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Fiona and Stuart Gaskell - National Database of Mining Deaths. John Hall Gaskell and William Gaskell
Gren Gaskell - My Dad, John Gaskell, Killed Bestwood Pit, 19 Sep 1940
Michelle Smith
- My Great Grandfather, Arthur Baldwin, Was Killed At The Age Of 37 At Bullcroft Colliery

Jago Parker - My Great-Grandfather, William Thomas Parker Was a Durham Miner
Jago Parker - Thomas Parker - Died Ingham Colliery 1943
James Hawksley - Fatality to add. My father Ernest Hawksley died at Whitwick Colliery 1942
Brian Burbidge - Alans Data Base - Eric Brown, Calverton
Scott Brandom - William Ernest John Brandom was Killed by a Fall of Roof at Hucknall No 2 Colliery 1949

In MemoryFiona and Stuart Gaskell
7 Dec 2017
National Database of Mining Deaths. John Hall Gaskell and William Gaskell.

I'm trying to find out if it's still possible to access the National Database of Mining Deaths (all links I've found so far online are to archived pages which are not searchable or include PDFs which are not downloadable).

I'm interested because my husband's grandfather and great-grandfather both died in accidents and, while I have copies of their death certificates, I wondered if I could find out any more.

Grandfather:  John Hall Gaskell, died 18 September 1940 at Bestwood Colliery, Nottinghamshire, aged 48.  According to my husband, John was coming off shift then went back "to check on something" (according to a guy who was with him at the time).  His address in 1940 is given as 4 Hiron Place, Hempshall Lane, Bulwell.

Great-Grandfather:  William Gaskell, died 12 April 1915 at Mosley Common Colliery, Tydesley, Manchester Coalfield, Lancashire, aged 53.  He was killed by a roof fall.  His address is given as 19 Back Salford, Walkden, Worsley, Lancashire.

The reason I'm trying to find out more is that John Hall Gaskell was adopted by William Gaskell and his wife Mary Hannah (Hall was John's original surname).  I assume but don't know whether/where John was originally working in Lancashire, but by December 1924 (when he married) he is in Bulwell.  His adoptive mother died earlier the same year - leaving her house and possessions to her nieces and nephews rather than her adoptive son.  All rather curious so I'm trying various angles to find out particularly what happened between 1915 and 1924, plus what happened to John in the run up to his death.

Are you aware of any online resources which are searchable?


In MemoryWilliam Gaskell, born abt 1862 Died 12 April 1915 at Tyldesley, Lancashire, England. He was a Collier at the Mosley Common No.1 Colliery owned by the Earl of Ellesmere. Cause of death, killed by fall of roof while examining a prop.

Ancestry (Ian Winstanley's Coal Mining History Resource Centre, is now in Ancestry)

In MemoryGren Gaskell
11 Jan 2016
My Dad, John Gaskell, Killed Bestwood Pit, 19 Sep 1940

My Dad John (Jack) Gaskell lived at 4 Heiron Place Bulwell, not as stated Hudson Place. Thank you for this mention, no-one remembers him now. He left six very young children and a widow.

In spite of this accident, no compensation paid, my mam's four sons went to work at the pit.

Gren Gaskell

John is also in the Burial section
And Bob Bradley's History Section

In MemoryAckton Hall Colliery, Ackworth - Peter Gardener, pony driver, 21, also fell down the shaft with Alfred Chivers, miner, 35, from the Warren House level, getting into the cage. A safety pin hadn't been used on a metal flap lowered onto the cage, some strode over it, as did these two did but they fell to their deaths.

In MemoryMichelle Smith
4 Feb 2016
My Great Grandfather, Arthur Baldwin, Was Killed At The Age Of 37 At Bullcroft Colliery
Hi I am just researching my Family Tree.

On your website I have found my great grandfather’s name (Arthur Baldwin) who was killed at the age of 37 at Bullcroft colliery. My grandma (his daughter) has now died but I would like to find out more information about his work etc., I believe he was part of the rescue team. Do you have any further information on his or photos etc. or know where I need to go to find out more.

Michelle Smith

BULLCROFT MAIN - Yorkshire - 19th October 1941

There had been a series of four small explosions in a face that was subject to spontaneous combustion.

A rescue team went in but there was an explosion on the return airway. Arthur was rescued alive but unfortunately he died later. Two others were killed in the explosion. The other three were buried under a fall and not recovered. The district was sealed.

Those Killed:-

  • Arthur Baldwin 37, Rescueman. Rescued but died later
  • Arthur Crane 39, Rescueman. Killed in explosion
  • William Gyte 47, Rescuman. Killed in the explosion
  • Arthur Orme 55, Rescueman. Not recovered
  • Leonard Sanson 42, Deputy. Not recovered
  • Samuel Saxon 47, Rescueman. Not recovered.

