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From: Kev Bannister
Sent: 1 June 2009
Subject: Did Oxcroft Colliery in Stanfree in Derbyshire Have a Logo or Badge?

I’m trying to find out if Oxcroft colliery in Stanfree in Derbyshire had a company logo or badge so we can use it as our football club motif on football shirts etc. We are forming a kids football team on the old colliery site at Oxcroft, can you help please

Many Thanks

Kev Bannister


From: Louise Cairns
Sent: 24 April 2009
Subject: When Was The Diggle Flash Formed?

Hi I am currently a university student and for my final dissertation I am comparing 2 local lakes, One is Diggle Flash, Bickershaw.

I understand the flash was formed after the Albert Open cast mining there and was hoping you could help me find out what year this occurred.

I have tried the local historian/ web search and Planning department who have all come up blank.

I would Appreciate a quick response as I only have until May 1st to complete this project.

Thanks Louise

The Albert Open cast mine opened in 1974 very close to the old Albert pit


From: Tom Barber
Sent: 13 March 2009
Subject: Thomas Philip Barber of Barber Walker and Company Collieries

Hi Fionn
My name is Tom Barber, and I am about to write a biography on my great-grandfather Thomas Philip Barber, who owned the Barber Walker & Co collieries in Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire until nationalisation.

I’m trying to track down any (very old now) ex-miners who might have any recollections of him, or any ancestors of miners who might have any anecdotes about him or Barber Walker and Company from that era.

Durban House, (Now Durban Heritage Centre) The former Barber Walker Colliery Company offices on Mansfield Road, Eastwood

Eric Eaton from the Nottinghamshire Ex Miners Association has kindly said he would post a small ‘ad’ requesting information on their site, and I was hoping you might be able to do the same. Please let me know if this is possible, and also if you know anyone else you think I should be speaking to for research.

Thank you in advance for any help with this project, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


Ruth Tait
24 February 2009

Pollington colliery
J. Oakes and Co's exhibition block of coal

Can anyone help me on the photo I have from Pollington Colliery?
Does anyone know any of the names of the people on the photo?

Thank you

Lisa Deakin's mum used to sit at the top of the pit hill and dangle her feet down the hole.

This huge block of coal was hewn from Pollington Colliery, near New Brinsley, just inside Nottinghamshire, next to the Derbyshire border. Pollington Colliery, along with Pye Hill, Tunnel (Alfreton) and New Selston Collieries were owned by J Oakes and Co. who also owned Riddings/Pye Bridge Ironworks. It is not known whether the picture was taken at Pollington or at James Oakes' Foundry at Pye Bridge, because there is another picture of this event; one picture is from Eastwood, who say that its location is Pollington Colliery and the other is the one seen here which came from Alfreton, who said that it was at the Oakes Foundry. (To add to the confusion, the same photographs appear on a Brinsley Web-site, and they say that the block of coal for the British Empire Exhibition of 1924! which is probably incorrect as the clothes styles look wrong for that date.) The picture here shows the largest single piece of coal taken from a mine, 4 Tons 12 Cwts, loaded onto an Oakes railway truck to be taken to the London Colliery Exhibition 1903.
Information from Picture The Past.


From: John Bishop
Sent: 22 November 2008
Subject: Looking for info and photos on Blidworth from its sinking until about 1957

I'm especially interested in information on Blidworth from its sinking until about 1957. Any photos?
It's amazing how so much information can disappear completely. There must have been thousands of documents originally. I'd be interested to know what's around in written form. Often people write very interesting things, but of course they don't get 'published' as books or even pamphlets, but would be important to have 'on-line' for those wishing to research these things. Having said that,I must try and copy the information that my eldest brother Ted has.
He's quite a lot older than me - being now over 80, and his memory's not so good nowadays. But he managed several of the mines in the area. Trouble is, when his generation finally dies out, all this information will be lost. Also, with the present economic problems, I rarely get back 'home' to Nottinghamshire.

My Dad knew every inch of the mine under Blidworth, from it's sinking and through WW2 when it employed thousands. He was of course instrumental in the founding of the Welfare - and I recall him telling me that he had to go to London to argue the case to get special permission to sell beer; that was of course successful. He was also cricket mad; it being well-known that you could get a job at Blidworth simply on the basis of your cricketing ability. After WW2 several ex-miners moved on to the Nottinghamshire team, as I'm sure must be recorded somewhere. I personally don't follow cricket, I'm afraid. BTW, brother Ted hoped to join the RAF, as I did later, but he was called up to the mines as a Bevan Boy instead! He still lives and breathes the mines.

I was born at The Red House in March 1945. Two of my 3 brothers stayed in mining and live not far away: Ted and Russell Bishop.


I escaped - into the RAF - where I eventually became a test pilot - often flying overhead!

Send any photos as jpegs - or tell me where I can find photos on the web! I'd be pleased to hear from anyone wishing to share information about Blidworth Colliery.

John Lumby Bishop

The only Photos I have on the site are Shane's:- Shane Philips

From: Wayne Stocks
Sent: 08 October 2008
Subject: Looking for Harworth Headgear Installation Photos or/and Video

Hi my name is Wayne Stocks
I worked on installing the headgear at Harworth and I know the removal and install was on video, I would love to show my 3yrs old son what his dad worked on.
I am 47 now it was 20yrs+ when the install took place even pictures had been taken I know I’m on them but where do I start to look?

Thanks for your help
Wayne stocks

Harworth Collier
Harworth Colliery


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