 1881 and 1891 as the 91 census shows them living in Monkton Row, Near Brierley Yorkshire. I am looking for descendants of William and Mary.

Would you be so kind and post this on your web pages please.

I look forward to your reply




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