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The Decline Of The Industry Continued
After Nationalisation 1947

Book 6
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1991 - Page 10

Gedling Closed After 89 Years

- Continued -

The photo shows a group of ‘furriners’ (foreigners) at the ‘United Nations Colliery’. Left to right: Peter Grokauskas (44) from Lithuania, Henry Joszko (42) Poland, Leaford Blake (31) Jamaica, Kizimierz Wisniewski (54) Poland, Witford Williams (31) Jamaica, Raymond Iwaskiw (21) Germany and Sandor Bohus (27) from Hungary.

Gedling was the first to set a black Official on. He was Henry Davis and both he and his father (from the Caribbean) worked at Gedling for many years.

There were quite a few Poles who became Officials, 2 or 3 became Overmen: Shotfirers: Andy Aladun, Leo Klimas, Mario Kubler, Walter Urban, W Niemezyowicz (nicknamed Nimrod) and the following became Deputies: John Banas, Mario Banasik, John Malinski, Fredie Rackowski and Frank Turek. Freddy Kaye was Safety Officer. Another Polish Official was Edmund Skop, nicknamed ‘Cell Block H’. One Shotfirer, a very placid and popular man was sacked from the staff because he unfortunately killed a man in a fight over his wife and was sent to prison for 4 years on a manslaughter charge, was released after 2 years and returned to work at Gedling, but as a Conveyor attendant.

Fatal Accidents Gedling

  • Albert Weightman (34) collier, a section of overhanging coal rolled over on to him, Top Hard No6 stall 3/4/1905
  • Charles Thomas Hawkers (24) shunter, fell under a runaway coal wagon on full sidings 18/8/1905
  • Charles Owen (15) haulage worker, crushed and skull fractured whilst undogging full tubs in High Hazel pit bottom 4/12/1905
  • Henry Edward Cutler (36) collier, lowering tub into Top Hard stall and pinned his head to a prop 23/11/1907
  • Henry Hill (31) collier, fall of roof in High Hazel stall 22/6/1907, suffered paralysis due to a spinal fracture, died 29/5/1908
  • William Ernest Vickers (40) collier, 4 bars ran out due to large of roof and buried him, Top Hard No20 stall 19/5/1909
  • Samuel Kirk (37) collier, crushed by runaway tubs in a stall gate 11/1/1910
  • John Horsley (15) pony ganger, run over by a set of 6 full tubs in 69s Roadway 7/2/1910
  • Fred Lievesley (41) collier, fall of roof (at times quoted as treacherous) whilst laying rails in Top Hard stall 21/11/1910 died 15/12/1910
  • Arthur Guy (22) haulage worker, whilst getting on cage was crushed against the top deck landing stage when the cage went up and he fell to the sump boards very badly injured but died shortly afterwards 4/1/1911
  • Walter Brookes (18) a knocker off of tubs on an endless rope when he was caught by a tub and his chest and back were crushed by tubs, 13/2/1908 died from pulmonary tuberculosis 21/6/1911
  • John Edward Davis (33) collier, large fall of roof from a sudden weight break in No 49 stall 9/1/1912
  • Frank Cresswell (49) collier, falling coal knocked out a prop causing a roof fall that crushed his head, in No 10 stall 31/1/1913
  • Thomas Saxton (32) buried under a large fall of roof in his stall whilst getting coal, 21/7/1913
  • Percy Cooper (30), dataller, Injured by fall on the face as he removed some timber, 29/4/1913, died from pneumonia 6/8/1913
  • William Tattersall (37), collier, fall of roof after a sudden burst of coal, head injuries, 18/5/1914, died from pneumonia 4/6/1914
  • Henry Harviston Flood (33), Ostler, there was an outbreak of glanders in High Hazel pit bottom stables, contracted the rare contagious disease from a pony 17/7/1919 (the pony was destroyed)
  • Joseph Reed (14) haulage worker, slipped whilst pushing a tub in pit bottom, injured his thigh 4/5/1914, died from tubercular meningitis 12/1/1915
  • Herbert Teggart (16) ganger, both he and horse buried under a fall in 96s roadway 9/3/1915  
