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Being Creative - Emails

Gordon Ramsay - I am trying to obtain info and photos of Backworth Mines and Village
Cathy - Painting On Canvas Of A Miner Slumped On His Bed, 1939, The Woodlands Talywain, Pontypool
Gill Jennison - 'A winters morning - Calverton Pit Nr Worsop' - In memory of PHILIP HEALY - Possibly by Marjorie Arnfield
Megan Broadmeadow - South Wales Miners Jazz Bands Research
Brenda Joan Craddock - Looking For Photos of Underwood Pit
Marion Henry - Looking for documents, which could refer to the practice of music in mining communities
Dave Skye (Sochachewsky) son of Maurice Sochachewsky, is looking for copies of his dad's pictures.

Ivan Goldsmith - Looking For Photos of 'Chanters', 'Pretoria' and 'Astley' for a care home in Atherton
Ray Devlin - Where can I get a Mines Rescue Blazer Badge?
Cristina Chapman - Looking for Photos, Public Exhibition Nov 13th & 14th 2009 in Mansfield
Clive Hanrahan
- Looking for sketches relating to rescues and explosions
Joanne Brooker - I have a Pye Hill Colliery 1874 -1985 bone china memorial plate
Claire Waterhouse - Looking For a 1985 Babbington Colliery Commemorative Plate
Chris Kidger - Looking For Commemorative plates for Linby Colliery
Carol Blackwood - Aiming To Create A Snowdown Colliery Memorial Sculpture
Ken Keen Is The Halmerend postcard by Warner Gothard the Barnsley photographer?
Alan Rowson - Who Would Like Manvers Main Band Photo For Archive - 1935?
billmcmullen - Looking For Miniature Rescue Men
Alex Welch - Maurice Sochachewsky painted many miners including the 'Miner and Child'
Edward Morris St Helens Mining Monument by Tom Dagnall
Ian Tomlinson Looking for a book (if available!) on the Creswell Disaster
Susan Worley What is this wooden chest with Pye Hill or Pye Bridge printed on the top?
Alan Hughes Can I Still purchase a St Helens Mining Monument Plate Dated 1992?
Rob Old N.U.M strike badges and memorabilia, are they worth anything?
Beverley Hurrell We are making a plaque which includes the N.C.B. 10 years Mines Rescue Service Medal coat of arms.
Dr Iain Ferris Artist George Bissell, Any Information?
Tina Spencer I am searching for a sketch of coal miners to give my friend as a gift.

Sally I need a gift for my partner, his father worked at Bickershaw mine all his life
Kelly Ohler
Looking for coal mining art in relation to post-industrial America


