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Andy Stevens - I am researching the men who came to work at Treeton Colliery, South Yorkshire

Laura Quick
6 Jan 2016
Cotgrave Mines

Hi there,

I found your email from your website, and wanted to ask you about this page:

I was looking for some images of Cotgrave Colliery and any other historical images from Cotgrave and I saw the page in the link above, and I wanted to see if I could get in touch with the person who might have the original imagery, that I could use as part of an art project for a special school based in Cotgrave where we’d like to teach the kids a bit about its’ history.

Many thanks,

Laura Quick
Illustration and Design

Andy Stevens
2 Dec 2015
I am researching the men who came to work at Treeton Colliery, South Yorkshire
Treeton Colliery - Photo From Treetonweb
I am currently researching the men who came to work at Treeton Colliery, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, when it first opened. I am using the 1871 and 1891 census to this end. I would like to know the dates of opening of the collieries in the areas were the incomers came from.

My question is: Is there a list of colliery opening dates that is accessible?

Any pointers would be most welcome

Andy Stevens

Treeton Colliery was a coal mine situated in the village of Treeton, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England.

Work on the sinking of Treeton Colliery commenced, with all due ceremony, in October 1875. Trade, at the time, was in a poor state and the company were short of capital so work was suspended three years later not being resumed until March, 1882.

The colliery was owned by the Rother Vale Collieries Limited which was founded in the same year, bringing together the new workings with collieries at Fence and Orgreave. This became part of the United Steel Companies Limited following the end of World War I.

From its beginnings until 1965 Treeton worked the Barnsley seam and the High Hazels seam until the following year. After nationalisation it was decided to increase the output of the Wathwood seam and to reopen the Swallow Wood seam which had fallen into disuse in 1947. This came on stream in 1972 and lasted until the colliery closed on 7 December 1990. These two seams produced house coal.