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David Linzner - My grandfather John Greasley was killed at Woolly Colliery (Barnsley) 1938
Steve - Derek Thorpe Died at Rossington Main 1964
Anne Caine - My Grandfather, George Rimmington, was killed at Glapwell Colliery Nov 28th 1918
Michele Renhard - Alans Data Base - Charles Cyril RENHARD
Iris Radford - Gedling Colliery
Dennis Dale - Gedling Colliery
Tony Callaghan - Wilfred Brearley's Death, Altofts Colliery 6 June 1932
Steve Elliott - Alans Data Base, Bill McCulloch Was 26
Val Hardy
- Alans Data Base, My Son, David Hardy, Died At Silver Hill, 1985

In MemoryDavid Linzner
18 Sep 2015
My grandfather John Greasley was killed at Woolly Colliery (Barnsley) 1938

Hi Alan, I have been going through your site and came across deaths in 1938.

My grandfather John Greasley (sometimes referred to as Jack) was killed working on top of Woolly colliery (Barnsley) in 1938. He was caught in a 'shunt' while maintaining a wagon but took four days to die. The official cause of death is listed as pneumonia following being crushed. For some reason the mine didn't seem to think this was important to list as a 'coal' accident?

A bit more information I have been told there is a photograph somewhere of John standing by some 'Mitchells' coal wagons, I assume he repaired these and perhaps these were the cause of his death. Just as an aside, The name Greasley is apparently derived from Norse (Viking) Greasla which means man who greases wagon wheels. Looks like John went full circle.

WW1, John was quite badly injured on the first day of the Somme which meant he could not go back underground. The injury he sustained meant he lost a part of his skull and was one of the first to survive a metal plate being inserted. This may have affected his hearing. He had quite a turnout for his funeral apparently. His colleagues help his widowed wife deal with her loss and he was buried in the main Barnsley cemetery, she was always very grateful to them.

John Greasley lived at 19 Harley St, Barnsley in what was a miners house provided by the company. He had two daughters. After he died the company repossessed the house. His colleagues argued her case and provided funds for her to move to a smaller property (Number 1) in the same street (bottom right) which is what I remember of visiting Barnsley as a child. John Greasley's family links are also from Wombwell.

Regards David Linzner

Full entry from HM Inspector Of Mines report book, held in the Yorkshire Archive Centre at Doncaster (as at Sept 2015)

The accident happened at 11:30 am on 11th Nov 1938 at the Colliery Sidings, at Woolley Parkgate Colliery, owned by Fountain and Burnley Ltd

John’s job was wagon repairer and 19 empty, repaired wagons, were standing in the empty sidings, spaced 3 to 4 feet apart.  They were being pushed together by the locomotive so that they could be coupled and then removed for service. John Greasley, the wagon repairer, was crossing the line between the 3rd and 4th wagons when he was crushed between the buffers. He died 1½ days later. A long blast had been blown on the locomotive before the wagons were moved and the shunter stated that he had walked round them to see if there was anyone in danger, but had not seen anybody.


Bob Bradley

In MemorySteve
13 Sep 2015
Derek Thorpe Died at Rossington Main 1964

GraveI have noticed in your website the following:
"31- 01-1964, Derrick Thorpe, 31, Rossington Main, Multiple injuries"

His correct name is Derek Thorpe, see attached gravestone picture. If possible can his name be changed?

Thanks and best regards


See Also Find A Grave - Derek Thorpe

In MemoryAnne Caine
13 Sep 2015
My Grandfather, George Rimmington, was killed at Glapwell Colliery Nov 28th 1918

My Grandfather was killed in a fall of roof at Glapwell Colliery on Nov 28th 1918.

His name was George Rimmington aged 35.

I got details of the inquest from Derbyshire Times 7/12/1918 page 6 from Chesterfield library.

Thank you for your efforts to record these sad events.

Anne Caine

Sent from my iPad

In MemoryMichele Renhard
12 Sep 2015
Alans Data Base - Charles Cyril RENHARD


I was looking at your web page at the deaths at Harworth Colliery. My grandfather is listed on there as Charles Cyril RENHAND but his name was RENHARD. The date of the accident was 30.01.1951.

Your site has been very useful as I don't know much about my grandfather, I wasn't sure when he died and just had an approx year and his name. My father wasn't very old when his dad died so he doesn't remember much of him, I just felt it was the right thing to correct it as it says to contact you if anything is incorrect.

Michele Renhard

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In MemoryIris Radford
7 Sep 2015
Error in listings - My dad, Frank Sidney Gee Died At Gedling Colliery 1963

Hello, my name is Iris Radford (nee Gee) and my husband found my dad my dad's fatal accident listed on your site.

My dad, Frank Sidney Gee, was killed on 26th February 1963. On your lists of fatalities it is listed as 26th March. The address is wrong too. It's Morley Ave and not Morley road.

On the inquest details the listings are correct but have not been transcribed correctly.

Thank you for this site. It actually helped me with how my dad was killed - I was told (aged 10) that there had been a roof fall.

Iris Radford

See also Bob Bradley, History of Mining

Dennis Dale
21 Aug 2015
Gedling Colliery

Can anyone help me please with a few queries?

1. the date period, during the 1960s when the BPD loco road was lowered due to a result of sinking rings.
2. does anyone know, roughly, the date when an a-panel horse died/put down, some time during the early 70s
3. when were the, CB type loco radio/telephones fitted to the man-riding loco`s

Dennis Devon

In MemoryTony Callaghan
18 Aug 2015
Wilfred Brearley Death, Altofts Colliery 6 June 1932

Hello there,

I’ve been searching many years to find a reference to the death of my mother’s brother down the mine.

His name was Wilfred Brearley and he’s mentioned on this page:-

Yorkshire Fatalities - 1932.html

This is the first time I’ve found any information on him at all, thanks to your web site.

He was killed at Popes & Pearsons Colliery Altofts 06 June 1932.

Can you please tell me is it’s possible that there will be an official report of his death somewhere and if so, where would it be please?

I have a picture of him and I would like some details of his accident so he can be remembered in the Altoft’s community

Any help would be greatly appreciated. He was killed long before I was born but my mother often talked about him and I feel a genuine connection to him

Yours Thankfully

Anthony Callaghan

The death is listed in the 1932 book at Doncaster Archives centre which is an old school on King Edwards Road. Opening hours 9am to 12.30 then 1.45 to 4.30. Details are listed with the description written by the Mines Inspector.

Accessed from Junction 36 on A1M....Warmsworth Balby Road.

See Internet info
Bob Bradley

In MemorySteve Elliott
16 Aug 2015
Alans Data Base, Bill McCulloch Was 26


I think you have a typo on your document, Bill McCulloch was 26 at the time of his death, your sheet states 36.

I vividly remember the detail coming on the news at the time.

I hope this is helpful.


See Also Bob Bradley Section

In MemoryMrs Val Hardy
13 Aug 2015
Alans Data Base, My Son, David Hardy, Died At Silver Hill, 1985

I am writing to you regarding fatalities at Silverhill colliery one of these has the name and date of the accident wrong it says Derek Hardy and date of acccident as 22-05-1985 the name should be David Hardy and the date of accident was 23-05-1985 his address is correct. My name is Mrs Val Hardy and I was David's mam.

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See also Ian Harris' email