  • James Frederick Walker (27) collier, hit by about 5 tons of falling stone in a stall 14/5/1915
  • James Ayris (58) collier, fall of coal pinned him whilst holing under 30/9/1915 died in hospital 4/10/1915
  • Robert Foster (50) banksman on surface, pushing empty tubs onto the cage, slipped and fell down hitting his head on the floor 29/1/1917
  • Joseph Waldrom (63) collier, fall of roof in a stall, suffered a fractured leg and thigh 14/4/1914, died from a heart failure 28/4/1917
  • George Stevenson (60) shunter, crushed between buffers of moving wagons on surface sidings 11/2/1918 died 13/2/1918
  • Joseph Barson (35) fall of coal when sprag ran out and broke his spine 28/2/1918
  • Albert Simmons (14) ganger, travelling to face leading a horse with 4 empty wagons when a huge lump of rock fell and buried him under a fall of roof 19/3/1918
  • William Sleigh (36) butty stallman a collier for 20 years, whilst ripping a gate a large fall of roof approximately 12 tons buried him 21/6/1918
  • Fred Drury (21) haulage corporal, a derailed tubpulled by a pony knocked out a prop and girder burying him under a fall of roof, died on way out of pit 19/8/1918
  • Isaac Stirling (47) dataller, whilst widening a Top Hard roadway substuting 12 ft girders for 10 ft girders a 10 ft girder weighing one and a half hundreweights ran out and struck him 26/7/1919
  • Robert Freeman (39) collier, buried up to his neck due to a fall of roof when a second fall of up to 150 tons of stonefell on him 19/8/1919
  • Thomas William Arnold (41) Top Hard collier, whilst pulling coal down in stall slipped and hit his head on some coal on 18/8/1919, and died from a brain haemorrhage 19/9/1919
  • Cyril Hardy (16) screen picker, surface screens, touched a faulty switch that was not earthed and was electrocuted 11/11/1919
  • Henry (Harry) Morris (62) haulage worker, hesitated whilst crossing railway lines going to work and was knocked down by a wagon and then run over by coal wagons cutting him in two 9/3/1920
  • Joseph Holmes (51) Top Hard collier, moved over to avoid a string of empty tubs on the main haulage road when he slipped and fell under a set of moving full tubs on the other track 21/9/1920
  • John Donnell (45) Top Hard collier, ripping dirt from above the coal in the stall and was pinned against a pack by falling stone 7/3/1921 died 9/3/1921
  • Wilfred Hammond (23) Top Hard collier, pulling coal down in stall when coal fell knocking out a prop and coals fell on him 27/7/1921
  • Benjamin Povey (50) Top Hard collier, fall of coal in a stall drove a ringer into his body on 29/11/1922 and he died on 6/12/1922
  • Edward Coffey (47) Top Hard collier, a sprag ran out in his stall and coals rolled over him fracturing his spine 18/1/1923, died 21/1/1923
  • John Upton (69) Shoeing Smith getting on the cage containing 7 men when it was raised up the shaft and he slipped and fell down the shaft from the cage when it was about 30 yards up from pit bottom 28/2/1923
  • George Clayton (35) Top Hard collier, in a stall using a pick to chop the coal when a large stone weighing about 2 hundredweights fell on him from the roof during the week ending 19/5/1923
  • Harry Slim (20) haulage worker, hit by a haulage rope in a Top Hard roadway dislocating his neck 9/8/1923
  • Harold Harper (21) Top Hard collier, was getting coal with a wedge was crushed by coals weighing nearly a ton 16/10/1924
  • Herbert Smith (38) horsekeeper, No1 pit bottom stables, choked on his snap (lunch) 18/9/1924
  • Thomas Radford (21) Top Hard dayman collier loader, slipped in his stall and hit his head on a tub whilst putting a locker in a wheel on 21/8/1924. The accident only caused a scratch to his face and lip and looked trivial. He continued to work and on 1/9/1924 a piece of coal fell upon his pick shaft and it flew up and hit him on the body, however the cut on his lip from before did not heal and began to swell, cellulitis and toxaemia developed, died on 1810/1924, death being attributed to the accident on 21/8/1924
