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Miners and Their Families
What's It Like Being A Miner?
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Dr. N.M. Wilson - Trying To Contact Keith Fletcher
Julie Hodgkiss - Crispin Hodgkiss - Mine Rescue - Was Our Granddad
Andy Beckley - Looking For Ralph Parker of Nottingham, An Old Friend ...
James Hoyland - My Great Grandfather Fred Hoyland, Rotherham Mines Rescue
Ryan Mansell - My Grandfather Richard Mansell Died at  Treeton Colliery, Rotherham, Yorkshire 1957
Chezy999 - My grandad, Charles Connelly, was a miner also his dad and his dad and his dad etc.
Keith Fletcher - I am the last of a long line of generations of South West Durham miners

Julie Hodgkiss
13 Dec 2015
Crispin Hodgkiss - Mine Rescue - Was Our Granddad

Me and my sister have just come across your site which mentions our Granddad Crispin Hodgkiss. Unfortunately he passed away on 2 December 2015 from a very short illness, he would of loved your page and his mention.  He always use to tell us stories of his very successful mining career in the Fire Mining Rescue Team.  Ilkeston is where his son Alan (our Dad) was partly brought up on the site.  Granddad loved his job if there is any other information you would like me to share please get in touch.

Kind regards
Julie Hodgkiss

Hi Julie, we used to work at Ilkeston Rescue Station and your grandmother, Crispin’s wife, used to bring you, or your sister, down to our house when you were just a baby.

Charles and Teresa Snarski

WeddingJulie Wood (Hodgkiss)
4 Jul 2016
RE: Crispin Hodgkiss

Good Morning,

Many thanks for getting in touch, my grandad would have been thrilled to hear from Charles.  It would have been my sister Sharon that he met as a baby.

I have attached a photo you may be interested in.  This was at my wedding in July 2014, I was privileged enough for them to be well enough to attend however this was the last photo we shared before both my grandad and grandma passed.

It’s been lovely to hear from you.  I have some news paper clippings and photos of when my Grandad worked at Ilkeston I would love to share with Charles if he would be interested?

Take care and hope to speak soon

Julie Wood (Hodgkiss)

Andy Beckley
15 Sep 2014
Looking For Ralph Parker of Nottingham, An Old Friend ...

Dear Sir,

During the 70's I served with HM Forces (Grenadier Guards) and spent 2 years in Hong Kong. During this time I became great mates with a lad from Nottingham by the name of Ralph Parker. We lost touch in the middle 70's.

This weekend I've have been to a reunion in Nottingham and I asked the question to my old soldier mates who still live in the Midlands, has anyone heard from Ralph? Someone suggested that when he left the forces he went down the pits and that also, sadly he died in a car accident back in the 80's hence my email to you. The truth is no one really knows.

I wonder if someone might have any information re Ralph? If my memory serves me correctly, his parents ran a pub in the Hucknall area and he used to speak about the Hucknall miners club. He was also a very good footballer and supported County. If still with us he would be about 57 years old.

I'm sorry if I have completely wasted your time with this enquiry as this is a complete shot in the dark but would appreciate greatly any help you may give.


James Hoyland
4 Feb 2014
My Great Grandfather Fred Hoyland, Rotherham Mines Rescue

Hi! Thanks for your great website. I hope you don't mind such e-mail questions as this, but I am researching my family history and am looking for information regarding my great grandfather Fred Hoyland (born in the 1890's and lived well into his 80s). I know he worked in mines rescue sometime probably after the WW1 (maybe a short time before).

He was from Rotherham area and so I suppose he worked in pits in that area. I believe he later went on to become involved in the Union, politics and eventually was a County Councillor.

I just wondered if the name had cropped up in any of your researches in connection with Mines Rescue in Rotherham area or if you have any contacts who are interested in that period and location. I have been using and have managed to trace an unbroken line of coal miners all the way back to Silkstone in the late 1700's but I think I've now exhausted all I can do online however as I live in Denmark popping into the records offices is a bit difficult.

