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Steve Sutton - Alans Data Base, Thorney Abbey Rd., Blidworth
Nicholas Robinson - Levi Cale - Hucknall No1 Colliery, Pit Death 1874
Belinda Tate - Edward Marshall Killed at Hunstall Colliery, Derbyshire, 4 Jan 1876
Dawn Evans - Mining Accident - My father, Trevor Ashbridge, was killed at New Stubbin Colliery, South Yorkshire
Elizabeth Hawksworth - Mining Accident - Arnold Hodgkiss, Aged 19, Died at Cortonwood 1943
William Meese - Alans Data Base - Mr Albert Fletcher killed at Kiveton Park
David Stevens - Wanted Info and photos of Gedling

BlidworthSteve Sutton
3 Jul 2016
Alans Data Base, Thorney Abbey Rd., Blidworth

Just a point, it's Thorney Abbey Rd Blidworth, not Thorne Abbey as on your database for Blidworth deaths.
Steve Sutton

Born Blidworth, son/grandson of Blidworth miners

In Memory EMNicholas Robinson
15 Jun 2016
Levi Cale - Hucknall No1 Colliery, Pit Death 1874

Good afternoon,

I have looked at your interesting Colliery site for Nottinghamshire and have noticed a small error I think!

Levi Cale is given as having died age 23 in a pit a accident (the site records from a fall of (roof) coal) on 05.05.1875 with the resultant inquest held at the Green Dragon, Hucknall 6 day later on 11.5.1875. My partner, Lynn Harrison, a Hucknall girl, is researching her family history and has established from Levi’s death certificate he died on 05.05.1874 and not 1875. He was born in 1851 so the age 23 is right. I only point this out for interest and hope you do not mind.

Sincerely, Nick Robinson

Also mentioned in the History of Hucknall No1, Bob Bradley

In Memory EMChris Jepson
12 May 2016
Frederick Ernest Jepson


My name is Christopher Jepson and Frederick was a brother to my Great Grandfather Charles Lakin Jepson. Both originated and were Coal Miners in North Staffordshire. Frederick moved to Durham and was the oldest miner to die in the Easington Mining Disaster in 1951.

I am trying to contact a descendant of Frederick's in order to add to my families history and also try to find some photos.

Can you help

Kind Regards

Chris Jepson

Sent from my iPad

In Memory EMNZBelinda Tate
9 May 2016
Edward Marshall Killed at Hunstall Colliery, Derbyshire, 4 Jan 1876

Hi there and greetings from New Zealand!

My name is Belinda Tate and I am trying to track down the circumstances around Hunstall Colliery, (Unstone) where according to records a forebear of mine died. Unsure of the details and interested to learn more about the working conditions etc. of the mine.


Any local historian/ mining historians that might be able to help would be fantastic.

It seems like it was a substantial mine for its time. I can only imagine the conditions of mines in northern England during this time of industrial boom were very poor. For me the thought of my ancestor having to manage physically demanding work at age 70 is hard to imagine but I imagine it was common.

My sincere thanks

Belinda Tate
Tauranga, New Zealand

Colliery Site Looking to Miners Arms, Hundall
Hundall is a small village in the parish of Unstone, just north of Chesterfield, in Derbyshire. In many lists it doesn't even exist, but is regarded as part of either Unstone or Apperknowle.

The 1881 census returns, Chesterfield, give the name as 'Hundow' but it is known by many variations of this name.

Hundall Colliery, was operated by the 'Hundall Colliery Co.'

October 8th. 1887
Important Sale on November 1st. Hundall and New Whittington Collieries.

John Turner and Son. have been honoured with the instructions from the Hundall Colliery Co. to prepare for sale the whole of the valuable colliery plant comprising viz: seven winding pumping engines, one six wheel locomotive engine, headstocks etc. two Lancashire and two G.G. end boilers, 4,000 yards of railway rails, 300 pit tubs, wire ropes, contents of blacksmith shop.