  • William Hardy (42) haulage worker in Top Hard, fell under a run of tubs 11/2/1925
  • Herbert Smalley (36) haulage worker, was crushed by tubs when a back clip broke and tubs ran away pinning him to side of Top Hard roadway and he sustained injuries to his stomach and died on the way to the pit bottom 11/7/1925
  • Samuel Wilbraham (63) dataller, strained his spine whilst lifting a full tub of Top Hard coal 1921, unable to work afterwards died from a rupture of the heart 8/1/1926
  • Wesley Charles (46) rope man, injured finger on broken rope strand in Top Hard roadway ?/3/1926, developed septicaemia, died 19/3/1926
  • Henry Mellors (61) Underground lamplighter Top Hard pit bottom, picking up fallen coal to put into tubs clipped some tubs onto a rope and was run over by runaway tubs 22/6/1928
  • George William Bingham (40) Top Hard collier, pierced his leg with pick in his stall 31/7/1928, blood poisoning, died from septicaemia 30/9/1928
  • George Withnal (39) collier, fall of roof and a stone fell and pinned him to a prop causing severe abdominal injuries 7/1/1929, died 28/1/1929
  • Albert Inger (40) Top Hard Collier, setting a bar in No 402 stall when buried by about one and a half hundreweights of stone that had fallen from between two slips 13/8/1929
  • Edward Frederick Wheatley (55) chargeman surface worker on the Mapperley dirt tip, hit by the aerial tip haulage rope which became dislodged from a dolly 5/10/1929
  • Walter Ernest Moore (38) Top Hard collier, building a pack when a roof fall weighing between 2 and 3 tons buried him 13/14/1931
  • William Henry Withnall (65) dataller, hit by a falling stone weighing 5 or 6 cwts whilst back ripping a roadway 24/4/1931
  • John Thomas Gregson (55) Haulage worker on Top Hard West Main, a fall in the roadway derailed tubs that knocked out a prop and he was buried under a fall of roof weighing from 15 to 20 tons 4/9/1931. His son Herbert was an Undermanager in the Low Hazel seam
  • Francis Henry Stout (16) ganger found beneath a set of tubs in a Top Hard roadway 8/10/1931, died 15/10/1931
  • John Thomas Bowley (35) cutter driver’s mate on 33s Low Hazel face when there was a methane explosion after a cable was removed from the cutter. He died from shock and burns 18/7/1932 and Joseph Bacon (29) cutter driver 33s Low Hazel face severely burned in the explosion and he died from burns also
  • Charles Albert Burgin (48) Deputy, helping to timber up a fall on the face when there was a further fall 26/11/1932, died from injuries 1/12/1932
  • Christopher Sturtivant (43) surface man, he had an accident underground 16 years before when his skull was fractured in a fall of roof. Had to work on surface afterwards, died 8/12/1932 from the injury
  • William Wheatley (45), collier 2s Stall High Hazels, roof fell whilst filling coal 11/1/1933
  • Richard Duckworth (43), (of Doncaster), coal cutter driver, bind fell from roof at 1pm on 2s High Hazels face, died at 5pm
  • William George Piggott (63), haulage corporal, fell under tubs in pit bottom when they became interlocked on release, 23/11/1933, died 25/11/1925
  • Arthur Alan Peet (39), Deputy, slipped on dummy ‘corporal or dumpling’, injuries to elbow and died from acute septicaemia 17/2/1934
  • Fred Hughes (35), packer, 21s Top Hard conveyor panel, bind fell after he had knocked a prop out (whilst using a sylvester and ringer) to start building a pack 26/3/1934
  • S Archer (25), datal worker, ignition caused by stone falling on armoured cable and causing short on 402s Main
  • Rowland Taylor (40), shunter moved the pug loco ‘Queen’ without consent and it ran into a train of stationary wagons on the full’s siding crushing deceased and he was also scalded with hot steam which escaped from the loco after the crash 6/5/1936
