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A Comprehensive History Of Mining In The Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire And Leicestershire Coalfields - Page 15


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Petros Tsaparas - Looking For Information About The "Penitent"
David Haworth - Bob Bradley's history of Shirland Colliery - 50 Years Since Shirland Colliery Closed
Neal Potter - Creswell Pit Chimney, When Was It Taken Down?
Barbara Kirton - Mining Photos
Edward Marshall - Map of Notts and Derbys Coal Mines
Tony Mellors - Bob Bradleys 1914 Page Tunnelling Corps

Petros Tsaparas
21 Mar 2015
Looking For Information About The "Penitent"

Dear Mr Taylor,

I am a mining engineer (Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria/1978) and I am interested in the British mining history, of the 19th Century.

Your information below is very interesting and totally unknown to me.

I googled several times the word 'Penitent' but I was never linked to an explanation....pertinent to the mines sector.

Is it possible for you to give me more information of the use of this term?
When and in which county's collieries was it used?

Thank you in advance!

Petros Tsaparas

Athens, Greece

"Initially a man was lowered into the mine wearing clothing and headgear soaked in water he also carried a stick with a burning piece of cloth on one end. He then crawled along the roadways holding the lit cloth to the roof, the idea was that if any methane was present it would be ignited and cleared from the workings. This person was called “The Penitent

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Neal Potter
10 Mar 2015
Creswell Pit Chimney, When Was It Taken Down?

Hi Fionn

Long time no speak. I have retired since we last spoke and moved back home. Well not exactly home which was Creswell but To Bolsover.

Yesterday I posted on a Creswell Memories FB site a painting of Creswell Colliery adding that I didn't know when the chimney was taken down. I thought it was mid 1960s which, having checked your web site seems to be right. However, others are now saying that it was still there when they started work in 1968. Others say it was taken down when the Model Village was modernised in the early 1970s.

Can you back up you 1965 date. Is there any further evidence?

Best regards


In reply to your query.

CreswellI have obviously got the information from somewhere but I have forgotten where....and it is a specific date February 1965.

No1 and No2 steam winding engines were electrified in 1960 and 1961. Therefore there was no need for the boilers for winding....and therefore no need for the chimney...however it was not demolished until 3 and a half years after electrification so probably a boiler was used for heating water for the pithead baths? I do know that they eventually captured methane from underground to use on the surface for heating.

Sorry I cannot be of more help. However should you be able to find a date for demolition of the chimney that is substantiated and different from 1965 please let me know and I will alter it.

Bob Bradley

Barbara Kirton
25 February 2015
Mining Photos

Dear Robert,

Arthur Alcock
My Dad Arthur Alcock

It was good to meet you at Warsop Probus last week. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed my talk on the recruitment of miners for the Nigerian coal field. As requested I attach the 3 photos that you would like. I should just be grateful if you could acknowledge my ownership if you use them.

The group is the Mines Rescue team at Welbeck Colliery - I can try and get everyone's name if you would like - my Dad was Arthur Alcock, back row third from left. Then there is the one of Jim Hooley and one of Jack Prince.

I wonder what history might be recorded about Welbeck and the men who worked there. My grandad Fred Alcock was there most of his life, as were my uncles Horace Barker and Dick Bromley. I should be grateful for any information.

Sincerely, Barbara Kirton

Mines Rescue Team at Welbeck Colliery
Dad was Arthur Alcock, back row third from left

Jack Prince above and Jim Hooley to the left

BBC News - Century Of Mining Ends At Welbeck Colliery

Welbeck Colliery Photo's by Chris Sampson

Edward Marshall
3 Mar 2015
Map of Notts and Derbys Coal Mines

Do you know where I can find a map showing the location of each of the mines on your list

Kind regards

Tony Mellors
1 Mar 2015
Bob Bradleys 1914 Page Tunnelling Corps

I am researching the lives of the Blackwell Parish men and women in 1914 - 1918 for a local history publication and would like to include this article, and perhaps in future some numbers from other pages on Pit deaths. I will include a statement “ Reprinted from” if acceptable to you. It is a non profit making publication for local history records only

Thank you



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