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Carole Pickin - David Barnardo - Mrs C Lamb's book on the Minnie Pit Disaster
David Barnardo - Where can I find Mrs C Lamb's book on the Minnie Pit Disaster?
Eddie Bristow - Rufford, Sherwood & Welbeck Brick Yards in the 40s early 50s
Peter Lindley - Oaks Mining Disaster, December 1866
Jim Wilson - West Stanley Mining Disaster
Jane McCauley Morgan - Babington Nottingham - Tony Greaves
Rachel Naylor - Any Photos of Harry or Barry Naylor Langton Colliery 1963-65?
Jack Dixon - Was There A Heanor Colliery?

Carole Pickin
27 Sep 2016
David Barnardo

BookDavid Barnardo wanted to know where to get a copy of the 'The Minnie Pit Disaster' book from, I borrowed it from Hanley library a few weeks ago, it's only a paper back though.

Carole Pickin

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It is also on Amazon but is currently unavailable

David Barnardo
17 July 2007
Where can I find Mrs C Lamb's book on the Minnie Pit Disaster?
Where can I obtain a copy of Mrs C Lamb's book on the Minnie Pit Disaster?

My wife's grandfather and uncle were killed in that event in 1918.

Thank you.
David Barnardo


From: Jack Dixon
Sent: 19 July 2007
Was There A Heanor Colliery?

I am collecting some information about my father-in-laws mining career which ended in the late sixties. My wife tells me he worked at Heanor Colliery, but another source has said there was no such pit. Could you tell me if this right, and if so what it's name could have been.

Thank you
Best wishes
Jack Dixon


From: Rachel Naylor
Sent: 26 August 2007
Any Photos of Harry or Barry Naylor Langton Colliery 1963-65?

Hi there, I am wondering if you have any information or pictures of Langton Colliery between the years 1963- 1965. Also, if you have any of any of the pit ponies would be great as well. The reason for this is because I am trying to find pictures of Harry Naylor and his son Barry Naylor who worked there during these years.

Many Thanks

Rachel Naylor


Langton Colliery


From: Jane McCauley Morgan
Sent: 02 September 2007
Babington Nottingham - Tony Greaves

Mr. Greaves states that he worked at the Babington/Cinderhill Colliery.

My g-g grandfather worked and lived in Babington Hamlet where he and his father, both named Francis Wilkinson, were brick makers and miners before 1881.

I would be grateful for any information about the mine and the chapel there.


Thank you.
Jane McCauley Morgan


From: Jim Wilson
Sent: 07 September 2007
West Stanley Mining Disaster

Good Morning, my daughter is writing an essay on the West Stanley Mining disaster and I wondered if you could either send me some detailed info, or point me to the best web site available for this information please.

Thanks in advance

Jim Wilson

National Transport Manager

The problem is there are so many West Stanley Pits throughout the country and world

The following searches were active 8th Sept 2007 Try and the Durham Mining Museum


From: Peter Lindley
Sent: 04 December 2007
Oaks Mining Disaster, December 1866

Great website, forgive me if I’ve got this wrong but I don’t see the Oaks mining disaster, Barnsley 12/13th December 1866 on your list.

I’m from a mining family, my father and all of his brothers, my Grandfather and my brother all worked all of their lives in mining mostly at North Gawber Colliery near Barnsley. I retired from my career working in mental health services last year to do an MA in Scriptwriting and as soon as I’ve finished the course – in the New Year – I’m planning to work on something that includes mining and it’s been at the back of my mind for a long time that the Oaks disaster would make a great story plus it would help to keep the memory alive.

You might be interested in having a look at the following link. It’s a great little article about
coal-mining and film.

All the best
Peter Lindley

Sorted, thank you Peter


From: Eddie Bristow
Sent: 05 December 2007
Rufford, Sherwood & Welbeck Brick Yards in the 40s early 50s

In relation to family research I am trying, with out success, to find information on the above brick works during the 1940/50s. My father Herman (Harry) Bristow was a fireman in the kilns of these yards from 1946 until 1959. I can remember going to these yards as a youngster in the 40s early 50s but cannot remember any details.

Any information would be grateful.

Eddie Bristow.

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