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Other Topics - Emails

Brendan Fisher - Pinxton, industrial land at some point - perhaps a colliery?
Wayne Clifton - Looking For Pictures Of Hucknalls Emergency Winder
Charlotte Brown - Looking For Information About The Homefire Plant In Keresley, Coventry
Kate Roberts - I am trying to find information on the history of a field in New Brinsley, Nottinghamshire
Owen Hynes - Looking For Pictures Of Coatbridge Mine Rescue To Use In A Mural
Craig Buxton - Trying to contact with Paul Miller or Grant Shaw
Frans Kruger - Clay Bottles - Hosea Tugby & Co.Lb London
Helen Jeffery - Fire Station In Ashington - My Granddad Was A Conscientious Objector In WW1
Diane Bell - Who Owned Token Numbered 62 From Shireoaks?
Steven Dickson - Fire Safety Helmet, How Much Do You Think It Is Worth?
Bruce Valde - Any Information, Notts Area, 1984 Strike Brass Lantern
Michael Rochester - I'm thinking of buying a property at the south end of Bilsthorpe village
Robin Keen - Fatal injury statistics - How many miners died in 1933 and 1953?
Nicholas Cole + Margaret Burrell  - Looking for Pity Pony Photo by Donald Ottey
Kevin Wright - Photo of coke oven and large shovel device on crane, do you know the date?
Mike Christensen - Advice on sources, particularly the WWII opencast workings just north of Ashby de la Zouch
Maggie Hawkins - Song - I can only remember the first line "get up me bonnie driver lads and put your pit clathes on"
James Boyce - I'm doing some research on the use of canaries in coal mines
Barbara Nielsen -To be in a 'Puky-acky'
Tracey Lott - Western Colliery Checks
Brian Blakey - Clifton Colliery Cycling Club, Enamel Badge - Any Information?
Andy Turnham - Looking for Information - Durham and Northumberland Colliery Fire and Rescue Brigade
Gemma Gregg - Looking For A Photo Of A Steam Train, By Barry Collins, In The 60s Passing 'The Farm', Now Sheffield College
Graham Bennett (South Wales) - Is This A Mines Rescue Canary Cage?
Roy Pekham - "Small Charity Week 2012". A national event June 11th until June 15th 2012
Ian Harrison - We want to build a new building on Dobson Park Ince, but was there a mine/pit in the area?
Terry Smith - Heanor marketplace and Church, 1860s image - I need a higher resolution image to date it.
Gavin Purdon - Any information about the Auchlochan Colliery Rescue Brigade Lanarkshire
Sara Lucas - What is an Incline Runner?
Rick Stanton - Did the Mines Rescue Service ever have underwater diving capabilities?
Xavier Huygen - We're looking for complete miners' costumes e.g. shirt, pants, coat, helmet, scarf, shoes and lights.
Vivien Kay - Purchasing Memorabilia For Our 'Mining Box' to be used by Schools, Youth Groups, Care Homes and Day Care Centres
Gail Ward - The Paranormal - Re Stories From James Findlay
Nicola Brown - Mortgage Application - Where Can I Find Out If A Mine Shaft Was Capped Off?
Paul Miller and Grant Shaw - Ilkeston and District Local History Society - An appeal for memories / anecdotes / photos from anyone who worked on or travelled on the railways in Ilkeston and district.
Vicki King - Where can I purchase a Radford Pit Collectible Plate?
Janet Roberts - Who Owns The Bentley Mining Disaster Monument Of 1931 In Arksey Cemetery?
Richard May - Clipstone Colliery, did the locos come out when the pit closed?

Kathleen Jackson - Looking For Information To Help Develop An Ilkeston Mines Rescue Centre Heritage Project
Richard Muirhead - Odd Creature In Forest Of Dean Mine, 1920s
Tracey - I Have A Medal W. Yorks Coal Owners Assoc Miners Rescue Brigade Given To William                McMullan In 1928 Any Info?
Derek Barker - Is This A Brick From The Bradford Colliery Company 1870-1911?
Paula Keenan - Looking for women willing to talk about the effort they put in to the miners strike.
Hannah Wilkinson - 'Don't Go Down the Mine' Imminent Exhibition - Wigan Museum. Can You Help?
David Rees Jones - Slaters Of Creswell, I’m trying to find the book this information came from
Brian Aram - Can’t Find Anything About Ilkeston Miners Welfare
Allie Hill - Who Did The Cresswell Pit Check Belonged To?
David Cholerton - Mapperley Drainage Lakes?
Alison Goddard - Looking For Donna Bagnall who lived at Richmond Hill Farm in Dilhorne And Made a Shield When She Was 17 Years Old
Steve Priestley - Derbyshire Miners Camp, Winthorpe, Skegness, Lincolnshire

Kevin Pearce - I Need Some Information About This Rescue Helmet

Shimamori Hisako - I am reserching Mine Canaries. Are there any Rescue Stations I can Visit?

Vic Richards - What Is The Mystery Object?

Mrs Margaret Roberts - Help Re-Pit Pony Photo Please
Paul - Mining History - About When Did Galas Start?
Mike Bowden - What was the cost of the proto equipment used in rescues around 1908?
Jeff Bartram
I am a Dowser for "secret" passages and tunnels. How would ventilation have been implemented and used?
Gary from Chesterfield - Why Does The miners Holiday Camp Still Stand Today?