Info from Ian Winstanley, unfortunately his site no longer exists but apparently Edward was a Screenman, his job would have been to removed stones, slates, brasses, etc. and take small coal from beneath an iron screen over which the coals, as they came from the hewers, were poured into the waggons or carts. It was while doing this job Edward was killed, he was on the surface, on the tramway when a full tub running down an incline hit him.

So far as I can see, from Ancestry, his wife was Sarah Wilkinson but she died June 1851 age 43. She came from Grantham, Lincolnshire. They married 13 Mar 1833 at Sempringham, Lincolnshire, England and had 8 children.

In 1861 Edward was an agricultural labourer at Bottesford, Leicestershire

There is an entry for Edward in the England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index, 1837-1915
Name Edward Marshall
Estimated Birth Year abt 1806
Registration Year 1876
Registration Quarter Jan-Feb-Mar
Age at Death 70
Registration district Chesterfield
Inferred County Derbyshire
Volume 7b
Page 422

See also Bob Bradley's entry

Dawn Evans
5 May 2016
Mining Accident - My father, Trevor Ashbridge, was killed at New Stubbin Colliery, South Yorkshire

I have been trying to locate any information regarding my father who was accidentally killed at New Stubbin Colliery, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

His name was Trevor Ashbridge, died 1/2/1967 aged 24
Cause of death was a roof fall.

Many thanks

In MemoryElizabeth Hawksworth
18 Apr 2016
Mining Accident - Arnold Hodgkiss, Aged 19, Died at Cortonwood 1943

Hi, it was great glancing through your website - I recently chased an Uncle's death at my local colliery in 1943, Arnold Hodgkiss aged 19

It gives a true matter of fact dialogue, of the self-risk, men took, to work down the pit, I can send a reading, if you're interested.

Regards, Liz Hawksworth.

Cortonwood Accident


CuttingThe opinion that a youth killed by a fall of stone in Cortonwood Colliery on November 16th ought not to have been allowed under the roof until timber had been re-set was expressed by the Sheffield District Coroner (Mr A. P. Lockwood) at an inquest at Wath on Saturday, on Arnold Hodgkiss (19) , haulage hand, of 25, Concrete Cottages, Brampton.

Recording a verdict of “Accidental Death” the Coroner said working underground was recognised as a hazardous occupation, but it need not be, and should not be more hazardous than is necessary. “Often when I have to hold these inquiries on colliery accidents I am compelled to come to the conclusion that they are unforeseen and unforeseeable, but I don’t think that applies in the present case”, he said “I think it should have been realised that until timber had been re-set there was an element of insecurity in the roof which might become active at any time as it did in this case”.


- More on Cortonwood -

David Stevens
17 Apr 2016
Wanted Info and photos of Gedling
Hi good morning my father worked at Gedling I can just about remember bits of the village. All I want to know is if I remember the houses were built on the estate where u had to climb steps then walk along paths to get to ur door plus there use to be a pond and a bungalow down a path that was a shop tuck shop my father's name was Joe Carr please all I want to know is if poss some photos of how the village was and wot it looks like now please if u could help me thank u sorry if u can't.

William Meese
18 Apr 2016
Alans Data Base - Mr Albert Fletcher killed at Kiveton Park
Dear sir I have been looking through your list of fatalities looking for a Mr Albert Fletcher who got killed at Kiveton Park in a haulage accident date ?

Could you enlightened me if I have missed him in your records thank you.

Bill Meese

There was an Albert Fletcher, aged 24 who died 21 Jul 1910. He was a Filler at the Rotherham Main Colliery, right area, but if the date is way out it is obviously not him.

There were three men were working in a long-wall face. Joseph Evans was setting a prop when a large stone fell from a cavity in the goaf, knocked out a prop and smashed a safety lamp. The fall brought down firedamp from the cavity and a sharp explosion resulted. All the men were so severely burnt that they subsequently died. 3 killed.



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