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Kathleen Jackson - Looking For Info To Help Develop An Ilkeston Mines Rescue Centre Heritage Project
Gail Ward - The Paranormal - Re Stories From James Findlay
Nicola Brown - Where Can I Find Out If A Mine Shaft Was Capped Off?
Alex Moss - BBC News - looking to speak to miners currently working down today's mines.
Dave Fells - Looking for information, Miners Lock-Out, Coal mining in Nottinghamshire in 1893
Vicki King - Where can I purchasea Radford Pit Collectible Plate?
Richard Muirhead - Odd Creature In Forest Of Dean Mine, 1920s
Tracey - I Have A Medal W. Yorks Coal Owners Assoc Miners Rescue Brigade Given To William McMullanIn 1928 Any Info?
Derek Barker - Is This A Brick From The Bradford Colliery Company 1870-1911?
Andy Mark Simpson - Filmmaker interested in getting coal mine memories.

Kathleen Jackson
20 May 2011
Looking For Info To Help Develop An Ilkeston Mines Rescue Centre Heritage Project

I would be interested to make contact with anyone who might like to help me to develop a heritage project based on the Mines Rescue Centre, Manners Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire.

In particular, if you could direct me to anyone who still lives locally in the Ilkeston area that has connections to the Manners Colliery or Rescue Centre, that would be great!

Many thanks
Kath Jackson


Gail Ward
23 October 2011
Re Stories From James Findlay

Hello there, have you got a contact for  James Findlay  who posted on your website, I am a local paranormal researcher and would like to use some of his material for my first book I am writing  a book re haunted tales in my local area of Haltwhistle and other places. 

I have heard locally about these supposed tunnels linking local castles which I agree I think are old mine workings, but would like permission from the authors if possible and of course they will be credited for their help and assistance, unless they don’t mind as I see you have creative commons license.

It would be great if I could interview them also.

Many Thanks
Gail Ward

James has his own website now at

Nicola Brown
21 October 2011
Where Can I Find Out If A Mine Shaft Was Capped Off?

Hi Fionn,
I was hoping you could help.

I’m in the process of buying a house with my partner. The house is on Sapling Road in Morris Green, Bolton BL3 3QG. Myself and my partner are buying his parents house, who have lived here for 30 years. Unfortunately, there is a coal mine shaft entrance situated right in the boundaries of the property, meaning the lenders are reluctant to lend, unless we can find any reports which states the mine was capped off.

Are you able to shed any light on this or perhaps point us in the direction of someone who can help please?

No coal searches have ever been done on the house as my in-laws have had it for so long, so the lender need to know more information about the mine.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Nicola Brown

Mining Search
Not good news, your solicitor should send an enquiry addressed to the Coal Board to find out whether the ground under the property is affected by any past, current or future mine workings, and whether any claims have been made for subsidence damage. The Mortgage Lender will want this search carried out if, as yours is, the property is situated in a coal mining area. If the Mining Search reveals any adverse information, such as the presence of a disused mine shaft, you will need to send a copy of the result to the lender who will probably refer the matter to their Valuer or Surveyor. Depending on the Valuer or Surveyor’s comments, the lender might refuse a mortgage application or withdraw any offer of mortgage they have already made.

An Inadequate method used to secure an abandoned Mine Shaft.
More Info here.

From:     Alex Moss
Sent:      17 October 2011
Subject: BBC News - looking to speak to miners currently working down today's mines.

I am a journalist for the BBC News website and I came across your site while doing some research on a feature project I am working on and wondered whether you may be able to help.

The feature is looking at modern day mining and part of the brief is to speak to people currently working down today’s mines.

I wondered whether you may be able to help me out on this or give me some contact details of those still working in mining.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am trying to get interviews set up by mid week.
Alex Moss
BBC News
0113 2247092
07743 984645

Dave Fells
30 July 2011
Looking for information, Miners Lock-Out, Coal mining in Nottinghamshire in 1893


Where can I find a decent account of the lock-out of the Nottinghamshire coal mines in 1893?

