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Miners and Their Families
What's It Like Being A Miner?
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Nicola Ward - My father Rod Walshaw worked at Mosley Common Colliery - I need some photos and memorabilia to make him a wonderful birthday present
June Hall - My Father, Rex Kerry, was killed at Bilsthorpe 1958
Graham Scott - My Great Uncle, Andrew Bryden was killed at Grange Mine Rotherham 1949
Mrs Kerry Hartshorn - Family Tree - Looking For Hartshorn, mainly in Derbyshire
Mrs Pauline McKay - Looking For The FIlm Of Pleasley Colliery Made In 1940s
Joseph Strickland - Any Info - Henry Lawry Died In A Mine Disaster In Turol, Corwall, England 1882
Zoe Stewart - I Live In Australia But Am Tracing UK Mining Ancestors - Stonehouse, Wilkinson or Pepper

June Hall
5 October 2011
My Father, Rex Kerry, was killed at Bilsthorpe 1958

Hi there, not sure if you can help me but I am trying to find information about my father Mr. Rex Kerry, I have very little information only that he was killed in a mining accident (roof fall) at Bilsthorpe Colliery on 10 April 1958 and as far as I know he was the only fatality, as I was only 2 years old at the time and shortly after my mother and I left the area, I have lost touch with all relatives from my father’s side and so any information you have will be gratefully received.  

Thank you for any help you can give                            
Mrs. June Hall  ( nee Kerry )

Hi Fionn
Detail sent yesterday, a memorial was unveiled to Bilsthorpe victims I have given June a contact phone number.

Cheers Alan Beales

Graham Scott
25 September 2011
My Great Uncle, Andrew Bryden was killed at Grange Mine Rotherham 1949

I wonder if you can help me.

My Great Uncle, Andrew Bryden age 52 and a colliery ripper (underground) was killed at Grange Mine Rotherham on the 22nd of June 1949.

Would you have or know where I can any get more details of the incident please and also how would I find out if my Grand Dad Alec (Alexander) Bryden his older brother and also a miner ever worked at the Grange or any other mine in the Rotherham / Sheffield area please?

He left my Grandmother with three kids in Oldham sometime back in the 1930's and I can't find any trace of him in Sheffield/Rotherham where his family lived,  I have been looking on and off for years now, My mother is 87 and would like to know what happened to him before she passes on.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you for any help.

Graham Scott.

From:     Mrs Kerry Hartshorn
     22 September 2011
  Family Tree - Looking For Hartshorn, mainly in Derbyshire.

Hi there,
I’ve started our family tree and discovered that nearly all of the men worked in the pits!! Hartshorn is the name, 1840-1930. They seem to be mostly Derbyshire but then moved onto Yorkshire.  I'm looking to know if any of your followers have mentioned this name or if you have come across us anywhere in your files.
Hope you can help.
I’m happy for you to give my email to whoever can help.

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  1. Teams
    A photo of the Mapperley, Derbyshire Mines Rescue Teams 1918 M.Hancock, T. Hartshorn, C.Robinson (Capt.), S.Bratley (Instructor,superintendent at Ilkeston Mines Rescue station from 1916 to 1924), G.H.Martin (Asst. Instructor
    2. Markham Colliery Deceased
    The Accident At Markham Colliery,  Barlborough, Sam Hartshorn, 44, A Timber Drawer was killed.
    3. In April 1954 a H. Hartshorn, received his Five years Medallions at Ilkeston Mines Rescue Station.

Joseph Strickland
11 August 2011
Any Info - Henry Lawry Died In A Mine Disaster In Turol, Cornall, England 1882

I am trying to learn more about a mine accident that occurred in Turol, Cornwall, England about April-June 1882. Henry Lawry was serving as a mine inspector and a support cable for the mine elevator broke and 10 men died including Henry Lawry. Henry had emigrated to the United States in 1863 with his family. He returned to England and began a job as mine inspector at the mine in Turol about 1880 or 1881. Do you know anything about this accident?

