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Frank Peacock - Any Info - Alfred Henry Peacock's Medal - West Stanley Pit Disaster 1909?
Chris Williams - Slate Mine Gas Enquiry
Reg - Antipoys Hose Mask Apparatus, Is there anything you can tell me about my set?
Keith Burton - Looking for Information About Cotgrave Colliery Coal Washing Plant
Traci Taylor - Looking for info relating to mining works in the BD4 area of Bradford Yorkshire
Roy - Looking for NCB fire fighting service badge
Nicholas Cole
- Looking for Pity Pony Photo by Donald Ottey

From: Frank Peacock
Sent: 12 September 2008
Subject: Any Information - Alfred Henry Peacock's Medal - West Stanley Burns Pit Disaster 1909?

I'm wondering if you could help me? There is a story in my family that my g grandfather, Alfred Henry Peacock, was part of the rescue team at the West Stanley Burns pit disaster 1909, and that he was awarded a medal for his efforts. He was the blacksmith and possibly shaftsman at the time of the disaster at West Stanley, but apart from family (storys) history, I can't find any hard evidence that he was there and there is no sign of a medal in the family. Some members of the family are beginning to doubt the story, with this, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. Have you any idea how I could find a list of recipients of this medal?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Frank Peacock.

Explosion of gas 168 killed

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From: Chris Williams
Sent: 4 September 2008
Subject: Slate Mine Gas Enquiry

Can you help me please?

In a slate mine, what types of gases might a miner accidentally come across?

Regards, ..........
Chris Williams

Hi Chris, so far as I know there are no problems about gases in Slate mines.

13 August 2008
Antipoys Hose Mask Apparatus, Is there anything you can tell me about my set?

Hello there, I was wondering if you could help me with any information on:
Antipoys Hose Mask Apparatus

I have a set and on the instruction card it says it was made by SIEBE GORMAN & CO., Ltd., 187 WESTMINSTER BRIDGE ROAD, and LONDON. SE1.

From what I can work out through bits on the internet is that SIEBE GORMAN were at that address till 1941 when it was bombed in the second world war and that the Antipoys Apparatus was made from 1935. Therefore I would think this set would of been made between 1935 - 1941. It is a complete set from what I can work out even down to what looks like the original cloth for wiping the goggles which is still in its little cardboard canister. The set itself looks just like new nearly apart from one floor which is where the first section of hose joins the mask it feels broken inside but to the naked eye can't be seen. I would think the rubber tube inside is perishing. It is still in its original metal case as well.

Is there anything you can tell me about this set or could you suggest anyone that could. As well as the value of such a set.

All help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

You could try The Lancashire Mines Rescue Service or National Mining Memorabilia Association

Keith Burton
30 July 2008
Looking for Information About Cotgrave Colliery Coal Washing Plant

Dear Fionn
I noted that you had a couple of entries about Cotgrave Colliery.

I am trying to find some one who worked at the pit and can tell me about the coal washing plant and in particular about the pipe which drew water from the River Trent and pumped it up to the pit.
My interest is that we hope to re-use the pipe to back pump water into the Grantham Canal as part of its restoration.

Yours sincerely
Keith Burton

Traci Taylor
17 June 2008
Looking for info relating to mining works in the BD4 area of Bradford Yorkshire

This is a slightly odd request but I wondered if anyone had any information relating to a mine/mining works in the BD4 area of Bradford Yorkshire - Toftshaw, Bierley, Hunsworth/Birkenshaw and surrounding areas. We know there are mine shafts under a number of houses in the area and the local wood is known as Pit Hill as it was the old heap. Some planning permission has also been refused in the area. Being relatively new to the area I have just discovered the extent of the mining around the area but have been unable to find out any information at all, other than a list of mining companies in the 1880's which mention operations in our area.

A large company in the area has applied for planning permission to erect a 120M wind turbine, I am part of an action group looking at the safety issues to residents and one of the things we are concerned about is the effect of vibrations from the turbine impacting on mine shafts in the area.

I would be grateful for any information you have, I know that despite the wind turbine issue there are many people keen to know about the history of the area and I will gladly pass this information on to them.

Traci Taylor

17 May 2008
Looking for NCB fire fighting service badge

I was wondering if you know where I could get hold of a National Coal Board fire fighting service badge.

I've tried everything.

Hope to hear from you very soon
All the best Roy

Nicholas Cole
18 March 2008
Looking for Pity Pony Photo by Donald Ottey

Hi There
I am looking for a photo of a pity pony taken by a Donald Ottey. I can not recall the year but I believe that it is quite a well known picture. I have a little more info, but not at hand, if you need it.

I understand that the photo may be under copy right, I did have a lead on it but that went dead.

The reason that I am looking for it is because it was taken by a relative, cousin to my late mother, and I would like a copy to hang with other pictures I have from that era.

I believe that Ottey was a photographer for the National Coal board. My father worked for the National Coal Board back in the late 50' early 60's as a fuel technologist. He then was seconded to the then Natal Coal Board in South Africa in about 1967. I am currently in South Africa.

Any help you can give me tracking down the custodian of this photo will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Margaret Burrell 
26 October 2013
Nicholas Cole Enquiry from 2008


I have just come across your site and saw an enquiry from Nicholas Cole dated 18th March 2008 regarding a photograph of a pit pony by Donald Ottey.

I'm assuming that this has been resolved.  However, I have a framed print of a photograph of a pony being fed by his driver which I recently bought at auction, and attached to the back of it was a photocopy of a document bearing the logo 'TES Bretby', the text of which is as follows:

"Description of Print

The photograph is titled "PALS".

It was taken in 1959 in the Main Trunk Return of No,6 pit at Whitwick Colliery.

It features a pony called Neil, named after a Second World War fighter pilot from Coalville, Flight Sergeant Eric Neil, who was reported missing in action.

The pony driver is Mick Gold who was eighteen years old at the time and lived in Loughborough Road, Thringstone.

The photograph was taken by Don Ottey, the Area Photographer for No.7 Area of the East Midland Division of the National Coal Board.

He was travelling out of the pit and it was his last frame in the film.  It was taken using only the roadway lighting, together with a miner's headlamp."
This document bears no name.

If this is the photograph which Nicholas was looking for, then even if he has found another copy, I would be very grateful if he could shed any light upon the accuracy of the description in the document and the people involved.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest Regards

Margaret Burrell

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