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A Comprehensive History Of Mining In The Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire And Leicestershire Coalfields - Page 36


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Kim Collinson - Thoresby Colliery - Has the Colliery Been Completely Demolished?
Harry Lester - I Was Part of the "Geordie" Migration - Then onto USA
Caroline Watson - Ambrose Watson born 1900 went to Thornhill School then down the mines aged 13
Mike Finch - Picture of a Group of Gedling Miners . . .
Peter Spain - Looking for information, Albert Henry Taylor, died 12 Oct 1946 at Ripley Colliery
Claire Hogton - Grange Colliery Kimberworth, Does The Coal Board Still Own The Colliery Site?
Linda Smith - Help - Charles Albert Manning Press, Belper-Kilburn Collieries Limited, 1897
Corinne Ansell - Was There An Accident At Manton/Worksop Collieries Involving Patrick Lee Martin?
Jim Garner - Missing Name, William (Billy) Jepson, Age 26, Cossall, Nottinghamshire, Late 1930s

Kim Collinson
21 May 2017
Thoresby Colliery - Has the Colliery Been Completely Demolished?

I am hoping someone can provide me with the following information regarding Thoresby.

When or has the colliery now been completely demolished if so what was the date when the shafts were demolished?

What has happened to the 2 pit wheels at the entrance road to the mine?

K Collinson.

Hi Kim, Nothing has been demolished as yet. The shafts have not been filled so are open but not accessible, as the fittings have been removed.

Work has continued on the tip, soiling and grassing etc but still a lot to do.

The two half pit wheels are still there at the pit lane end but the name plates have been removed . . . I don't know where they are but a Group in Edwinstowe would like them and a wheel to display on the High Street by the Library.

Harworth Estates are in charge. They may have the name plates but they are made from polycarbonate . . . plastic . . . so could easily be replaced.

Bob Bradley

USAHarry Lester
22 May 2017
I Was Part of the "Geordie" Migration - Then onto USA
I recently found and have been reading your wonderful history of the Nottingham area coal industry and reminiscing about old times, friends and acquaintances. I worked in Nottingham from 1960-1965. I was part of the "Geordie" migration and worked at Calverton, Clipstone and then Ollerton for a short while before moving to Yorkshire and eventually the USA in May 1969.

I notice, I am briefly listed on page 1994/19 of your history. Perhaps you could add the following if you don't mind.

Harry Lester (7647), Undermanager and Deputy Manager, South Kirkby, Yorkshire, 1965-1969. Moved to the USA in 1969 and worked for CONSOL, American Electric Power and Old Ben coal companies in production and senior management until retirement. Currently living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, May 2017.

Yours sincerely, 
Harry Lester.

Caroline Watson
15 May 2017
Ambrose Watson born 1900 went to Thornhill School before going down the mines aged 13
Dear Fionn, This is a real long shot but I am trying to find the name of the mine my father in law worked in, in 1913. I know he was born in 1900 and went to Thornhill School and went down the mines at 13. I am assuming wherever he worked he would have to walk as he walked to school. My question is, do you have any records of people who worked in the mine at that time. I do hope you don't mind me asking.

Regards Caroline Watson.
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Mike Finch
14 May 2017
Picture of a Group of Gedling Miners . . .

This is a bit of a long shot!! Recently I noticed a photo of a group of Miners underground on The Friends of Gedling Country Park website and other sites on the internet. On further inspection of the photo, one of the Miners looked very familiar, my Father!

I've been desperately trying to find out when this photo was taken. I’ve been to the library trying to find it in the Nottingham evening post because that seems to be the link from where it came from! Here are some places I’ve spotted the photo:

Gedling Miners
This is the photo (Nottingham Post)

I’m wondering if any of your members or colleagues might be able to shed some light on the date? Maybe there’s someone out there might recognise a relative!

Many thanks in anticipation with any help or advice you might be able to give.

Very Best wishes
Mike Finch

Peter Spain
08 May 2017
Looking for information, Albert Henry Taylor, died 12 Oct 1946 at Ripley Colliery

Can anyone help with any information on the following as I have not located anything using the “search” on the website?

Albert Henry Taylor - Probate record 28 Fearn Avenue, Ripley, Derbyshire died 12th October 1946 at Ripley Colliery. Administration to Ethel Taylor widow. Effects £262. 6s. 2d

Many thanks

Pete Spain
Amateur Genealogist
Ramsgate, Kent.

