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Andrew Simpson
11 December 2011
I would also like to invite you to add your views and opinions on our new website.

Dear all at the Healey Heros Mines Rescue site, 

From all at independent film 'Young Hearts Run Free' we would like to say a big 
thank you to everyone we've been in touch with this year and everyone who has 
supported us. I would also like to invite you to add your views and opinions on 
our new website. Could you please take a look and see if you know anyone who 
might be interested in it? 

We have now built a website which has lots of links and videos and details about life in mining communities and memories of people who took part in the miners' strikes including an interview with former NUM Chairman Ian Lavery MP. We are also encouraging everyone else to get in touch and share your memories of life in the pit villages. You can also suggest links to other sites that we can add. 

The site also has more information about the film I made 'Young Hearts Run 
Free', it's a coming of age story set in the 1974 Miners' Strike. It was made on a tiny budget in the former coalfield areas of the North East but has had good reviews from the national press (***Total Film, 'Heartfelt' The Guardian) and we've had lots of encouragement from the great people we've met around the 
country. If you're interested in seeing the film the site  has a trailer and you can download the film or 
buy a DVD. 
The site also explains ways you can use the film to raise money for your group  - by arranging a screening or selling the video download from your own website. We want groups to benefit from it and more people to enjoy it so the more it is 
shared around the better. 
I really would love to get more opinions and memories on the site so please pass the word around to anyone who might be interested. 
Thanks again for your support, have a Happy Christmas and all the best for the 
New Year,  

Andy Mark Simpson 
Director 'Young Hearts Run Free'  

From:     Andy Mark Simpson
Sent:      10 December 2010
Subject: Filmmaker interested in getting coal mine memories


Dear all,
My name is Andy Mark Simpson, I'm a film Director from Ashington in Northumberland, and I'm looking to make a short documentary about life in coal-mining towns. I've worked hard to find email addresses because I am looking to make contact with people who have worked or lived around the coalmines or who are interested in coal-mining history and to listen to your thoughts.
I have made one film already which is a fictional film set during the 1974 miners strike ('Young Hearts Run Free' out in cinemas in the Spring) and I am now interested in making a documentary with a view to perhaps putting it on dvd.
I'm looking for opinions on what to shape the documentary around. I'd like people to come forward with memories and stories. I'm interested in the life around the villages and exactly what it meant when the mines closed. Is there a future for the coal industry in Britain? Will clean coal technologies be brought in? Can there be a coal-mining workforce?
I'm also interested in the socialist politics and in the strikes, especially the differences between the 1984 strike and those in the 1970s which are less well documented. What do you think were the rights and wrongs of the strikes?
If you're interested in my previous film 'Young Hearts Run Free' which is set in a mining village in 1974 there is a trailer at and you can leave contact details to demonstrate support for it's release around the country in April.
It's a subject I'm very interested in and I'm eager to learn more. I would be grateful if you could share your experiences and memories to help me shape a documentary. If you have friends and others who have worked in the mines or are interested in mining history then please feel free to circulate this email. I'm keen on discussing it with as many people as possible.
Thank you,
Andy Mark Simpson
Bede Films

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