  • Frank Corbert (26), corporal, 2s Loader, pinned against prop with tub when a drift or set of 25 tubs was breasted forward 23/12/1936, died 25/12/1936
  • George Arthur Bartles (22), 1s Low Hazel Passbye, derailed tubs caused a roof fall and trapped him 25/3/1937
  • William Hamlet Ashmore (44), cutter driver, 24s Left benk, buried under a roof fall which came from an unseen slip whilst he was cleaning up loose dirt 31/8/1937
  • James Joshua Skidmore (31), 10s Conveyor panel, coal was removed and the roof fell whilst he was setting a bar 22/9/1937
  • Edward George Syson (56) Deputy, fell or jumped ? down the 490 yards (448m) deep No1 shaft from the low landing, because he was not due to work that day 6/2/1938. It was calculated that he reached a maximum speed of 360mph
  • John George Poole (24) road layer, High Hazel haulage Jig, run over by tubs because a broken screw on the haulage engine allowed a set of tubs to run down the 66 yards (60m) incline 7/1/1939
  • Arthur Mellors (50) Collier, Low Hazel 22s Right hand side face fall of roof whilst setting a bar, found with a large stone on top of him 14/9/1938, died 11/1/1939
  • Fred Wrath (58) Low Hazel West 12s, collier, whilst attempting to place a piece of coal on a conveyor belt when the coal fell and bruised his elbow on 27/1/1939, died 29/1/1939 from cellulitis of the upper arm and the right side chest wall
  • Willie Dobbs (46), W12s Loader, electrician, working on gate end loader mending a broken chain when the power was switched on and he was trapped in the moving chain 27/3/1939, died 5/4/1939, Joseph William Vickers (63), pulley oiler, killed by runaway tubs on High Hazel Haulage Jig incline in No2 pit bottom 22/4/1939
  • Harry Forrest (36), stone weighing about a ton fell from a slip that could not be seen beforehand when he knocked out a prop to build a pack 5/11/1939
  • Frederick Scott Rowley (22) 24s RHG, trainee collier, pulling out the trailing cable to a drill when the roof fell on him after dislodging a prop, died in hospital that day suffering from a broken back and injuries to his chest 2/2/1940
  • Joseph Davis (38), a piece of stone roof weighing about 3 to 4 hunderdweights fell from a slip (fault) at 7s RH face onto the deceased back, 4/6/1940 JDGD  FJD
  • Joseph Radford (59) Overman, suffered a lacerated heel when his foot was trapped by a tub on Top Hard West Main 8/12/1939, died 7/4/1940
  • Frederick George or William Gotheridge (50) collier Top Hard 1s, fall off coal about 1 ton in weight trapped him whilst cleaning under the cut 30/11/1940
  • Harold Kenyon Denham (62) surface worker at Mapperley Landsale, fell from landing stage and fatally injured by a fracture at the base of the skull 21/12/1942
  • Benjamin Jones (23) ripper, Top Hard 6s, No1 pit, part of lip fell and collapsed on him, 5/1/1943
  • Frederick George Strange (54) packer, crushed by the return end of the face conveyor when it jack-knifed and pinned him to the roof 13/8/1943, died 15/8/1943
  • James Holmes (47) collier Top Hard 2s, filling out coal in his stint when hit by a falling stone on the back of his neck 6/11/1944
  • Walter Fearn (33) chargehand ripper, a 9 ft (2.75m) girder ran out and ripping dirt weighing about 2 tons collapsed on him 24/2/1945
  • Ernest William Saywell (40) collier Low Hazel 12s, filling coal onto conveyor when hit by a falling stone pinning him to a prop 28/11/1946
  • Harold Newton (34) haulage worker, head crushed 2 between tubs 20/2/1947
  • Henry Jenkins (25) died from a fractured skull when crushed between 2 tubs 17/2/1947
  • Ernest Wright (28) head crushed between 2 tubs 17/6/1947
  • John Hopwood (28) fatal stomach injuries whilst operating doors on the haulage road 21/5/191948