Any information you might have gratefully accepted :)

Best regards

Ryan Mansell
16 December 2013
My Grandfather Richard Mansell Died at  Treeton Colliery, Rotherham, Yorkshire 1957
In Memory

Hi my name is Ryan Mansell and I am wondering if you can help me, my problem is that my grandad lost his life in 1957 at Treeton pit, now I’ve searched all over the internet but there’s no mention of him any where he’s not mentioned in any memorial sites or anything, which I think is a shame, and I’m hoping to change it.  All I know of my grandad is that he worked in the pit at a young age before ww2 then during ww2 he was assigned to the Maunsell forts for a while during ww2 still he was moved back to Treeton pit later its around then that he lost his life down the pit in 1957 now the only source of info was from my grandma who sadly passed away last week.

The reason I’m trying to find as much info as possible about my grandfather is so I can build a picture of his short life and fill in the blanks for my dad as he was only 5 at the time and to make sure he’s added to all the memorial sites just like the many other miners that sadly lost their lives to keep Britain going and every single one of them should be remembered.
I hope you can help with this because I’m at a lose end now thank you for taking the time to read this email

Ryan Mansell

Treeton Colliery

Information from Treetonweb

Treeton mine was first sunk in 1874 it worked the Barnsley Seam until 1965 and the High Hazels seam until 1966. After nationalisation in 1947 a scheme was developed to increase the output of the Wathwood seam (1963-1982) and the Swallow Wood seam (1900-1947, 1972-1990). The High Hazels and Swallow Wood seams produced house coal.

The owner was Rother Vale Collieries Limited. The Company was set up in 1875 after a resolution was passed authorising the Directors of the Fence Colliery Company Limited to lease land in the area from the Duke of Norfolk. The Fence Colliery Company Limited was renamed Rother Vale Collieries Limited and owned Orgreave, Fence and Treeton collieries. The Company later became a branch of the United Steels Companies Ltd.

In the early 1990’s village life was to change for ever, the coal became uneconomic to mine,the pit was closed for good. Treeton Colliery ceased production on Wednesday 5th December 1990 and the process of erecting underground water dams, salvaging equipment and sealing the shafts and drift quickly followed. In common with many other closed collieries a great deal of equipment was left underground, it being too expensive to remove in terms of man hours and there being no market for surplus mining machinery. When the salvage works were completed in 1991 the land reverted back to the ownership of the Duke of Norfolk Estates from whom the land was originally released to the colliery owners.

Click here to go to Treetonweb for lots more information

Photo Darren Haywood

From:      Andrew Scott
Sent:      15 Mar 2015
Subject   Richard Mansell Death 1957

Hi, I have some information for Ryan Mansell regarding the death of his grandfather. Could you please let me have a contact for Ryan so I can pass it on.

A. Scott
Sent from my iPad

Message sent to Ryan

Andy Stevens - I am researching the men who came to work at Treeton Colliery, South Yorkshire

3 September 2013
My grandad, Charles Connelly, was a miner also his dad and his dad and his dad etc.

My grandad was a miner, also his dad was etc., etc., etc. I'm proud to of come from a mining family.
My grandad said if he had a son he would do everything in his power to stop him working down a mine, he stopped his younger brother from working down pit though. My grandads name was Charles Connelly he came from Newbottle Houghton Le Spring and moved to Ripley in about 1935 when he was about 18, then moved to Mansfield in 1960s. The moves were something to do with work, mines closing or something like that.

Keep up the good work.

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Keith Fletcher
29 Aug 2013
I am the last of a long line of generations of South West Durham miners

I am not sure whether your interest in mining extends to the Durham coalfield.  If they do you may like to see some notes I have.

I am the last of a long line of generations of South West Durham miners.  According to the 1861 England Census two of my ancestors were coal miners.  My grandfather Fletcher got an Under Managers Certificate in 1899.  My father was a colliery manager.  I passed the colliery managers certificate.

I have a note of some recollections from the 10 years in total that I spent as a Student Apprentice Mining Engineer and a Directed Practical Trainee Mining Engineer.

Please let me know whether you would like to see 

  1. More of my family's connections with mining 
  2. A copy of my Coal Mining Memories.


Keith Fletcher

Dr. N.M. Wilson
11 Apr 2015
I am gathering material for a history of Easington Colliery prior to 1939

Not sure if I have the correct email address so I will keep this short - interesting article on mine management. Please can you tell me if the author, Keith Fletcher is contactable by email as I am gathering material for a history of Easington Colliery prior to 1939.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Dr N.M.Wilson

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