Jo Avery - Looking For Information Eastwood Colliery I think, Ripley (Hartshay?) and Garforth Yorkshire
Martin Lee - Looking For Old Photo's Of The Queens Head Watnall
Charlie Jones - Desperately trying to find an original miners flat cap
Ruth Daglish - Looking For Information on the Daglish Engine
Charlie Jones - Desperately trying to find an original miners flat cap
Ron Summerson - Looking For The Poem The Coal Miners Wife Read Out About Silverhill Colliery on The Miner's Strike Documentry.
Michelle Marriott - We Need Your Memories of Shipley
Leo F. Knox - Proto Breathing Apparatus - Looking for info on the "one hour breathing set
Albert Edward Inskip - Pony Hoof Inkwell - Colliery Explosion Ford Green 24th February 1912
Robert Adams - Any Information about the General Rescue Regulations 1928?
Barry Sumnall - Service Medals, who should I contact for insurance valuation?
Shane Reid - What is This Piece of Pit Pony Harness Equipment?
Jim Steele - 1960s - I remember cycling to see a lone, small steam engine Mapperley village
Hayden Bretton - Any Photos of North Gawber Pit Ponies?
Chris Williams - Slate Mine Gas Enquiry
Reg - Antipoys Hose Mask Apparatus, Is there anything you can tell me about my set?
Traci Taylor - Looking for info relating to mining works in the BD4 area of Bradford Yorkshire
William Brown Any Info, Medal, 1911, Scottish Society To Promote Kindness To Pit Ponies?
Roy - Looking for NCB fire fighting service badge
Nicholas Cole - Looking for Pity Pony Photo by Donald Ottey
Simone Brinsmead - Any Information about our Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd Dewar?
Peter Wall - What Does E.E.B.C.L BRACKLEY on a Check Mean?
Donna Hancox - Looking for Pictures of Bennerley Coal Screening Plant
Ken Keen - I am researching the Barnsley photographer Warner Gothard, any Info?
Jill Collier - Grandads Pit Check - Which Pit Did He Worked At?
Heather Wilkinson - Any Information, John Thomas Evans awarded the Fernyhough Gold Medal?
Jonathan Nugent Looking for Rose Swain or info about Cotgreave Farm, Mapperley
Trevor Gidman Where is "Colaknuckle"; "Cadknockles"; OR "Caldknockles", Durham or Northumberland?
Ann Williams, We need sometime to replace the coal tub that stands at the entrance

Nigel Moore Help Request Tallies for Coalville Museum

Frank - Any Information About The Company Antipoys?
John Miles - Were Rescuers Paid To Rescue Pit Ponies?
Pat Williams - Where can I get copies of my dads certificates?
John Harrington - Looking for information about Winders
Michelle Marriott - Shipley Pit Bottom, what is a ‘Rammel Fan’?
Brian Smith - Mine Rescue Vehicles - Newcastle City Centre in the 60's
Ray Ramm
- Any information about John King the inventor of the double hook?
Bill Bennett - Looking For Colliery Checks
Simon Jones - I would really like information about Prospect House at Denby
Elaine Horton - What are the origin of the phrase “bread and herring pit”
Graham Smith What did the Deputy use his stick for?
Stuart Barber Tunnels in Grange Colliery Area
Kevin Miner's disc for Baddesley Collieries
Barbara and Dennis Hunter What Was Or Is A Galloway Driver?
Darren Gerrard Norton Green Foundry and the Menai Bridge Chains
Cristina Rivera - Looking For Miners Being Rescued One-By-One In Yellow Cage
Jeff Touzeau Coal art/images, copyright/open domain
Looking For The Wages Book For Brinsley Pit
Ros Currie - Kirchins Restrainers
Nicholas M Urgent information on the future of coal mining, also boilers, turbines and generators by 13th September
Michael Neden - Bell Pits round Butterley
Mrs Grainger - Is it a Motty? If so whose?
Mandy Murray - Bellister Ghost
John New - Westwood Bents & Wansley Hall Open Cast Sites Near Selston, 1570s
David Worth Help - Is The Bentinct Colliery's preserved winding engine still in existence?
Anthony Boden Help - Dissertation on the effect of the mine closures, and the 1984-5 strike
Mrs.Sarah Levran - Nutbrook Colliery Ventilation Furnace Cupola
PLEASE HELP - School Project 1878 Abercarn mining disaster
Andrew Burton - Bestwood Colliery
Doug - Do you know anything about Isaiah Pit and have you any photo's of Muckrum Village?
Roger - I Want To Produce A Fleet List Of All Emergency Vehicles Used By The Mines Rescue.
David Wharmby
- Ghosts at Shipley Woodside pit?
Tom Edwards
- Mines in the Warrington area - 1894