  • Albert Charles Griffinished (?) pony ganger suffered from a fracture of the spine and was paralysed in both legs and arms after hitting his head on the roof whilst probably unofficially riding on the draw bar of the tub as death was consistent with with his head forced forward onto his chest 8/2/1950
  • James Richard Horwood (49) a greaser, trapped in a scoop bucket on the washery plant whilst attempting to grease the bearings 15/2/1950
  • Harry Holland (27) found lying by a derailed tub of timber, the last of a set being pulled by a pony and with no external injuries showing but died before reaching the surface due to every rib on his left side being broken and a penetrated left lung 23/10/1952
  • Howard Renshaw (27) buried by a fall of roof some time before 8.30am but he was not released until 12.15pm because further small falls of roof were hampering rescue operations 11/11/1953
  • John Thomas Isles (50) a packer was crushed by a large fall of roof weighing several tons lying on his back pressing his head down 12/11/1953
  • George William Dale (25) 114s right stable in the Top Hard seam, threw some timber into the cutter jib which then swung out and caught Dale and he was found shortly afterwards with his arm caught around the sprocket of the cutting machine jib and his body over the jib, 3/3/1954
  • Reginald Heathcote Whelan (36) was assisting in moving the conveyor towards the coal face when a fall of roof owing to the disturbance of 2 girders and 3 men were buried but the other two were quickly extricated but Whelan was killed Sat 5/1/1955
  • John Robert Ibbinson (33) trapped by a large stone falling from the roof 16/6/1955
  • Derek Cramp (20) power loader man, crushed by the shearer coal cutting machine when a 9ft (2.75m) long wooden split bar sent along the panzer conveyor illegally and made the machine jump up and the deceased died from lacerations of the brain and multiple fractures of the skull 8/9/1955
  • Alan Cant (23) electrician Low Hazel 3s Head, trapped by the neck between a door frame in battery charging station and a battery loco, beaking his neck 24/1/1956
  • Roman Gierczak (49) on a power loading Low Hazel CPD face and was removing a 7” x 20” lip of coal left by the cutting machine when a piece of coal fell, bounced off the machine haulage rope and by a chance in a million pinned him to a prop supporting the roof and he died of shock and multiple abdominal injuries, 18/1/1957
  • William Ernest Saywell (22) cutter driver High Hazel B4s, operating a conveyor mounted machine but when he stopped it he left it in gear and when he re-started the machine it jerked forward and dragged him along the floor and got trapped underneath it and he died instantly from shock and a fractured skull and multiple injuries 8/4/1957
  • Joseph Raymond Vaughn (36) ripper, Low Hazel C3s, following the firing of 2 shots the deceased went to set a prop and whilst doing so the girder ran out beneath the ripping lip and he was buried by the rip 23/10/1957
  • Eric Percival Preston (38) road layer Low Hazel 4 Head, run over by a set of 7 runaway mine cars 20/2/1958
  • Kenneth David Cooksey (28) power loader man 121s face, filling coal out in stable when hit by a stone from a slip in the roof giving a depressed fracture of the skull and depression of the brain 11/3/1958
  • Frank Edwin Smith (19) power loader man, Low Hazel, his head was crushed between 2 roof supports when the revolving turret of the trepanner machine hit the beam of a face chock support and struck him 18/6/1958
  • Robert Severn (48) Collier, Low Hazel C4s No13 stint cleaning out the 5ft (1.3m) undercut when a lump of coal 4ft x 2ft x 1ft (1.2 x 0.6 x 0.3m) fell on him fracturing the base of his skull 1/12/1958
  • Keith Ernest Lowe (20) yard man on surface, lowering a wagon from the washery when a 16cwt girder fell from it and killed him 18/7/1960