6 Feb 2016

I believe Arthur would have been part of the colliery Rescue team as generally stoppings to contain a heating were built by colliery personnel.  A colliery Deputy was on site and killed but had the Mines Rescue Brigade been there they would have taken over and the Deputy relieved as they would have done their own examinations, such as testing for gas etc.

1934 Photo Of Brierley Rescue Team

Colliery team photo of Brierley Rescue Team 1934 as an example of what Arthur would have looked like in his rescue gear.

Bob Bradley

Jago Parker
31 Jan 2016
My Great-Grandfather, William Thomas Parker Was a Durham Miner

Dear Fionn, that's great and much appreciated. 

I'm very proud of my Grandfather Thomas and his mining background.  I'm presently in the process of researching my Great-Grandfather, William Thomas Parker.  He was a Durham miner.  I'm presently trying to find out which coal mine he worked at (I think it was Ingham) and where he's buried (possibly Lanchester).

Your website is excellent and it is very special that generations of miners are remembered and commemorated.  Thank you.

I see that a Thornhill Colliery badge was introduced ten years ago.  I have tried contacting the number given on the link but, sadly, the person has now passed away.  I don't suppose you know of any other avenues I could try to obtain one?

Best wishes.


badgeMatty Kitchen has produced a set of four badges (colour variations on a single design) to commemorate Thornhill Colliery (1858-1972).

Thornhill Colliery was located near to Wakefield and finally comprised of both the Combs and Ingham's pits which were sunk in 1858 and 1875 respectively. The two separate sets of workings, which were located 1,500 yards apart between a dividing hill side, were merged underground in the late 1800s. After nationalisation of the coal industry (in 1947) Thornhill Colliery became part of the N.C.B.'s North Eastern Division - Area No.7. It finally closed in 1972.

BannerJago Parker
2 Feb 2016
Re: William Thomas Parker. He was a Durham miner.

Thanks Fionn.

I have contacted the Durham County Record Office and they have confirmed that my Great-Grandfather is buried in the graveyard at St. Ives Church, Leadgate.

I'm very pleased to see that the church there has an NUM Eden Lodge banner on permanent display. I'm hoping to travel to the location and find/visit the grave sometime this week.

Best wishes.


In MemoryJago Parker
29 Jan 2016
Thomas Parker - Died Ingham Colliery 1943

Dear Alan,

It's great to find my Grandfather, Thomas, on your site. 

However, please will you update his entry with the correct info, as follows:
26th March 1943 is the correct date of when he died, but Thomas was aged 56.  His death certificate states that he was "struck by a beam pulled out by a haulage rope".

Thank you.

In MemoryIn MemoryJames Hawksley
27 Jan 2016
Fatality to add- Ernest Hawksley Whitwick Colliery 1942
Also William Parker seriously injured Mansfield
And James Frederick Hawksley, killed herwood Pit 1930

I came across your website and its useful data on coal mining history when seeking information about my wife’s grandfather William Parker who was a miner who worked at Brodsworth Colliery and Mansfield pit and maybe others, between ~1900 and ~1930.  He was seriously injured at some stage and we believe he was treated in Mansfield Hospital.  So far we have not found his name on any of your databases but will continue to search.

I can though give you information about a fatality that does not seem to be included among your data for Leicestershire collieries.  My father died in an accident as follows:

Ernest Hawksley - Assistant Chief Electrician, Whitwick Colliery, Coalville, Leicestershire.
Fatally injured on 27th February, 1942, when crushed by a falling cable which was being lowered into a shaft prior to installation; control of the lowering process was lost.
He was 33 years old. (See also Bob Bradley, History of Whitwick)

His father, James Frederick Hawksley, was killed at Sherwood Pit in 1930, that fatality is on your website.
(See also Bob Bradley's History of Sherwood)
James Hawksley

In MemoryBrian Burbidge
11 Jan 2016
Alans Data Base - Eric Brown

If Eric Brown was a fitter his accident was underground trapped by the skip pocket door. I was an apprentice at the time and Eric was one of my trainers.

Brian Burbidge
Calverton Colliery 1960 to 1966

Sent from my iPad

See also Bob Bradley's History Section

In MemoryScott Brandom
26 Dec 2015
William Ernest John Brandom was Killed by a Fall of Roof at Hucknall No 2 Colliery 1949

Hi Alan,

William Ernest John Brandom 04 Apr 1949

Just to let you know that you've spelt my great grandfather's surname incorrectly. It is Brandom (with an 'm' not an 'n' - common mistake). Also, I'm pretty sure he died in a mine lift.

I'll email you again as I'm sure I've a copy of something saying as much somewhere.

Thanks for taking the time to set up your website.

Scott Brandom

See also Bob Bradley History Section



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