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Mrs B Jones - Looking for the grave of Mr. George Manley, Sneyd pit explosion 1st Jan 1942
Roland Gent - Anyone know my granddad Alan Gent of the Chesterfield Mines Rescue Service
David Clifford - Where was Seggenth Pit and when was the disaster.
Ian Withers - A little bit of history
Cliff Bullivant - Ilkeston Mines Rescue - 1977—1982

From: Cliff Bullivant
Sent: 17 August 2006
Ilkeston Mines Rescue - 1977—1982

Just to let you know I have really enjoyed your site it has brought back many happy memories of the 5yrs I spent on the Station at Ilkeston.

Cliff Bullivant 1977—1982

Paul Bullivant is my brother, I taught him all I knew!


From: Ian Withers
Sent: 01 September 2006
A little bit of history

First I must congratulate you on an excellent website. The memories came flooding back from a career amongst the greatest working band of men it was my privilege to know.

I started as a student apprentice in No 6 area NCB at Babbington Colliery in September 1962 working as an underground fitter and going to school to obtain my HND during that time. I graduated in 1970 and started on ET (Engineering Training Scheme) until 1971 when I was appointed as

Babbington Colliery
Babbington Colliery
Underground Assistant Engineer at Gedling Colliery. We endured the strike of 1972 when we had to keep the pits open and do all of the underground inspections. I worked as a winder during this time. I was then appointed as Deputy Mechanical Engineer at Newstead Colliery from 1972 until 1975 when I left British Coal for pastures new.

I joined Anderson Strathclyde PLC as a Development Engineer and worked on Prototype Longwall Mining Equipment especially shearers all over the UK and overseas. I installed equipment in the USA, France, Germany, Egypt, and Canada. I was then appointed as Regional Export Manager and moved to Scotland. I traveled all over the world with this and other companies until 1987 when the bottom dropped out of the industry.

I realized that this was a time of change and I worked successfully for several years in the insurance industry before emigrating to Orlando Florida where I still live. I have recently found several of my old mining buddies and have started to communicate regularly; it would be nice to arrange a reunion.

If anyone would like to communicate further you my use my email address above

Ian Withers

From: David Clifford
Sent: 06 September 2006
Where was Seggenth Pit and when was the disaster.

I hope that you can be of some help to me. My aunt wrote about a great uncle of mine who she says was a victim of the Seggenth Pit Disaster, but when I searched on the internet I could not come up with anything. I was wondering if you knew where Seggenth Pit was or when the disaster occurred.


David Clifford

Maybe David means Senghenydd in South Wales and the website might be of interest if he doesn't know it:

My first wife's father was a lifelong socialist, proud of the fact that he was born during a strike at Senghenydd - which is how I recognised the name.

Best wishes

Norman Perrin

From: Roland Gent
Sent: 07 September 2006
Subject: Anyone know my granddad Alan Gent of the Chesterfield Mines Rescue Service

Hello I have been having a look at a letter on your website
My granddad Alan Gent used to be in the Chesterfield Mines Rescue Service he lived at the station on Infirmary Road

Please can you pass my details on to any of the people who have posted on you site as I would like to know if there are any photos on your site or mementos or any info about my grandfather that anyone could send me.

I think I am correct in saying he died in 1969.

My phone number is 0161 448 9380

Stuart Lawrence Promotions Ltd

From: Mrs B Jones
Sent: 15 September 2006
Subject: Looking for the grave of Mr. George Manley, Sneyd pit explosion 1st Jan 1942

I am trying to locate the grave of Mr. George Manley who sadly lost his life in this explosion. He is not my relative but I have 3 elder half brothers who are his sons. At the same time as George died his youngest son (a small baby) also lost his life and they were both buried together somewhere in the Kidsgrove/Butt Lane area.

I just don’t know where to start to find this information. My mother never spoke about this so didn’t leave any knowledge to her family to pass on. One son has tried to find out where his father is but came up against a blank wall.

Please if you have any information can you contact me on my email address.

Thank you
Mrs B Jones

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