Joseph W Strickland

I can only find William Henry Lawry, aged age 16. His occupation was assistant timberman at the Botallock Colliery (metalliferous) Owned bythe Botallock Mine Adventurers, in St. Just, Cornwall.
Notes: 18 Nov 1893. He was assisting the shaftsman near top of the shaft. He appears to have slipped on the top ladder and fallen a very few feet. He was picked up dead his neck having been broken. The fall was not actually seen although the shaftsman was working only a few feet from him. There was a hurricane blowing at the time and the shaft is close to the cliffs so that conversation could only be heard with difficulty where they were. The wind may have caused him to slip.

There was also the WHEAL AGAR Mine, Redruth, Cornwall. 15th August 1883.
One cage load of men reached the surface in safety and another cage full was lowered. In the next trip there were 10 men the cage and three on the outside. At about 7 a.m. just as the cage reached the top of the landing brace, one of these men, Henry
Cardines, jumped off. At that moment the rope broke 10 feet above the shackle and the cage fell down the shaft and the other 12 men were dashed to pieces.
All the victims were miners.

  • Charles Trevena aged 27 years,
  • William Carrill aged 27 years,
  • Edward Dawe aged 19 years,
  • Thomas Cock aged 18 years,
  • George Clemens aged 25 years,
  • Joseph Roberts aged 43 years,
  • James Caddy aged 21 years,
  • Paul Pope jnr. aged 22 years,
  • Charles Osborne aged 23 years,
  • Henry Thomas aged 17 years,
  • Thomas Richards aged 19 years and
  • Francis H. Woolcock aged 19 years.


Zoe Stewart
02 July 2011
I Live In Australia But Am Tracing UK Mining Ancestors - Stonehouse, Wilkinson or Pepper

Hi my father was sent to Australia at age 9 in 1928 from a Teesdale council home for kids.
He was told his mother was dead, but it appears that was standard procedure by the Authorities back then so they could ship white kids to stock the Colonies.

I have recently acquired a computer and am trying to trace my father's family who were in mining and quarrying in the Durham area.

Being in Australia and somewhat technologically challenged (don’t know much about the Internet and computers) I am finding it somewhat difficult to work out who is the correct James or George Stonehouse in the old electoral rolls etc, when trying to trace the family.

I have found my father’s birth certificate online and his parents’ marriage certificate.
My father was born 27 April 1919, Barnard Castle, County Durham.

His father was George Wilkinson Stonehouse - date of birth 1869 - quarryman and stonemason - coalminer - Fell Houses Cockfield, County Durham, married to Elizabeth Anne Smith - date of birth 1879 (her father was Emmanuel Pepper – blacksmith).

They married on 28 Nov 1903 Durham Registry office.

My father's father was:
James Stonehouse – quarryman - Catscastle Hartlington - then living at Fell Houses Cockfield Durham, he was deceased before 1903.
James was married to Alice Ann Wilkinson - possibly 1860 Etherly Parish.

There appears to be several James Stonehouse around the same time as my paternal Grandfather.

On my MOTHER'S side, just to make it confusing:
I have a James Stonehouse - tavern keeper, The George and Dragon.

Greatham who was the son of John Stonehouse who used to be the tavern keeper George and Dragon, Heighington.

My mother was actually a Stonehouse before she married my father.
Her family originated in Newcastle on Tyne and were watchmaker-jewellers.
The old market place clock at Newcastle was made by them.
My mother is descended from Rev Joseph Stonehouse the Vicar of Saint Saviour's Church Nottingham
1972 - 1892.

My parents met as pen friends during WW2 and married after the war.

If anyone knows anything about either Stonehouse family in England or the Wilkinson or Pepper families I would appreciate any information they are willing to share.

It appears there were older siblings of my father that we never knew about, and I would love to know what happened to them.

Violet Stonehouse - date of birth possibly 4 June 1904
Ernest Alfred - date of birth possibly 12 October 1906

My postal address is Western Australia.

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