I want to know what caused it, how many were affected and how a resolution was reached.

Can you point me in the right direction?

Many thanks


Philip Wyles

If Dave still requires help then I may be able to help.

I have a copy of "The Miners of Nottinghamshire, A History of the Nottinghamshire Miners' Association" vol 1 1881 to 1914 by Alan R Griffin, B A. This is in pdf format and is too big, 30 MB approx, for me to send via the internet. If it is of use I can print the chapter that deals with the strike, about 30 pages and send it by snail mail within the UK. That is if I can have an address and name to put on the envelope.

Shipley Collieries Information Also from Philip

Vicki King
7 July 2011
Where can I purchase a Radford Pit Collectible Plate?

Hi my name is Vicki King,
I am sending this e-mail to you, to ask you if you know where I can purchase a Radford Collectible Plate.

My dad, whose name is Anthony Alan Humphreys, used to work at the Radford Pit many years ago and has now recently died at the age of 71 after suffering from Parkinson for the last 7 years. So the plate has more a Personal interest to me and my family but we are finding it hard to find one plate from all the others.

Anything you  can try for us is most appreciated

Thank you. 

From:     Richard Muirhead
Sent:      6 April 2011
Subject: Odd Creature In Forest Of Dean Mine, 1920s

Dear Sir/Madam
I wonder if you can help? I read some time ago, possibly in issues of the Dean Forest Mercury in the early 1920s about a strange bat like creature found in rocks in a mine in the Forest of Dean that flew out, to the amazement of witnesses.

Is there any Forest of Dean historian you know who may know more about this?

Thanks very much.
Yours Sincerely 
Richard Muirhead


24 April 2011
I Have A Medal W. Yorks Coal Owners Assoc Miners Rescue Brigade Given To William McMullan In 1928 Any Info?
I have a medal given to a William McMullan in 1928 for recognition of rescue brigade services. On the front it has W. Yorks Coal Owners Assoc Miners Rescue Brigade with a big white flower on the front with a red middle, can anyone give me information on this as I only know that it was given to my grandmother and I don’t know why or anything of where this medal came from, can you help?

Regards Tracey

Paul Jowitt
Sent: 06 May 2012
Blog from Tracey - S Yorks Coal Owners Association Mines rescue etc - Gold Medal

I have one too same date (1928) - awarded to my Grandfather Christopher Jowitt.
Please could you forward/put me in touch with Tracey?

Paul Jowitt

Attached are the pictures of my Grandfather’s medal
West Yorkshire Coal Owners Association Mines Rescue, Gold Medal
Also see Image at Heros of Mine
I will see if I can find out more about the person who took the photo – Peter Appleton

I’m writing to a Mr John Goodchild to see if he knows anything about the medal. 

John Goodchild, M.Univ
c/o Local History Study Centre
Below Central Library
Drury Lane
Wakefield WF1 2TD

He’s a bit of an expert!  I got his name from the National Coal Mining Museum near Wakefield.

Derek Barker
26 January 2011
Is This A Brick From The Bradford Colliery Company 1870-1911?
I am a volunteer at an Industrial Museum in the other Bradford (West Yorkshire). I have been trying to identify the origin of bricks used in the City in the 19th and early 20th C. A quite common brick is marked [BCC]. No brick maker within West Yorkshire would seem to generate these initials and I wonder if they could have originated at the brickworks associated with the Bradford Colliery Company.

I know from Trade Directories that such a brickworks existed between 1870-1911.

Do you happen to know how they marked their bricks?

There is no doubt from trade directory evidence that Bradford Colliery had a brickworks, so they must have marked their bricks in some way. The [BCC] bricks are common enough in the City of Bradford. If they were actually produced in Manchester they should be very common indeed around the colliery site.

I'm also trying the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, but they don't respond to emails as quickly as yourself. I should add that I have identified 67 brick makers within the City of Bradford, and this brick is the only one that has ever defeated me.

With thanks

Derek Barker

From:     Andy Mark Simpson
Sent:      10 December 2010
Subject: Filmmaker interested in getting coal mine memories


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