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Lamps - Emails

Maurice West - Looking for a?device or transformer to light a workmans lamp - South Derbyshire Mining Preservation Group
Looking For Information - J Abbot Miners Lamp, Gateshead, c1870
Cliff Rust - I Have An Old Davy Lamp, From Silverwood In South York's, Which Is 100% Bigger Than The Standard Lamp Size, Why So Big?
Max Hemingway - Opening a Wolf No 7
Andy Carroll - What Type Of Lamp Might My Grandfather Have Used In 1914 At Bargoed Or Elliots (New Tredegar) Colliery?
Gordon Nicholson - Eccles SL Lamps appear to have electronic Ignition - How do they work, can you get spares?
Susan Wells - Any Information - Just purchased a 2½ inch Lindsay Colliery lamp

Scott Cooper - Looking For Information About Protector Lamps
Harry Pearson - Changing a round wick in my lamp
Mark - Miners lamps showing the pits Butcher Wood and Silver Hill
Niel Jacobs - Wolf Type Mine Lamp, Paraffin just leaks everywhere
Dave Dry - I Have A Large Davy Lamp, twice as large as a standard one
Cliff Rust - I Have A Large Davy Lamp, twice as large as a standard one
Mick Reed - Wolf Safety Lamp, what is the brass clip fixed into the base for?
Robert Longworth Wolf Type FS Safety Lamp Goes Out With Two Gauzes
Stan Clark - I have lost my striker and would so much like to re-light my lamp

Brin Nowell - I've recently been given a PATTERSON LAMP and would like to know more about it.
Barry Hall Wanted Info About My Grandfathers Patterson and Co. Type B7 OR 37 Lamp
Anthony - Are The GR6's Deputy’s Lamps?
James Brelsford - I am trying to find a miners lamp from Creswell Colliery
Brian Lancaster - Safety Lamp Wood Pit Haydock
David Parkin - Looking For A Linby Colliery Miner's Lamp
Ian Payne Where can I get a lamp wick?
Eric Jessop Eccles Safety Lamp Type 6 - How Do I Re-new The Flint?
Pam Koprivnikar Where can I purchase a flint for a Wolf Safety Lantern?
Tony Wilkinson - Looking For Information About My GR6S Lamp
Ian Sheldrick - How Do I Open An Eccles Type 6 M&Q Protector Lamp?
Rod Morgan - How do I light a Baxendale and Co. lamp?
Vic Arthur - Any idea why my lamp goes out as soon as I put the gauze back on?
Neil Partridge I Need A Spare Part For A Davey Lamp
Bill Parker GR6S safety lamp questions. . .
Michael Port
- Looking for History, Naylors Spiralarm Type 'S' lamp
Nigel Need Eccles GR6 wick
Eric Allen
Protector Lamp - I can't put fuel and a wick into it.
Alan Smith - Where can I buy a wick and parts for a Davey Lamp?
Graham Woodley - Wolf Lamp Fuel
Katrina Kennedy - Patterson lamp, how does it work, how much is it worth?
Drift Deputy - Our Museum, in the North East, Needs Naphtha/Colzaline
Catherine Hanson - How does a Koehler Carbide Lamp works?