  • Percy Edward Maddison (60) ganger, C4s roadway Low Hazel, re-railing a derailed tub without uncoupling when the pit pony bolted and pulled the tub over him 16/12/1960, died 18/12/1960
  • Michael Howard Hearson (28) diesel loco driver, C4s Main Road Low Hazel, tried to stop a runaway mine car and carreered 500 yards (app 460m) down an incline hanging on to the brake lever before crashing into roadside where he was crushed 31/3/1962
  • Albert Edward Moore (55) ganger, Low Hazel BPD Roadway, trapped between a door frame and a tub when the horse did not stop for the door to be opened 2/7/1962
  • Frank Sidney Gee (42) trepanner driver C8s Low Hazel, the revolving turret of the trepanner machine hit the beam of a roof support and it struck his head 26/2/1963 In Memory  Inquest
  • Frank Walton (55) Surface workman, suffocated by slack coal when he slipped and fell into the bunker whilst shovelling 1/10/1964
  • John Leslie Blackham (37) power loader man A15s face High Hazel, helping to turn a coal cutter when he got his foot caught in a stage loader and he was drawn along it ‘like a piece of coal’ but was trapped by a link bar lying across the stage loader 7/1/1965
  • Arnold Smith (36) power loader man, B16s High Hazel, cleaning up coal when a piece of coal fell from the face and rolled onto him 22/6/1965, but it was found that insufficient supports had been set as per instructions
  • Vincent Glen Nam (44) cutter driver whilst cutting through a faulted area trying to move fallen coal a fall of roof knocked out 3 of the bar settings and he was buried in a large fall 3/7/1965
  • Samuel Blackmore (20) stage loader attendant A16s High Hazel was killed after shots had been fired a girder was dislodged falling onto the stage loader and staked and pushed a set of switchgear onto him 22/3/1967
  • Charles Alfred Rosini Porter (64) header, A17s heading High Hazel, setting an arch support when a stone fell on him and he died from a broken neck and multiple internal injuries 23/12/1969
  • George Rose (45) power loader man A17s High Hazel, preparing to set a girder in the stable hole with 2 other men when a large fall occurred striking the deceased across the shoulders and head, the other 2 escaping with slight injuries 9/6/1972
  • Orval Samuel Hoke (56) diesel loco driver High Hazel, left its brake off whilst going to open 4 Head powered air doors and he was trapped between the door and the engine 11/9/1972
  • George Ronald Hutchinson (41) fitter A34s High Hazel face, had repaired a broken chain on a stage loder when suddenly after running between 20 and 30 yards (18 to 27m) the return end of stage loader jack-knifed and pinned him to the roof with his head 16/7/1975
  • Michael Curtis (35) power loader man A21s High Hazel, working in advanced heading when it collapsed and about 100 tons of rock fell and trapped him and 3 others who escaped and were rescued without injury 21/12/1976
  • Reginald Charles Stanley Ford (47) power loader man A2s High Hazel, examining stable after shots were fired when a large fall occurred 1/9/1977
  • Thomas Eric Knight (63) Surface maintenance belt man at No2 tip, was caught in conveyor return drum whilst cleaning dirt from it 10/11/1977
  • Clarence Stanley Selkirk (57) locomotive guard and haulage man BPD 2 Head, taking a mine car through the air doors when they closed on him pinning him to a mine car 11/8/1980, died 12/8/1980
  • Ross Edward Scull (26) Technical Assistant Mining Engineer Trainee A60s face High Hazel, was watching Melvyn Dobson and Roy Sutton timbering a faulted area of the face when a large lump about 6ft long x 4ft wide (1.8 x 1.2m) fell on him 26/6/1985. (128)
  • In 1938 there were 1,055 accidents reported
  • 1939 there were 1,146 accidents
  • 1940 there were 1,199 accidents
  • 1941 there were 1,344 accidents reported at the pit.



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