Claire Hogton
2 May 2017
Grange Colliery Kimberworth, Does The Coal Board Still Own The Colliery Site?
Hi I wonder if you can help me. There are plans for an old existing tip to be re-opened at the grange in Kimberworth where the old colliery was. This is a bit of a long shot but would the coal board (if they still exist) still own the closed colliery?

Kind regards

  • 1994 - The National Coal Board was wound up
  • 1 Jan 1995 - RJB Mining took over most of the English Coal Mines
  • 31 Dec 1997 - British Coal wound up when the Department of Trade and Industry took over

Linda Smith
17 Apr 2017
Help - Charles Albert Manning Press, Belper-Kilburn Collieries Limited, 1897
I would like information about the Belper-Kilburn Collieries Limited. I have a copy of a prospectus taken from the Belper News dated Friday Oct 29th 1897.
It gives a list of Directors:-

John Furniss Atkinson
Captain A. Hastings Neale
C.A. Manning Press

Charles Albert Manning Press is a relative and we are wondering, as a family of Seamen, what he was doing at this mine although he was calling himself a journalist. He ended up living on welfare handouts for 10 years and eventually committed suicide by cutting his own throat and nearly severed his own head off. His mother had also left him 3 houses in Gt. Yarmouth and he declined the offer. So what on earth could have happened? Did the mine go bust and end up in liquidation?

Charles Albert Manning Press is the author of 'Derbyshire Leaders Social & Political' printed in 1910 under his name Ernest Gaskell. So I guess with buying into the colliery he must have lived in the area.

Would appreciated any information you may have.
Many thanks
Linda Press

Kilburn (e) (Kilburn(e) Colliery Co) Kilburn seam, thin coal 133 yards (121.5m) Feb, supposed to be Mickley Thin coal, but at this pit 100 to 110 yards (90 to 100m) above Kilburn coal, Surveyors: Mills, Coke and Turner

A case was heard at the Divisional Court where Messrs Small were found guilty of breaking an agreement to maintain pumping of water from their workings at Kilburn colliery and in doing so caused Drury-Lowe’s colliery to flood.

The Kilburne Colliery Co had gone into liquidation in 1893.

Bob Bradley

Hi Found the Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal 1913 - The Derby Kilburn Colliery Co. Ltd. We are officially informed that the petition for winding up this company, which was advertised on the 17th Jan last, and the hearing of which stood over from time to time, came before Mr. Justice Swinfeneady, on Tuesday last, and was dismissed.

Also found auction adverts for their pit ponies to be sold in Jan 1919

Linda Press

Corinne Ansell
25 Jan 2016
Information - Was There an Accident at Manton/Worksop Colliery’s Involving Patrick Lee Martin?

Was there ever an accident at Manton/Worksop Collieries involving a Patrick Lee Martin or just Lee Martin in the 1980? Think could have been head injury. Just can't seem to find it recorded.

Yours Sincerely

Bob Bradley
5 Feb 2017
Patrick Lee Martin

Accident at Manson 1980s.

We have no record of an accident but it is possible that he would have been taken to a local hospital for treatment etc. Such as Bassetlaw.

Worksop library have copies of newspapers for the area...Worksop Guardian? I would visit there. Records on film or microfiche.

Accidents of a serious nature or admissions to hospital are usually reported in the paper.

Sorry I can't help further but that is the only option I can think of.

Bob Bradley

In Memory Bill and SamJim Garner
14 Jan 2016
Missing Name, William (Billy) Jepson, Age 26, Cossall, Nottinghamshire, Late 1930s

I think it possible that there is a missing name from the list of miners killed at Cossall.  My near-neighbour, Billy Jepson, age 26, of Blake Street, was killed in the late thirties. The story circulated locally was that he was caught between two trucks.

It may be that he was employed at some other mine, but generally the Blake Street men went to Cossall.

I know about this as I was a child at the time and living on the same street -- next door to the Oldknow family and Mrs Oldknow was my babysitter. You have Sam Oldknow on the list at Mill Street.  One assumes that the widow and kids moved to Blake Street between his death and my arrival next door in 1934.

The name on Billy's birth certificate would probably have been William.


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