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Miners and Their Families
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Christine Mitchell - Looking For Info. William Lamb born 1869 Possibly Bolsover Colliery
Geoff Jackson - Looking For Harrigan Family Last Know In Wrexham Just After The War
John Waudby - Coal, Colliery and Mining Forum
Robert Lynch - I worked at Snowdon Colliery and Betteshanger
Jim Bennett - Old Mates, I worked at Moorgreen for 6 years. Another 5 years at Annesley and 3 years on Mines Rescue.
Dave from Heanor - I am Dave from Heanor, an ex-miner.

From: Christine Mitchell
3 August 2009
Looking For Information, William Lamb born 1869 Possibly Bolsover Colliery

Hi Fionn
I came across your site by accident - I am researching my family tree and have been led to believe my Great Grandfather was the manager/under manager at the Bolsover Colliery.

All I know at present is his name was William Lamb born 1869c and married Rachel Howell on 08 November 1890. Perhaps someone can confirm this?

With thanks

Christine Mitchell

From: Geoff Jackson
23 Jul 2009
Looking For Harrigan Family Last Know In Wrexham Just After The War

I am looking for the ( possibly Irish ) Harrigan family last know to be living near Wrexham just after the war. There was a son maybe called Patrick aged about 25 when the war finished

Any help would be appreciated

Geoff Jackson

From: John Waudby
17 February 2009
Coal, Colliery and Mining Forum

I run the Coal, Colliery and Mining Forum, an open forum for anyone to discuss coal or any type of mining. We have over 160 members now, mainly UK mining based, but there are world wide boards within the forum. The address is

I am also building a website with basis on my old site I set up years ago called Coal, Collieries and Mining at

I'm in the process of incorporating the late Terry Blythes material from his now long gone site on Notts and Derbyshire coalfields.

The site is growing and my aim is to cover all the UK coalfields eventually.

I'm an ex-mining electrician by trade, served my time in the 60's with the old NCB in Nottingham.

Would you place a link to my forum and one to my website please, yours will be linked as of later today.

John Waudby.

From: Robert Lynch
2 January 2009
Family of Miners in Wales and Kent. I worked at Snowdon Colliery and Betteshanger

I thought you may be interested to know about my family. My Grandfather and Father came from Tredegar in Wales where they worked in coal mines, not sure which one but they came to Kent to work in Chislet colliery. My Father worked underground and was in charge of a pony that he treated like a member of the family and woe betide anyone who mistreated him when my dad was not at work. My father was also a member of the Chislet male voice choir and helped entertain the troops during the war as part of A.B.C. Kemp, who I believe was the Mayor of Ramsgate's team of entertainers.

When Chislet closed down, which my dad always says was for political reasons, both he and my granddad moved to Betteshanger colliery where my granddad worked until he died.

My dad said I would never work down the pit but in the sixties, I found myself unemployed and with a young family to support and little work about, I decided to get a job at the pit. I applied at Betteshanger but there was no work so went to Snowdon colliery and started work as a switchman on the No.7 seam N 32s.

I was offered a college place at the mining department at Canterbury Tech and gained 3 City and guilds qualifications which enabled me to train as a deputy working at the same time on the tail gate at N36s.I found the men at Snowdon especially the Aylsham lads great people to work with but later was offered a transfer to Betteshanger which for me was closer to home so I took it. My father was offered early retirement at 60 which he took but didn't last long after retiring and passed away after a massive heart attack.

Although I found the men at Betteshanger were o.k. I regretted moving away from workmates at Snowdon especially when due to injury I ended up in the washery control room.

I worked in the washery then until the colliery closed in 1985.

I never regretted a minute working at the pits as the people I worked with were the best I could wish for. I now work in education at a local Academy helping not so able students. But I have always been proud to tell them where and who I worked with.

Robert Lynch

From: Jim Bennett
2 January 2009
Old Mates - I worked at Moorgreen for 6 years. Another 5 years at Annesley and 3 years on Mines Rescue

Hi my name is Jim Bennett and I worked at Moorgreen for 6 years as a ganger and header.
I then moved to Annesley for another 5 years and did 3 years on mines rescue.
This site is great but how about putting contacts up a bit like friends reunited?
it would be great to hear off old mates and get some coal dust going again ha ha.

Please put my email address up for contacts

From: Dave from Heanor
16 December 2008
I am Dave from Heanor, an ex-miner.

I am Dave from Heanor. Ex-miner myself.

You have an excellent website.

I do have a few photos underground.

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