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Graham Byram - Charles Byram Death, 30-09-1936, Fryston
Ian Sweet - Miners' Lamp Memorial
Sue Sproats - Lofthouse Colliery death, George Hodgson
Jackie Harrap - My Dads Accident, Trevor Harrap at Sharlston Pit
David Burton - Error - Edward Growny Evans Died 2-11-1915 at Wharncliffe Woodmoor
David Bradley - John Stale Killed in Newhall, Derbyshire Area 1840 - Fire in Pit
Rebecca - Miner George Mansell Killed New Hucknall Colliery 1890

In Memory GeorgeGraham Byram
2 Aug 2018
Charles Byram Death, 30-09-1936, Fryston

I’m just updating my family history and trying to locate a report on the death of Charles Byram which read

"He and others were extracting a face pack. The roof was supported by steel bars and props with wood chocks 2ft square. The side pack had been built 24hrs earlier. After 2hrs it was half complete and he removed the chock under the old pack to make it easier to throw back dirt to his assistant when there was a fall of roof and he received injuries form which he died an hour later. (ref : the coal mining history resource centre)" Unfortunately it appears the CMRC is no longer available.

I checked through your data base and found this entry (below) for the correct date, Charles age and Fryston pit. I wondered if this was a misspelling in your database or if you have any report for Charles Byram.

30-09-1936 C Bunyan 43 Fryston Fall of roof



Graham Byram

Coal Mining History Resource Centre is now in

Anthony Mercer
21 Jul, 2018
Brodsworth Main, South Yorkshire

I’m trying to find information about my granddad Leonard Marshall a miner at Brodsworth who was injured in a roof fall. My elderly mother can’t remember when this occurred but she guesses around 1931. Have you heard of such an accident around that time?

Tony Mercer

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Ian Sweet
22 Jul 2018
Miners' Lamp Memorial

We are trying to have a davy lamp installed in our village as a memorial to those who worked at our local colliery Baddesley Mine.

Could you let us know who manufactured yours please as we have to get three quotes for funding.

				Richard Wilson
Tue 24 Jul 2018
Miners Lamp Memorial

Hi Fionn,

Your email has been forwarded on to me and I can give you the following contact.  The Gedling Miners Memorial was manufactured locally at Carlton Sheet Metal Works.

Carlton Sheet Metal Works Limited

7 Great Northern Way Great Northern Way
Nottinghamshire England
Phone: 0115 961 1713
Mobile: 07768 536282
Website: -
From a sketch of the memorial design we required we worked with  Roy Hepinstall, Director and from a mining family so he took a personal interest in making the Lamp.
Costwise the memorial was part of a project which included, a paved area, provision of a seat, trees, bins and repairs to two water troughs so you would need to approach CSMW for an up to date quote for your design.

I hope this helps you Ian and good luck with your project

Rick Wilson, Secretary GMMT

In Memory GeorgeSue Sproats
21 Jul 2018
Lofthouse Colliery death, George Hodgson
Dear Sir,

I am researching my family history and I was told by my Mum that one of her uncles was killed in an explosion at Lofthouse Colliery.

I have searched your records and I have found a miner called George Hodson who died 3 days after a fire damp explosion on 28/12/1934.

Is it possible that the miner could've been called George Hodgson?

Any further information or advice you could give me would be appreciated.

Kind regards

In MemoryJackie Harrap
5 Jul 2018      
My Dads Accident, Trevor Harrap at Sharlston Pit

Hi. Came across your email address while searching for information about my dad .. he worked at Sharlston Pit .. his name was Trevor Harrap .. he was in an accident where apparently he collapsed and was trapped and needed several months hospital recovery. This was in Sharlston Pit .. this was roughly 1957? .. I'm just interested to find out about what happened but can't seem to find anything when I search the internet .. I was told it was around 1956/57 as my eldest brother was born Dec 1955 and he was only a toddler at the time .. my mum was pregnant with their second baby whom was born March 1957 that brings it as being as said 56/57 ? .. just hoping you can help me find out about it ? 

Regards  Jackie Harrap ..

In MemoryDavid Burton
5 July 2018
Error - Edward Growny Evans Died 2-11-1915 at Wharncliffe Woodmoor


I have just found your web site actually looking if there was anything on re. my Grandfather who in the early 1900's was a big union man at Darton Main but instead found one of his brothers.

On 04.10. 1915 you have an Ernest G. Evans - His name was EDWARD Growny Evans and whilst your date is correct that is the date he had his accident and he did not die until 02.11.1915. I have his death cert.  containing more info which I can extract and send if it is of use to you.

Thanks for all your work


In MemoryDavid Bradley
17 May 2018
John Stale Killed in Newhall, Derbyshire Area - Fire in Pit

From the site is the 16 June 1840 burial record for John Staley age 30 Newhall. Attached to this record is the notation:-

"Fire in the pit caused his death" buried in the churchyard.

I think that this John Staley is my 4XGF and I would like to know in which colliery he worked.  Is there any report of this pit accident?

Can You help me?

Thank you for any assistance you can give.

David E Bradley

Alan - The accident was caused by an Ignition of methane, Cartwright Colliery, Swadlincote

In Memory George MansellRebecca
10 May 2018
Miner George Mansell Killed New Hucknall Colliery 1890
Hello, Good morning,
First of all may I thank you all for your web site.

For us grand/ greatgrand/ greatgreat grandchild of British miners. Yesterday I discovered on your site, how my great great grandfather George Mansell lost his life. However I did notice that the report of the inquest from the Nottingham Guardian is dated two months previous to the date of the death on the inquest report link.

Would there be any way to discover when the fatal accident of George occurred, in October 1890 _ December 1890?

His son William (my great grandfather) also figures on your site having fractured a leg in January 1905. His son John Mansell (my Grandfather) of Huthwaite also went down the pits I believe. As did his son Ronald (my father) as a young boy (having lost his teeth due to a kick from a mule/pony, although this may have been family legend).

Would there be any way for me to find more information? All lived in Huthwaite until my father went to war in 1942.

Having said that George had previously been a Pit Sinker when he lived in Derbyshire with his wife Jane and young sons Edwin and William, he moved to Hucknall Huthwaite after the death of his young wife in 1871.

Thanking you in advance for your attention and thank you so so much for helping us understand the reality of mining.

With best regards

Hi Rebecca, thank you for bringing this to our attention, we have updated the information.

George, aged 56, died 6-Oct-1890, as the result of a Fall of roof. George was repairing a roadway and whilst taking out old timbers other timbers gave way, causing a large fall of roof. The Inquest was held at the White Horse Inn, Huthwaite 9-Oct-1890

See also Bob Bradley's History of Mining section, George Mansell and William Mansell



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